Insmy portable ipx7 water-proof bluetooth speaker, wi-fi outside speaker bathe speaker, with hd sound, assist tf card, suction cup, 12h playtime, for kayaking, boating, trekking (teal)

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  • make certain this fits through getting into your version variety.
  • 【ipx7 one hundred% waterproof, even absolutely submersible】may be absolutely immersed up to at least one meter for approximately half-hour underwater. Dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, rainproof, snow proof. Perfect for kayaking, showering, trekking, tenting. No worries approximately weather and outdoor situation, be the rocker for your ride.
  • 【extremely good playtime, up to 12 hours】insmy water resistant bluetooth speaker with the integrated li-ion 1200mah rechargeable battery guarantees as much as 12 hours playtime at 70% volume. Fee time: inside 3 hours. Experience song day to night time in no way prevent.
  • 【superior hd sound, clear loud】with 5w driving force and passive radiators, insmy shower speaker can provide pretty loud clear stereo sound even beneath showering noise. Superior sound of the speaker performs a distortion-unfastened stereo sound even at max volume.
  • 【lightweight transportable journey mini size, palms-free feature】extraordinary compact, hand held length. Built-in mic for handsfree calls from cellphone. Includes micro-usb charging cable and lanyard. Come with a suction cup, easy to attach in rest room tiles and mirrors.
  • 【bluetooth five. 0 splendid connection range, aid tf cards】insmy water-proof bluetooth speaker can join the device from sixty six unobstructed ft away. Superior antenna design with bluetooth five. 0 affords convenient, more wireless range and more solid bluetooth connection for all bluetooth devices. Consisting of cellphone, pill, computer. Assist micro sd/tf card.
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4 reviews for Insmy portable ipx7 water-proof bluetooth speaker, wi-fi outside speaker bathe speaker, with hd sound, assist tf card, suction cup, 12h playtime, for kayaking, boating, trekking (teal)

  1. Benjamin

    INSTRUCTIONS do not tell you:: To turn it on or off, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. A chime lets you know when it’s on or off. FIRST PURCHASE: I charged it up as directed, followed the instructions (photo included). I pressed the pairing button… and pressed some more… tried various things, but there was never a blinking blue light and it never appeared as a bluetooth device in my iPhone’s list of devices. ——— I like the size and its supposed features so I’m going to see if a replacement works as advertised. — I’ll update my review after getting the replacement. UPDATE: Amazon very quickly sent a replacement, which I appreciate. This one works and I’m pretty happy with it. After a lot more experimenting and multiple attempts, I was able to get the first one to work, too. But, it had an annoying high pitched whine even when not connected/playing audio. I would have sent it back for that reason as well. Read more

  2. Ronjo

    I’m pretty picky, and while this speaker does not compare to my living room’s $4,000 audiophile sound system, sound quality is great for an under $20 shower speaker. I’m into quality over quantity, even so, this speaker has more than enough sound output for me. Maybe not for the headbangers out there. [Updated 5/27/2020] The sound is still great for the price (as called out in the first paragraph of my original post above). But the Bluetooth is still weak, as is the suction cup. If speaker and Bluetooth source are more than a few feet apart and you walk between them, or if the two are more than 10 feet apart, the speaker will break up. I’m fortunate that I use this in the shower and my phone and the speaker are only about five feet apart, and since I’m in the shower, I don’t stand between them. As to the suction cup, it’s a joke. You need to stick it every day, maybe two, otherwise it will come off the wall. They REALLY need to include a larger suction cup. Fortunately, I had a large suction cup from my old speaker (it’s around 3″ across). I only need to re-stick it about every couple of weeks to make sure it does not fall off the wall. I mentioned in my original post that I did not like the placement of the controls. Still not fond of them, but pretty easy to get used to controlling by touch after a couple of weeks. [Original post] Where does this speaker fall down? Hopefully not from the suction cup coming off the wall. I was disappointed that the suction cup did not attach directly to the back of the speaker like my previous shower speakers. Instead, you hang it by the lanyard from the suction cup. I’m willing to make the adjustment because it sounds so good. The real downside of this speaker is its Bluetooth connectivity. Issue is not making the connection, that’s quick and easy. The problem is it the range, or lack thereof. I use over a dozen Bluetooth devices on a regular basis – my watch, other phones, other speakers, headphones, computers, car connections, etc, All of these work fine over the standard 30 foot Bluetooth range or farther. This speaker? Not so much. When I took the speaker and my phone into my bedroom after a shower, they were about 12 feet apart. Worked okay until I walked between them. Immediately started breaking up. Did some testing and sound will start breaking up when source and speaker are around 18 feet line-of-sight apart. WTF? I bought this speaker for the shower, and my phone only sits a few feet away, so not a problem for my case. I’ll be keeping this speaker because it sounds so good, but keep this restriction in mind if you plan to use this speaker with a greater source/speaker separation. This is the reason I rated Portability as two stars. My other complaint is about the controls. They are small, raised bumps on the back of the speaker with no visual markings. Only indication of function is the raised symbol molded into the small bumps. I can live with them, but decidedly not user-friendly. I’ve only had this speaker for five days as of this writing, so cannot speak to battery life at this point. If it turns out to be overly short, I’ll update this review. Bottom line, great sound, weak Bluetooth, less than ideal controls. Works for my purposes, but keep limited range in mind. Read more

  3. Esteban Rivera

    Sound quality is relative and your mileage may vary, for me the audio quality is very good, much better than your regular dell laptop speakers. Both Bluetooth and micro SD card work without issues. I saw lots of questions and complains about the SD card mode from other users. This is how it worked for me: 1. In windows, I formatted a SD card of 64GB to exFat format. 2. In the root of the SD card I copied a folder with .mp3 songs in it (I deleted any non-mp3 files just in case). 3. With the speaker turned off, I inserted the SD card in the speaker slot. 4. Turned on the speaker by pressing the ON/OFF switch for a few seconds. 5. By default the speaker seemed to be active in “bluetooth pairing mode”, by pressing the ON/OFF button quickly (no press and hold) the speaker switched to SD card mode and started playing the songs in the SD card. Read more

  4. Moose

    I’m not one of those Bluetooth speaker nuts that is constantly buying another speaker every week. I just wanted one of these things that would actually work. I’ve tried a few before this one with zero luck. Either they sounded like a speaker from a 74’ Datsun, they had a battery life of about 5 minutes or they just didn’t work period. So far this one is the best. It linked up with my iPhone 8 immediately. I can get a week’s worth of showers out of it before I need to charge it. And the sound is not terrible. That’s all I need. I actually have a fantastic Sony Xbox-12 in the bathroom that I turn on once I’m out of the shower. Love that speaker! Wish I could bring it in the shower. But hey-let’s be realistic. How great is any speaker gonna sound in there? So yeah, this is a cheap little Chinese piece of crap, but it does the job. I would really give three point five stars if I could but I’ll round up because it is the best I have found. I recommend Thanks for reading Read more

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