Jbl studio 570 dual 5. 25-inch floorstanding loudspeaker (each)

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  • twin 5. 25-inch (130mm) low-frequency transducers with polyplas cones
  • 1-inch (25mm) high-frequency compression driving force
  • glass-filled abs bi-radial excessive-frequency horn
  • 3/4-inch (19mm) ultra-ridged mdf enclosure
  • special design
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product description

product description

large vertical arrays of constant-directivity horns hidden at the back of the screen of your favourite film theater or high overhead at predominant concert events have long been a defining function of jbl professional loudspeakers. It’s how they supply the large quantities of notably accurate sound and stay song enjoy that huge audiences anticipate. The most advanced jbl residential loudspeakers, which include everest dd66000, k2 and assignment array, additionally feature high-frequency horns, coupling them with powerful low-frequency drivers to obtain the highest tiers of dynamic realism and dimensional accuracy. Now jbl studio five collection speakers, designed through renowned jbl leader engineer greg timbers, keep this overall performance-verified lifestyle. The jbl studio 570 floor status loudspeaker combines a 1-inch (25mm) hf compression motive force and bi radial horn with dual five-1/4-inch (130mm) solid-frame symmetrical area geometry (sfg) woofers to deliver particularly real looking overall performance. Perfect for both tune and movie structures, the studio 570 gadget is strong, accurate and styled to make a dramatic design assertion in any listening environment.

from the manufacturer

what to pay attention like the execs at the consolation of your home? Strive jbl studio 570 floorstanding loudspeaker. Innovative materials and modern-day generation have continually positioned jbl merchandise out in front of the competition’s. So count on extreme output from us and be prepared for a excessive-impact overall performance that can marvel you. The jbl studio line of loudspeakers – which includes the very great in cutting-edge layout and verified technology – is becoming one of the global’s most diagnosed and favourite.

  • 5-1/4″ (130mm) low-frequency transducers
  • 1″ (25mm) excessive-frequency compression driving force
  • glass-filled abs bi-radial high-frequency horn
  • three/four” (19mm) mdf enclosure
  • low loss, 2-manner crossover network
  • rear-going through bass port increases output and extends bass reaction
  • twin gold-plated binding posts with bi-wire capability increases connection options
  • special design
  • the five-1/four” (130mm) low-frequency transducer at the jbl studio 570bk is ready with stiff, light-weight ribbed polyplas cones with rubber surround and 1-1/2″-diameter woofer voice coils. The heavy-duty magnet assemblies with symmetrical subject geometry (sfg) generation and grants smooth, powerful bass response at all listening ranges. All of this generation is superbly stored in a rigid, non-resonant cast aluminum frame, resulting in a crisp, high-effect bass performance and extra emotional effect in any respect listening levels.

    the only-piece teonex® diaphragm/surround with 1″ voice coil produces a extensively decrease distortion and more dynamic variety than traditional midrange and hf drivers. This option hugely improves realism and clarity, espeically at lower output degrees.

    the glass-filled abs bi-radial high-frequency horn is managed directivity at ear stage of seated listeners minimizes unwanted hf interaction with walls and fixtures, which creates cleaner, more sensible hf sound over a much wider listening place.

    the inflexible, heavily-braced layout with non-parallel surfaces reduces undesirable resonances. Such enclosure provides a clearer, more unique sound.

    the two-way crossover network smoothes transition between woofers and hf compression driving force/horn. The crossover community produces reduced distortion and color for stepped forward sonic clarity.

    clean and dynamic, one-of-a-type look makes a dramatic layout statement in any room. Jbl studio 570 is available in black finish.

    large vertical arrays of steady-directivity horns hidden in the back of the display screen of your preferred movie theater or high overhead at essential live performance activities have lengthy been a defining function of jbl® expert loudspeakers. It’s how they supply the huge amounts of tremendously correct sound and stay song experience that huge audiences assume. The most superior jbl residential loudspeakers, consisting of everest dd66000, k2 and assignment array, additionally characteristic excessive-frequency horns, coupling them with powerful low-frequency drivers to attain the best degrees of dynamic realism and dimensional accuracy. Now jbl studio 5 series audio system, designed through famend jbl chief engineer greg timbers, continue this overall performance-established culture. The jbl studio 570 floorstanding loudspeaker combines a 1-inch (25mm) hf compression driving force and bi-radial® horn with twin five-1/4-inch (130mm) forged-body symmetrical area geometry (sfg) woofers to supply surprisingly lifelike overall performance. Perfect for each track and film systems, the studio 570 machine is powerful, accurate and styled to make a dramatic layout statement in any listening environment.


