Jamo s 803 white s 803 white

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$160.14 $153.55

  • ideal mixture of style and performance
  • protected additives: 2 speakers
  • dolby atmos prepared
  • patent-pending seamless fastening device
  • waveguide acoustic era
  • 25mm (1″) tender dome tweeter
  • 127mm (5”) polyfiber woofers
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from the producer

the jamo studio 8 collection has been designed to stay seamlessly in present day, top class environments. Present day fabric and end selections – inclusive of timber grain accents, matte vinyl finishes and magnetic woven linen grilles – accentuate the easy, minimalist lines of this ecu layout. The studio eight compact cabinet designs are a super answer for city residing spaces around the arena.

fully magnetic grilles – no mounting holes or push pins – for a easy, minimalistic front baffle design

massive, woven pattern linen grilles create visible interest with heavy texture and are available in particular colours

wooden grain accents around the tweeters, at the bases and feet provide a hand made, natural look

trim earrings cover fasteners around the woofers for an fashionable, smooth appearance

compact cabinets deliver high performance acoustics in a small footprint

waveguide technology focuses excessive frequency sound for dynamic, effective sound

audio system’ front-firing tube port allows for versatility in placement (in shelves, towards walls, and so forth.) and more suitable, purifier bass reaction

all studio eight models are to be had in 3 finishes – black, white and walnut

dolby atmos geared up

dolby atmos ready speakers deliver sound that comes alive from all guidelines, including overhead, to fill any room with readability, element, and intensity

the topper’s metal ft innovatively align with included conductive metal contacts at the speaker, for a smooth design, unfastened from any inputs or wires

grilles slide up on s 809 and s 807 tower speakers to align with dolby atmos topper and create one non-stop, easy line for a continuing appearance

dolby atmos ready fashions: s 809, s 807, s 803 and s 8 atm

product description

you will obtain : 2 jamo studio series s 803-wh white bookshelf speaker in contrast to any bookshelf speaker, the s 803 dolby atmos prepared speaker can provide awesome stereo sound with a patent-pending connection factors atop the cabinet for seamless integration of the s eight atm topper to supply the overhead effect of dolby atmos. Dolby atmos readypatent-pending seamless fastening systemelegant, modern-day designblack, walnut and white finisheswaveguide acoustic technology25mm (1″) soft dome tweeter127mm (5”) polyfiber woofersseamless dolby atmos integrationelegant metal fasteners atop the cupboard offer a chic, modern business look, however also function a connection point for the s eight atm dolby atmos elevation speaker. This patent-pending design permits for all of the twine connections on the back of the floorstander, fending off unsightly and messy speaker twine going all the manner up to the atmos module – for cinematic, absolutely immersive dolby atmos sound whilst keeping the beautiful aesthetic of the jamo studio eight seriespletely new, absolutely modernthe new jamo studio eight collection has been absolutely reimagined to stay seamlessly in cutting-edge, top rate environments. Current material and finish picks accentuate the easy, minimalist strains of this ecu design, even as the compact cupboard designs are a perfect answer for city dwelling environments round the world. More bass + much less spacefront firing tube port improves low frequency extension while maximizing placement options. Present day designfully magnetic grille for premium appearance and experience with timber accents that supply handcrafted, herbal aesthetic. Specifications: frequency reaction: 57hz – 26khz (+/- 3db)sensitivity: 87db (2. 83v @ 1m)strength handling: 80w / 160wimpedance: 8 ohm



6 reviews for Jamo s 803 white s 803 white

  1. ZeosPantera

    OK lets talk about MAGIC.. I was very skeptical about this new line of Jamo. They definitely trimmed down the cost of production since the C series with no more phase plug and no more real wood veneer. But 8.47 seconds after I hooked these up I was floored by them. They sound so much bigger and clearer and throw so much low end for a 5¼ I can’t not call these magic speakers. MAGIC. The depth of the sound and the way they disperse and the old burlap looking grill. I love these speakers. Buy nothing else for $300. Read more

