Jbl clip four – transportable mini bluetooth speaker, big audio and punchy bass, included carabiner, ip67 waterproof and dustproof, 10 hours of playtime, speaker for domestic, outside and journey – (blue)

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  • make sure this fits with the aid of getting into your model number.
  • rich jbl authentic seasoned sound: the mythical jbl signature sound grants tremendously big audio and punchy bass from clip 4’s small size.
  • ultra-portable layout and integrated carabiner: jbl clip four’s extremely-portable design with a redesigned incorporated carabiner for added protection, take your jbl clip 4 everywhere and everywhere. Simply clip on a belt, strap, or buckle and pass explore the world.
  • 10 hours of playtime: don’t sweat the small stuff like charging your battery. Clip four gives you up to 10 hours of playtime on a unmarried price.
  • wi-fi bluetooth streaming: wirelessly stream song from your telephone, pill, or another bluetooth-enabled tool.
  • ip67 water-proof and dustproof: to the pool. To the park. In the bathe. Jbl clip 4 is completely water resistant and dustproof, so you can deliver your speaker everywhere.
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from the producer

wealthy jbl authentic pro sound

jbl seasoned sound grants fairly rich audio and punchy bass from clip 4’s compact length.

ip67 waterproof and dustproof

to the pool. To the park. Jbl clip 4 is ip67 water resistant and dustproof, so you can carry your speaker anywhere

formidable style and extremely-transportable design

jbl clip 4’s extremely-transportable layout is going first-rate with the brand new styles, and its colourful fabrics and expressive information make it appearance as excellent because it sounds

upgraded integrated carabiner

with a redesigned carabiner that’s incorporated into the speaker itself for added safety, take your jbl clip four anywhere and everywhere. Just clip on on a belt, strap, or buckle and cross explore the arena

product description

cool, transportable, and water resistant. The colourful sparkling searching jbl clip four bluetooth speaker can provide relatively wealthy jbl original seasoned sound in a small package. The unique oval shape fits smooth in your hand. Completely wrapped in colourful fabric with expressive information inspired by using present day street fashion, it’s easy to in shape your style. The completely incorporated carabiner hooks instantly to luggage, belts, or buckles, to convey your favored tunes anywhere. Ip67 water-proof, dustproof, and up to ten hours of battery lifestyles, it’s rugged enough for any outdoor journey. • jbl clip 4 transportable mini bluetooth speaker• wealthy jbl original seasoned sound• extremely-transportable design and incorporated carabiner• 10 hours of playtime• wi-fi bluetooth streaming• ipx67 waterproof and dustproof


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6 reviews for Jbl clip four – transportable mini bluetooth speaker, big audio and punchy bass, included carabiner, ip67 waterproof and dustproof, 10 hours of playtime, speaker for domestic, outside and journey – (blue)

  1. Tony Flores

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. The clip 4 is finally here. The jbl clip 3 was a big hit, I’m a fan and owner of one. Very sturdy, it took a lot and never failed me. But that pesky unreliable clip/carabiner gave me issues and ultimately failed and fell off. Big pain in the rear since it would no longer reliably stay hooked to anything but still worked otherwise. So I had to get the clip 4 and maybe donate my old 3. So here are some key things I notice side by side. 1. Size and weight aren’t much different between the two 2. Power and Bluetooth button have switched sides. 3. On the 3 the buttons were indented on the four there is something on top of the fabric to press these buttons. 4. No more charger headphone jack door on the 4 just a usb type c at the bottom. No more micro usb! 5. The pad on the back has been redesigned to fabric with rubber strips (more on that later) 6. Clip/carabiner/hook has been redesigned, more usable in my opinion. 7. Yes that janky pin has been addressed, check photos. 8. Battery specs and 10 hour rating unchanged from 3 to 4. 9. Bluetooth now 5.1 10. Clip 3 just over 3 watts output, jbl claims the 4 is now 5 watts max. So yes a lot has changed but it’s still the clip you know and love. Another big change is the speaker and passive radiator you can’t see. So the clip 3 has a tiny speaker and an oval shaped passive radiator at the front. But now it seems to me there is a big change. The clip 4 still has a speaker at the front (40mm according to jbl) but now has a (most likely) larger passive radiator at the back. That seems to be the reason for the cloth and striped rubber at the back. I can feel some air pressure coming from the back at high volume. Holding both, one in each hand you will struggle to notice a difference in weight. Now while size hasn’t changed much, the shape has. In my opinion the wider lower profile of the clip 4 will be more useful in the real world. With my old clip 3 there were situations where the tall but slightly narrower clip was a no go but still so close to hooking up to a desired spot. The sound. Can’t hear a noticeable difference in mids and highs, but the bottom end seems to go just a touch lower, it’s a bit fuller, a little more chesty in the vocals like say in a podcast. When cranked up top 80 plus percent vollume it’s just a tad buzzy, just a bit of breakup that I don’t hear as much on the 3. I rarely go to that make levels so not an issue for me. That janky pin has been addressed. Check the photos. The pin is barely visible and the front grille is designed to make that less of a weak point. Will it hold up over time? Haven’t noticed a difference battery level yet because I’m unemployed, but soon expect to be back to work and the new jbl clip will get its daily workout. The new clip 4 is ip67 so I expect it to be just as robust and a little tank just like the 3. The 3 met the pavement, floor, high and low pressure water, chemicals and soap and never had an issue. If there are any issues I will update this review. Please check my photos to get an idea of how the 4 stacks up to the 3. Read more