    5.25 Inches, 6.5 Inches, 8 Inches

    8 reviews for Jbl studio 570 dual 5. 25-inch floorstanding loudspeaker (each)

    1. Angie

      Most of the reviews on here are a good representaion of these speakers. I just wanted to post my thoughts. Hope they help. SOUND: These sound wonderful. They’re pretty flat to my ears. I think they were voiced slightly more towards home theater use. Dialogue is very clear. Sounds are re-created fast and accurate. Whether its a gun shot, car crash or back ground noise, they’re spooky good and place you right in the scene. They can be cranked to high levels without distortion. Thier sound dispertion is pretty wide. I used the 580s without a center channel for a good while and didnt really feel like I was in desperate need of one asap. Ok now for music, they’re very very good but but be warned, the tweeter is a bit crisp. Not bright or aggressive by any means but its not very forgiving. Feed it junk recordings and it will nibble at your ear a bit. Not a nasty bite but you’ll know they’re there. Also, if your dac is bright, or hyper detailed, that might be off putting. My ESS chipped DAC is right on the verge of too much. My Burson DAC pairs up lovely. My Onkyo reciever has AK chip and that sounds better than ok. When I spin a record and use my tube amp, everyone just shuts up and listens. Its that good. $1000 per speaker good? YES! Which brings to my next point. BUILD QUALITY: OMG did JBL drop the ball, on this one. They look like a $500 speaker. I’ve seen how good their higher end studio monitors look. I guess your paying purely for parts and JBL know-how on these. The vinyl wasn’t put on very well. I wish they would’ve used veneer or even just a decent paint job. And those feet! They’re so cheap. I replaced them with threaded inserts and something a little more substancial. At least they’re heavy cabinets and pass the “knuckle hit to the side” test. The foam protection is a joke so don’t be suprised if they arrive messed up. Im glad JBL sent these speakers out with way too little of shipping protection. DEEP discounts can be found with some patience. I bought my 580s for about $250 each, shipped. They have small nicks and dents but nothing off putting. At 200 or even 400 a piece, grab them without hesitation. The 530 are awesome as well but a little harder to find on sale. I have the 520c and its ok. Better than i was expecting but still leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to dynamics. I might get another 580 for a matching lcr combo. Another thing, you definately need a sub for these. Even the 590. My buddy has them and they go low but are missing that slam a sub provides. For what its worth, I’m a bit harsh with reviews. My expectation are high. At the moment I have Zu omens, Kef ls50, some DIY with Mark audio drivers. Many others have come through my door in the past. All the usual suspects I guess I can say. Not the best but good. I needed a HT setup and auditioned Klipsch and Deftec. These beat both of them in terms of performance. SVS, NHT and HSU were on my short list but I stopped as soon as i powered these up. So at full price, 4 stars. At half price or less, 6 stars. Read more

    2. Tyler

      What sort of black-magic-voodoo-bullsh*t-trickery is this? These speakers do things that shouldn’t be possible. They are the same volume at 1 inch from the tweeter and at 6 feet from the tweeter. They don’t sound like speakers, you can’t locate them in the room, even if you’re close to them. There seems to be an undisclosed location that the sound emanates from, it sounds as if it’s coming from between them. The imaging is fantastic. Bordering on a little bassy at times. Read more


      For the money I don’t think you can go wrong with this speaker. When I first hooked them up I didn’t feel like they had good separation, but after moving them apart more the sound stage really opened up. These might be the best speakers I have ever owned, great clarity in the highs and nice low range. I’m playing them through a McIntosh C-39 preamp and some Adcom power amps with a Adcom CD player and Music hall 5.1SE and a Ortofon Bronce cartridge. Read more

    4. Peter Khong

      I bought these in 2013 at $500 each. I am surprised that they are still units around for sale. At the current price of $470, they are still a great buy. I have no regrets buying mine. They don’t look great, build is so-so, but they sound super. If you are looking for HT speakers or for music, you can’t go wrong with these. No need to spend crazy amount of money for good sound. But make sure you have enough power to drive them. I use the Emotiva XPA (gen 2) and they sound marvellous. Read more

    5. Andrew J

      The best way to describe the sound of this series of speakers is it’s like taking a blanket off the speakers. Detailed, precise, present and lifelike with punchy bass. Great kick drum attack. Not the flabby rumble too many low to mid end speakers have. I couldn’t live without getting the 520C center, and 550P sub. As awesome as the horns are, the sub may edge out the others in being the best, but it’s hard to say. I cannot say enough about these. Powering with a Yamaha RX-V2700 140W x 7, running biamp to the 570’s and biwire to the 520C. Almost as coherent as my $$$ Tannoy dual concentric studio monitors and sub. Bought them as I wanted a pleasing / glorified system to compare mixes on. They are almost as accurate as the Tannoys. Read more

    6. Strix

      I heard good reviews of these. And for the money they really are good. I went to see a movie recently and I personally could not tell the difference between these and the theaters. I was reminded why I need to never go again. At home with these I have no one in front of me talking and getting up while I’m trying to enjoy something I paid for. Needles to say they are worth it. Read more

    7. Bryonn Donald Henry

      These JBL Studio 580’s sound magical!! I use for 2channel stereo and multi-channel home theatre. Affordable magic!! Read more

    8. Jessica

      I already returned one speaker received damaged. Very poor design with the feet. They tear the wood right off the base. This time again foot is ripping out of the base and in addition the front corner is damaged. Definitely not even close to the same JBLs I had 15 years ago. Made super cheap, very fragile it doesn’t even make it through shipping Read more

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