  2. Gulliver

    The other day I realized that as a music lover and former wannabe audiophile I could no longer accept thinking that my Echo was anywhere close to acceptable as my only non-headphone source of music in my home. So, I went looking for audiophile reviews on YouTube for bookshelf speakers. Steve Gutenberg and Zeos Pantera are the primary speaker reviewers you will find. I was all set to get the Elac Debut 2.0 b 6.2 when I came across their reviews for these Jamo’s. Both had good things to say. In fact, Zeos went ape s*** crazy about how good they were for their size and price. I liked how they looked, especially in white, and the price was now down to an unbelievable $158, so I bought a pair. To drive them, I got the Fosi Audio BT30A, which is a tiny, well-built Bluetooth amp that is perfect for my needs. Then I started testing them with my usual suspects: Turn of a Friendly Card, The Logical Song, Moving in Stereo, Ride Like the Wind, Losing It (Rush), then some of my favorite rock instrumentals from Rik Emmett and of course La Villa Strangiato from Rush. Then Un Amor by the Gipsy Kings, some arias by Pavarotti, Maria Callas, and Kathleen Battle. I ended finally with some pop: Smooth Criminal and Human Nature from the one and only king, and Hello and Someone Like You from Adele. No matter what I threw at them, these speakers blew my mind. They were precise and clean and the soundstage was unreal. I was not expecting these small, inexpensive speakers to disappear, but they did. They gave me a renewed appreciation for the work that producers and sound engineers do. For example, on Someone Like You, from an older album, it sounded like the left hand notes were panned to the left and the right hand notes to the right. I didn’t like it and it didn’t sound natural. Then I listened to Hello and the whole piano was left of center at the beginning when it’s the only instrument. That’s right where it is on most classical stages. Grand pianos open to the right and the pianist needs to see the conductor, so the piano is left of center. One last thing: I think these produce plenty of bass. Admittedly I’m not a huge fan of thundering subwoofers. I suppose if I wanted home theater sound or listened to a lot of classical these would come up a bit short, like they would probably not be able to accurately represent a concert bass but would do fine with tympani. Anyway, I don’t write many reviews and this is for sure the longest. That’s just how impressed I am with these Jamo S 803 speakers. Read more

  3. RIPQuincy

    I purchased these after watching a video review from Zeos! And wow!! He wasn’t kidding. Too me a few weeks to finally get the white pair but they were worth the wait. They look great which is important but they sound amazing! These replaced my Fluance signature bookshelf speakers. I’ve owned Def tech, Fluance, BIC, Martin Logan. So far these are better than all but the Martin Logan, which are a bit more musical at now than twice the cost highly recommend these. Read more

  4. El Guapito

    These really make a statement in white, with or without the grills on, which are magnetic by the way. These are the first Jamos I have ever owned and I am quite pleased with my purchase. I rarely purchase commercially made speakers as I am usually more of a DIY fan when it comes to speakers, not just as a hobby but as a way to get more bang from each buck spent. The reviews, the sale price, and the looks were enough to convince me to click that ‘Add to Cart’ button and I’m glad I did. Once some break-in time had passed I did some A/B comparisons to some other speakers I had around the house. Some could compete in the low-end output but almost nothing could touch these in overall clarity. They are very well balanced across their frequency range and don’t color or muck up the sound in any real significant way. Paired with a amp/DAC (In my case the Sabaj A4) they are the perfect alternative to a sound bar. Great vocal clarity for shows and movies and excellent for music, all while looking great while doing it. Read more

  5. PowShred

    You probably watched some raving online reviews and figured it’s a great set of speakers. They really sound great for this price range.But I was unpleasantly surprised since the built quality is bad. VERY bad. Quality control on this is non existent. Wooden base is not wood, which I knew, but that fake vinyl wrapping is showing bubbling on all sides, and on both speakers. Looks horrible! Applying a bit of iron heat to stick it back and remove bubbles might work, if you’re up for an adventure. Wood wrapping also does not match the color of the fake wood around tweeters. I also got their center speaker separately, and the fake wood plastic feet on that one also didn’t match the color of the wood base or the tweeters. So three different wood colors that should be the same. Insane how they sell this as a set/series. There are also some small blemishes and glue residue visible everywhere.. No wonder they go on sale for almost 1/3 the price. Because they are ~$120 speaker not $300. To rate the sound – Pretty good for $125. Not so much if you are paying over 200-250. You can tell the sound difference with good avr/amp where these will really shine. But there are easily better music listening speakers out the for $200-300. ELAC debut 6.2 is noticably better music sound and has higher build quality. Too bad they went that cheap with build quality and materials. It’s a really freah modern yet minimal design and decent performance for $ that is overshadowed by cheapness and inconsistency between ‘wood’ colors on all speakers, and non-existent quality control. Read more

  6. Jack Wilson

    Bought this as a recommendation from r/budgetaudiophile. I am very happy with these! Coming from an Energy Take Classic 5.1 system. The highs are crystal clear the way I like, everything sounds great. I have a small subwoofer with these just for a bit of boom but they would be great as standalone speakers. Maybe a bit recessed in the mids but nothing to complain about at all. I would have paid $300 for these. Read more

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