  2. Justin123

    Price: $69.95 is a bit high in my opinion. $55 would have been a fair price Size: I like the clip of this vs. the Clip 2 much better. Portability is still amazing. Perfect for most situations! Sound Quality: For the size it’s as good as it gets. We tended to use our older Clip 2 in a small group at lower volume, i.e. campfires, the beach, on the patio, in the hot tub. So far the Clip 4 seems like a huge upgrade in the low end over the Clip 2. It’s more about the portability and great battery life on these speakers but I’ve been impressed with how good these sound. Bluetooth & Controls: The Clip 2 was awful in both of these categories and is the primary reason I decided to upgrade. Now when we’re near the water I don’t have to take out my phone to pause the music or skip a song. Also make sure to start buying devices with bluetooth 5 on them. This one has it and there’s no lag when playing videos, devices are easy to connect and the range is best I’ve noticed on any bluetooth device. Amazing if you’re upgrading from a Clip 2! Read more

  3. Brian

    Everything about this is great except there is no way to tell how much battery is left or fully charged. I’m still old school that I let items die before charging them again. But I also can see how much battery is available. I use this for snowboarding so if it dies in the begining/middle of the day, then I’m SOL. Obviously I make sure to fully charge the Clip before I go out, but what rechargeable item doesn’t show battery life? That’s the only flaw to this product. Great sound, durable, quick connect. 👍 Read more

  4. Michael Lackey

    I ordered my first JBL Clip4 in January 2021. By the second week of February, it was just turning off every few minutes, even with a full charge. It was within the return window, so I returned it and Amazon replaced it. The second one worked for a bit longer, but started doing the exact same thing! This time, it was 3 days beyond the return window, so returning it AGAIN, wasn’t even an option. So, even with a full charge, this speaker will randomly shut off completely while playing. Two separate units, same problem. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SOMETHING THAT WILL STOP WORKING IN 3-4 WEEKS. I will never purchase another JBL product because of this complete lack of quality. Read more

  5. Jon49522

    I’ve owned the Clip 2 for years, and had been waiting for the 4, as I didn’t feel the 3 was a very compelling upgrade. Did some sound comparisons between the 2 & the 4, and I was completely blown away by the difference; I mean, I expected the 4 to sound better, but not *this* much better! Bass actually thumps now; with the 2 you had to pretty much imagine where the bass lines were, because it certainly wasn’t playing them. Much louder max volume too; seems around 50-75% louder in my testing. The buttons are much better on the 4 as well, though I wish the power button required a press and hold, as it’s easily bumped. No microphone on the 4, which is a bit of a downgrade, as the 2 doubled as a decent speakerphone. USB-C charging now; nice to slowly be able to whittle down those pesky Micro USB chargers. All in all, if you need the clip functionality as I do (I like to clip it on my bike for some tunes while riding), it’s a great option. Possibly a bit overpriced, but it’s rather a unique offering. Read more

  6. Brianna

    This little thing bumps! I had a big block portable speaker before and got tired of lugging it around when I went skating. Now I can just clip this onto my backpack and all my friends can hear the music even when I’m kinda far away from them. The only thing I don’t like is that when the speaker is at its highest volume and I press the volume up button just to make sure it’s at the highest level the music will cut out for a second. Kind of a weird feature but everything else about this speaker is 5 stars. Read more

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