Ion audio block rocker plus – transportable bluetooth speaker 100w w/ battery, karaoke microphone, am fm radio, wheels & telescopic handle and usb charging

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  • dynamic, effective sound 8 inch woofer and extensive dispersion tweeter deliver clean, lifelike sound; a one hundred watt top energy amplifier pumps up the quantity and a bass improve button immediately cranks up the low end
  • extremely-portable centerpiece on your amassing rugged plastic enclosure proposing a telescoping take care of, wheels and quite simply positioned sporting handles; plus, a microphone is blanketed for public speakme, karaoke and more
  • long existence battery 50 hour rechargeable battery for nonstop fun, plus a usb port is protected for charging smartphones, tablets and greater
  • connectivity blanketed ship your music to dam rocker plus from any bluetooth enabled tool and manipulate playback thru dedicated bluetooth tune controls (play/pause, subsequent, again).
  • no bluetooth? No problem a 1/8 inch (3. Five millimeter) aux input is also protected for non bluetooth devices as well as an on board am/fm radio
  • be aware: kindly discuss with the consumer manual supplied as a pdf manual in the product description section
  • what’s in the container: block rocker plus bluetooth speaker, microphone with cable, 1/eight” (3. 5 millimeter) stereo aux cable, power/charging cable, quickstart guide, safety & warranty guide
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from the manufacturer

powerful & extremely-portable – advanced excessive-fidelity wi-fi sound, everywhere!

don’t accept an imitation, ion audio’s mythical block rocker series is the handiest preference in relation to effective realistic sound on-the-cross! Block rocker plus is a excessive-energy, extremely-transportable sound gadget consisting of a built-in 2-way speaker, an integrated amplifier and wireless easy-pair bluetooth technology. With an enormous 100w dynamic strength amplifier fused with a robust 8-inch woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter, enjoy wealthy, colourful and reasonable sound that guarantees to get your party shifting! The mythical block rocker returns – prepared for anything you throw at it!

primed for all of your media

your transportable playback devices in no way sounded this good! Take general control of your playlist with block rocker plus’ easy-pair wireless bluetooth capability. You could even manage playback with devoted play/pause, subsequent/ preceding music buttons. There’s also an on-board am/fm radio with 20 pre-units and an 1/eight-inch aux enter, perfect for non-bluetooth gadgets which includes cd gamers, cassette players and greater. Rounding off the package is a dedicated microphone input, plus a super microphone & cable, ideal for making bulletins, public speaking and karaoke.

recharge and cross!

don’t let a loss of electricity damage your collecting! Block rocker plus has a integrated battery with a fee indicator, presenting as much as 50 hours of pristine cordless sound. Run out of strength? Without a doubt connect the covered strength wire and rock out! There is additionally a built-in usb 2. Zero port, ideal for charging your ipad, iphone, or different usb devices. With its lightweight, extremely-portable form thing, a street-geared up cabinet with handles and a telescoping cope with for problem-free transport, block rocker plus is made to transport anywhere and whenever you need compact, powerful sound output.

product description


50W, 50W with Echo Dot Cradle, 100W

8 reviews for Ion audio block rocker plus – transportable bluetooth speaker 100w w/ battery, karaoke microphone, am fm radio, wheels & telescopic handle and usb charging

  1. CLK

    This is my second Ion Block Rocker. My first one lasted about 10 years. We had years of enjoyment with it and decided it was time for an upgrade. I have to add that I had to reach out to ION customer service regarding my first Block Rocker, they we’re fantastic and helped me to become a repeat customer. Just got this Block Rocker Plus today. Blue Tooth connected easily to my IPhone. It came almost fully charged out of the box. I’ve tried it for a few hours in the House and it Rocks! We’ll use this outside around our fire pit, in the garage and for parties. The sound is clear and crisp. I didn’t crank it up past 1/4 volume, but at 100 watts, I know it will blast! The radio works well without an antenna indoors. I expect it to work even better when I set it up outdoors. ION has exceeded my expectations once again. Read more

