Jbl rate 4 – water-proof portable bluetooth speaker – black

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  • make certain this fits by using coming into your model wide variety.
  • wirelessly join up to 2 smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns enjoying powerful sound
  • battery kind: lithium ion polymer 27wh (equal to three. 6 volts, 7500 mah), battery fee time: four hours (5v/2. 3a). Music playtime up to 20 hours (varies by using quantity stage and audio content)
  • take price four to the seaside or the pool without stressful about spills or maybe submersion in water, bluetooth version: 4. 2
  • extend your listening experience to epic tiers and rock the birthday celebration perfectly by wirelessly connecting more than one hundred jbl join plus enabled audio system
  • please note: the jbl price four does not consist of a usb wall adapter
  • dual ultra-speedy nvme pcie 4. Zero/three. Zero x4 m. 2 with thermal guards
  • onboard intel dual band 802. 11 ac & bt four. 2 wi-fi with aorus antenna
  • amp-up audio with alc1220-vb and wima capacitors for rear a hundred and twenty db snr
  • blazing fast 2. 5gbe lan with bandwidth management
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from the manufacturer

whats new

extra power / stepped forward bass response

new jbl connect+ / extra shade alternatives

jbl bass radiator

twin passive radiators supply powerful, ear catching jbl sound that resonates loud and clean

ipx7 water-proof

take rate four to the beach or the pool with out stressful

about spills or maybe submersion in water.

20 hours of playtime

integrated rechargeable li-ion 7500mah battery helps up to twenty hours of playtime and prices your tool through usb port.


a rainbow of colours

with 10 distinct shade options, the charge four is anything but dull. Expand your spectrum with jbl’s signature sound

bluetooth connectivity

wirelessly connect your favourite devices

long lasting and rugged

the durable fabric fabric and rugged rubber housing lets in your speaker to live longer than all your adventures.

jbl join+

expand your listening enjoy to epic tiers and rock the birthday party flawlessly by wirelessly connecting more than one hundred jbl connect+ enabled speakers.

jbl charge4

play and fee endlessly

introducing the jbl fee four transportable bluetooth speaker with complete-spectrum, powerful sound and a integrated strength financial institution for charging your gadgets. A high-ability 7500mah rechargeable li-ion battery offers up to twenty hours of playtime and the speaker includes a handy usb price out to quick fee your devices so that you will by no means run out of strength once more. And with a rugged design, ipx7 water-proof rated outdoors, together with jbl join+ it will raise your being attentive to the next level

product description

introducing the jbl price 4 portable bluetooth speaker with complete-spectrum powerful sound and a integrated strength bank to fee your devices it features a proprietary evolved driving force and jbl bass radiators that accentuate sound with robust deep bass its excessive-ability 7500mah rechargeable li-ion battery presents up to 20 hours of playtime the speaker includes a convenient usb price out to speedy fee your gadgets which includes your smartphone so you will by no means run out of strength again the price 4 features a rugged layout ipx7 water-resistant rated outside and comes in a collection of cool shades collectively with jbl join+ it is able to wirelessly hyperlink more than a hundred jbl join+ enabled audio system to elevate your listening experience,


Black, Black Camo, Blue, Camouflage, Gray, Green, Pink, Red, Sand, Teal, White, Yellow

8 reviews for Jbl rate 4 – water-proof portable bluetooth speaker – black

  1. Mars Jackson

    The JBL Charge 4 has one giant flaw that frankly makes all other positives about it basically irrelevant to me. It’s a mono speaker. Meaning other than the two bass woofers on the sides, there’s only one speaker built in. It’s not even in the center. Do yourself a favor and buy the Charge 3. It has stereo speakers instead of this mono garbage. Read more

