Jbl clip three – waterproof transportable bluetooth speaker – black

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  • wireless bluetooth streaming
  • 10 hours of playtime
  • ipx7 water-proof
  • incorporated carabiner
  • speakerphone
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from the producer

jbl clip3

sound to head.

wi-fi bluetooth streaming

movement excessive first-class sound from your phone or pill thru bluetooth

incorporated carabiner

the completely incorporated steel carabiner protects the speaker from damage and lets you effortlessly hook it to a backpack or belt loop

ipx7 water-proof

no more worrying approximately rain or spills; you can even immerse it in water

10 hours of playtime

built-in rechargeable li-ion battery supports up to ten hours of playtime

product description

like no other, the jbl clip 3 is a unique ultra-portable, ultra-rugged and water-resistant bluetooth speaker this is small in size but with particularly massive sound. The upgraded durable and absolutely incorporated carabiner clips to your garments, belt loop or backpack, making the clip 3 your out of doors accomplice on every journey. The clip three is ipx7 water-resistant and gives 10 hours of playtime, powered by using a 1000mah rechargeable li-ion battery, allowing you to deliver your track with you. A integrated noise and echo-cancelling speakerphone offers you crystal clean calls with the clicking of a button.


Black, Black Camo, Blue, Camo, Gray, Green, Pink, Red, Sand, Teal, White, Yellow

8 reviews for Jbl clip three – waterproof transportable bluetooth speaker – black

  1. Jewel

    Let me start by saying I love this speaker. I work at Walmart and we have these for $59, and only in black, camo, and silver. I’ve been wanting one for a while so I decided to go on here and check for cheaper prices first. Boy, am I glad I did! Not only was I able to get these for a good $20 cheaper, but in my favorite color; pink! These are very good quality speakers, the first thing I did when I got mine was throw it in the pool to see if it was really waterproof like it says. I only left it in there for about a minute because I just wanted to hurry up and listen to music, but it does indeed float and no piece of hardware seems to have suffered as a result (there’s a rubber piece that covered the aux and charging port, and I worried that water might deep in after so long. But that appears to have not been the case). So if you’re thinking of taking one of these to go casually canoeing or kayaking, I would definitely recommend it, just so long as you’re not going white water rafting or anything intense (the speaker is pretty small and can fit in the palm of your hand, so it might get lost a bit too easily in rapids even if it does float). Now, onto the sound. The sound quality itself is – in my opinion – about what you’d expect from JBL. Very pristine and clear, no lags or sudden disconnections from Bluetooth like some speakers have. The volume honestly doesn’t get all that high, even with your phone and the speakers’ volume at full max. However, it’s plenty loud enough for normal folk to enjoy while you’re swimming, hiking, boating, working, or whatever. Though when you take into consideration its small size, I am honestly impressed with how loud it gets. So if you’re wanting something compact that you can blast the neighbors out of house and home with, this definitely isn’t for you. Now the clip. Let’s face it, the thing that probably attracts us most about this speaker is the fact it has a built-in clip for you to take it wherever you want; portable music! And it honestly accomplishes that feat really really well. A lot of cheaper clips won’t stay straight when you try to hook them onto things, and you have to physically move it back into place to fully ‘hook’. Not this thing. I’ve hooked it onto doorknobs, backpacks, the belt loops of my jeans…I’ve never had to readjust. Just clip and go. And for that reason alone I feel this thing is a keeper. The battery life is supposed to be around 10 hours, and I honestly haven’t used it a WHOLE lot so far but it feels like it lasts longer to me. That may be just because I’ve been using it for a few hours on and off and not for the 10 hours straight, but the battery still lasts a good while. I got about 8-9 hours right out of the box alone, with no charging. The ONLY thing that bugs me about this thing are the tiny, almost microscopic rubber nubbies on the bottom. I know they’re probably there for traction or whatever if you set it down on something, but they really irritate me to feel against my skin when I’m holding or carrying it. However it’s a small thing that’s definitely not a dealbreaker, and 90% of the time it’s gonna be hooked to something and not rubbing against my skin anyways. So other than that little thing this speaker is 100% gold to me! Basics overall: 1. Sound quality: 9/10 2. Volume: 7/10 3. Portability: 10/10 4. Waterproofness: 10/10 (though granted, I haven’t extensively tested this one, how long are you really gonna leave this thing in the water?) 5. Battery life: 10/10 6. Color: 10/10 (I know the pink looks terrible in the photos I provided, but I took them at nighttime under a *very* yellow light. Under normal lighting conditions it looks just like the stock photo) Read more