  2. Brandon06darmani

    Hi, I am not a YouTuber but I have seen many times on YouTube videos where they test speakers to see how long it would take to blow a subwoofer out, me and my friends , as a joke, decided to buy it because it had a bass boost button and we wanted to see if it would blow up but OMG, THE BASS, no matter the song, soundtrack or noise you play, it comes out extremely clear and makes my mom’s alexa speaker shake when it’s next to it, and it makes a whole living turn into a party house, the microphone is a great add on to play around with your friends and do karaoke, I never thought I’d say this but you can almost use it as a subwoofer for your car, let’s not even talk about the quality, it looks and feels expensive and makes you know it’s gonna be around for a while, Amazon please promote this! Read more

  3. Michael Schroeder

    This block rocker plus kicks ass. We got to use this for the first time at my daughters wedding rehearsal dinner. It was the hit of the party. We didn’t only use the microphone that came with it, we blasted the music all night long. I recommend this for all occasions. Can’t wait to do some karaoke night. Read more

  4. N

    I have used many of these Ion products. The Block Rocker Plus has a lot of boom and bass. I do not care for the bass so much however if you are looking to bring the party this can be a great choice as it packs a great punch, especially using Bluetooth. I returned this product because the battery died within 24 hours after fully charging the product multiple times. The life is supposed to be 50 hours. Another reason and another star off of the review was the FM radio reception. It is horrible. I live in the middle of the city and could not get any stations in clearly. I work outdoors therefore there is no interference from being inside of buildings. Ion needs to put an external antenna back on the outside of their units. I purchased a new battery for my old block rocker, and will replace the old dead battery (Which lasted about two years). Read more

  5. Linda F. Palmer

    Sound is good and plenty loud for a party. Can hear a block away. Big speaker but not too heavy to lift. Rolls nicely on wheels. I measured top volume to be 73 decibels but I didn’t add bass boost to that. Bluetooth connects easily and from some distance. I also tried similar EcoXGear speaker. That one is heavy to lift into car, but more rugged. It got to 83 decibels. Didn’t have a microphone but could take one. Ion includes a mic. About equal sound quality between the two speakers. I recommend either, depending on your needs. Read more

  6. Mike B.

    This is the newer model of the block rocker and it sounds great with simple features. Bluetooth connects easily and the mic is plug and play and has an on and off switch on it for easy operation. Sound quality is great even at high levels without distorting and it is very loud! Never had the volume knob above half way and its plenty of sound for me. Great bang for your buck. Read more

  7. teenie

    I purchased this to use at work. I have many speakers, so I did not need this one. I clean at a school and wanted to have one just to leave at work that is loud. I have others that are very loud, but don’t want to leave them behind. I charge this every three days, and use this about six hours each night. I use an iPod connected to this and play my Amazon music. I have this on the loud side, so most of us can hear the music. We use radios for communication, and sometimes I miss a call, oops the music is loud. I play sixties and seventies rock music and it sound great. If we ever drop it down the stairs and break it I will purchase again. I think of this as ours at work, not just mine. I share what I have and some want to buy one. I like how it has wheels and a telescoping handle, great for moving it around. I usually have this on my cleaning cart ( an old metal thing I turned into a cleaning cart). Read more

  8. OntheBlitzTv

    Here’s the DEAL… I got a “used” one for 135 instead of $179 BUT it’s Brand NEW with stickers still in it so I want to believe more are like this, it’s only last one whole day and is now dead….it’s said “50 hours!!!” …granted I doubted that it would be near that but I thought 2 half days at work would hold the charge right?? So less then 3 hours A day for two days and it’s dead… I will try the 50 watt (because the sound was good enough ) and the Am radio did NOT work to listen to my favorite football talk show… huge bummer because it looks so cool and is a really GOOD SPeaker!! I can’t recommend it UNLESS you plan to plug this in all the time and don’t need AM radio…. then it would be 4 stars!!! So I will try the Tailgator original For the antenna and hoping the sound is as good and battery last as advertised! I will be buying the NEW old model of the tailgator. Read more

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