  2. Burkeley

    The JBL charge 4 is a great product. I found it to be initially disappointing due to the warm sound signature. I have found that the highs aren’t totally accurate but they’re close enough to not distract you from the music. The highs are present but definitely aren’t strong which adds to the warm signature. The mids are very good and exceptionally clear for the size of this device. Because of this, the vocals are great in most songs. They are well represented unless they sneak up on the high notes which is when you can hear a slight distortion from accuracy. However, the vocals which dip into lower range sound really good as the speaker does a great job not to put too much emphasis on the radiators making it sound bassy and unrealistic. If you listen to high quality hifi tracks you’ll be able to imagine the singer right in front of you because of the presence and sound stage. As for the mono speaker, don’t listen to the critics of this new implementation because most of them either don’t know what they’re talking about or they are just picking at it because they don’t like the thought of it. You’re not going to get stereo by using 2 speakers 3 inches apart like on the last model and as for separation, this mono speaker separates just fine if not better than the last model especially in mid to lows. The speaker gets plenty loud for the average person and it manages to maintain its dynamics all the way to just under full volume. I’ve compared this speaker to many others such as charge 3, xb30, xb31, xb20, extreme, onyx… and what I’ve found is that while the highs are a bit lacking in certain songs it certainly makes up for it in other departments. The bass is very good in the charge 4. The bass notes are represented accurately and it’s able to hit lower frequencies most portable speakers of this size can’t (20). However, it’s worth mentioning it’s still no sub. This speaker has trouble representing very low frequencies. The radiators start shaking instead of making music which for those of you who don’t know (this doesn’t sound very good). The battery life of this speaker wasn’t as advertised and I found I could only get 9 hours on 60 percent volume which isn’t bad but is a huge deviation from the claimed 20 hours. After using this speaker for awhile and comparing it to other speakers, I’ve actually grown fond of this unit and it’s become my beach toy. Don’t take any critics in this review too seriously as I doubt most people are 50% as critical as me when it comes to audio but this one gets my thumbs up. Future improvements would definitely require a tweeter and possibly a bigger battery. Read more

  3. Michael

    I held out buying one of these speakers because I waiting for the upgraded charge 4. I was disappointed and ultimately am now happy with my UE Megablast which wasn’t much more expensive. The shortcomings: Mono, directional, no user EQ settings, Bluetooth lag. . I ultimately found that a stereo speaker with speakers on many sides and one with user EQ hit the spot for me. It also worked better for watching YouTube videos. This speaker will have a lag, some other models don’t. Don’t get me wrong, the speaker sounds good and gets good bass at low volumes, but I ended up not loving it for the reasons mentioned above. I believe there are much better options around the price point. Read more

  4. Big Dawgs Fam

    This JBL Charge 4 is the most powerful portable speaker I have ever owned, for such a small speaker to pump out that much sound, it’s almost ridiculous. The bass is solid, it does not rock the house, but I definitely incredible for a portable speaker. That said the highs could be better but I don’t mind it much as this will be mainly used outdoors and garage as we have dedicated speakers inside the home. The ability to charge and play music from an external connected device is a great feature too, strong battery life as advertised (I have yet to drain a full charge yet). I would also like to suggest a solid carrying case for the speaker as well it holds the Charge 4 plus charging cables, it’s well made, solid outer shell, great price, must have to transport and store the Charge 4. Great portable speaker! Read more

  5. Doel R.

    Too bad JBL lower the sound quality on the charger 4 adding only 1 speaker to give a Sadly MONO sound unlike the charger 3 that have 2 speakers and to make it worst dont even bring a wall charger Hope JBL make a better job on the charger 5 Read more

  6. Thor Hang

    Great build quality. Great sound! Does not automatically reconnect when you walk out of range and then back into range. Battery indicator only shows you charge level when you first turn it on. After that, pause, play, or change tracks to display the battery level. Sound profile automatically changes when you exceed a certain volume. Most people won’t notice. But I’m sure it does this to protect itself. Bass is plentiful. The rest of the audio range can be tuned by your music app. First impressions are great. We’ll see how long it lasts. JBL app requires GPS location. They are data mining. Don’t use the JBL app! Read more

  7. Zack J

    I’ve been using a JBL Flip 2 for the past couple of years so I felt confident in the brand. The JBP Charge 4 is fantastic. It has a good, solid, durable feeling in the hand and the sound quality is great. The volume is fantastic. On my bike I run it at like 4 out of 10 and it’s blasting. If you’re looking for a studio speaker this isn’t it, but if you’re looking for something to take out on your bike, or on a picnic, or out in the woods, or in the workshop then this is it. It’s a fantastic speaker and well worth the purchase. Read more

  8. Chanaveer

    I bought this last week. The speaker sound quality & volume is good & I was happy with the purchase. I bought this after seeing on JBL website that the speaker has speakerphone support. Plz note this speaker DOES NOT have speakerphone feature. The information on JBL website is wrong. I chatted with their tech support & they confirmed that they will remove this description from their website. Read more

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