  2. Robins

    I bought this speaker to have in my bathroom so I can listen to music, podcasts, and youtube videos while I take showers. It does the job perfectly. The sound is loud enough to fill the entire bathroom and the quality is surprisingly clear. It does not sound tinny and distorted even on the higher volumes. The waterproofing is also very good as I have used this speaker for a few months in the shower without incident. The Bluetooth connection is easy to set up and it has never cut out on me once! The build quality is superb and it is surprisingly heavy for its size. There are no loose or wobbly bits and the construction is solid. The battery life is really good for what i use it for. I normally shower between 15 to 30 minutes and I only have to charge the battery once a week and a half. the battery takes around an hour to fully charge on a non quick charger. The only complaint I have is that the loop clip is not as big as I wanted it to be. Originally I wanted to mount it to the shower rod but its not as a big (see picture for reference). I finally managed to fit it on my shampoo holder and its been working out ever since. Read more

  3. Kelly muckell

    I was planning on giving this 5 stars, but after about a week of use the clip doesn’t close completely any more. I usually have it clipped on my bag or cooler tote and love how light weight and portable it is, and it has great sound quality. With how fast the clip loosened I’m nervous it will continue to over time. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    This little speaker is tough! My son is 17 years old and severely autistic. He loves music and this speaker is tough enough to withstand him. Now that is saying something. I’m so glad we found this little gem! Worth every penny. We bought two. Read more

  5. Noah

    Sounds good and battery lasts long enough for me. Super portable, I can hook it to a belt loop and walk with it. Bass is acceptable considering it’s low power consumption. Outdoors it’s not great but inside it’s great and a great shower speaker if you can find a place to hook it. Read more

  6. jake1324

    For $40 a speaker worth getting. I find it very durable. Works great, treat it well should last for years. The speaker just arrived. Cudos to the Amazon driver for delivering my package to my building and not the 1 across the street. They r 2 for 2 on last 2 deliveries. The speaker is bigger than I thought. The Yellow looks more like a Gold color, which is what the pic looked liked. I like the color. I think it looks sharp. Sound is not bad for a portable speaker. Cranked Sabbath and ZZ Top both sounded almost as good as my JBL Flip 4’s. It is fairly light, so strapping to a belt loop, backpack etc should be no problem. It will not stand on it’s own. Paired to my iPhone in a few seconds. I plan on using when I take my everyday walk. I’ll update on durability after a month or 2. Read more

  7. Matt B

    For years, I would carry a large portable radio to the Volleyball Court on the beach. It was heavy and took up a lot of room. Last year, I switched to a small bluetooth speaker, but it didn’t have the power I needed, and the battery crapped out after about two hours. THIS year, I bought the Clip 3, with 1000 mAh, and had it cranked on high for over three hours. Great sound out of such a small package and it clips right to the bottom of the net or a beach umbrella. I couldn’t be more pleased. Read more

  8. KG

    This little speaker goes with me everywhere. It’s small enough to fit in my purse or backpack. The sound is exceptionally good for how small it is. The blue tooth connectivity is flawless. And it’s water proof! I love using it all the time, everyday and everywhere. It’s my new best little friend. And although I have three other blue tooth speakers (one an Aiwa boombox, the other a Sony and a Boss small box speaker) I use this JBL more than my other ones. It’s just so portable. Read more

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