Herdio 5. 25 inches 200 watts indoor outside patio bluetooth audio system with superior stereo dome tweeter all weather wired wall mount machine(white)

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  • versatile swivel brackets :making sure you had been able to area your outdoor speakers for your maximum favored area we brought smooth set up swivel brackets that allow up to a one hundred twenty degree range of movement at the same time as the the front facial can rotate up to ninety degrees. Ensuring smooth placement and focused sound high-quality where you want it.
  • superior sound: the outside speakers system powers a 1. 0” advanced dome tweeter, 5. 25” aluminum injection cone woofer. That mythical herdio sound is now made to rock out of your family room, outside , deck, garage, under the eaves, or near the pool,
  • pace-lock mounting bracket: it offers clean, anti-slip one-exceeded installation permits you mount those audio system vertically or horizontally, to supply the satisfactory possible sound in a varirty of situations, actually mount the swiveling u-bracket. Adjust angle and attach the audio system with a click on
  • product dimension: (l x w x h):9. Fifty seven”(243mm) (l) x 7. 28″(185mm) (w) x6. Fifty seven”(167mm) (h). Installs without problems on walls and ceiling
  • 100% patron delight 1 12 months guarantee: we pleasure ourselves in ensuring patron pleasure. Herdio offers lifetime aid with our professional customer service group. If it’s a technical question or a basic query we’ll be greater than happy to assist!
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product description

  • hos-501w
  • strength outputs:2x100w max power
  • audio strength:ac100-240v or dc 12v
  • woofer: five. 25’’ injection molded pp cone buty rubber surround
  • tweeter: 1’’ pet dome
  • herdio five. 25 ” outdoor patio bluetooth audio system

    the herdio hos-501w speakers are designed for indoor / out of doors use. The substances we use as polypropylene cone can correctly reproduces sound, and the molded abs plastic basket continues your sound distortion-unfastened.

    as soon as connected, the twin speaker machine will deliver powerful sound performance in your environment. Lengthy-throw subwoofers and astounding energy output stages will provide you with sound pleasure!

    we recognise how a good deal you experience being exterior so we made sure that your indoor out of doors speakers had been uv dealt with and are built inside an abs enclosure that protects in opposition to the elements and preserves sound integrity.

    this outdoor container bluetooth speakers set is compatible with bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and works with devices like alexa , iphone, android cellular phone, ipad, pill, pc. Amusing and entertainment are set to your fingertips.

    purple speaker cable = nice

    black speaker cable = negative


    Black, White

    7 reviews for Herdio 5. 25 inches 200 watts indoor outside patio bluetooth audio system with superior stereo dome tweeter all weather wired wall mount machine(white)

    1. Drshame

      Nice outdoor speakers that worked fine the first time I hooked them up and tried them thru my iPhone inside. Will live on my patio ider the overhand and out of direct rain and sun. Overbuild quality is just Ok… still has a lite plastic feel and I drop think they’d do well if dropped. My outdoor Bose are much more solid, but cost much more and are not Bluetooth. My IPhone saw them easily and bonded and played thru them nicely. Sound quality at full blast sounds strained but should be fine for outdoor use. Turn them down and they sound better but still had limited bass. I would buy again and for the money are a good deal…if they last. Out in the sun, heat and rain , I don’t know how long they’ll last…. not counting ice and snow too. Bottom Line: Affordable blue tooth outdoor speakers that need an ac outlet and need to be wired together. But may have limited life space in harsh outdoor conditions. Quick Update: After using on an android phone system, these will NOT connect to my Apple gear. Speakers were unplugged and reported several times and the Apple device would not see them in the Bluetooth app. But the android phone connected fine. I’m waiting to hear back from Herdio and contacting them is not easy. Update # 2 They never followed up on my issue or offered a replacement. Decent product priced ok when it works. But their customer service response failed to resolve my problem… and I’d say it could be a risky buy if you have a problem and need help. Ps: I figured out the fix myself. I think! Update # 3 Still waiting to hear back with an answer from them. Provided them with order info and shipping address as requested….but got no follow up at all. Works ok with my android platform and enjoying it as long as I don’t try streaming from another device….which won’t see the speakers. Decent product… and good value if if they raised prices. But customer support so far has been poor! Read more

    2. E J R

      These Speakers are advertised as “Stereo”. They are not stereo. All sound comes out both speakers equally even during right – left stereo sound tests. That means these are “Mono” speakers. Read more

    3. Patrick Henning

      I needed outdoor bluetooth speakers for my patio. The Herdo speakers looked like a good option. When they arrived, there was a problem: my bluetooth device could not pair with the Herdio speakers. In the documentation there was an e-mail address for Herdio customer service. I sent a message on Sunday night and on Monday morning I had a response. Herdio needed specific information on the type of unit and information on the order number. I sent that information to then on Monday afternoon. That evening I got a message from Herdio that a replacement system would be sent immediately. The replacement system arrived on Wednesday and works correctly. I don’t think the service could have been better (understanding that the original product should not have been defective). The speakers work exactly as expected. They are High Fidelity speaker, not stereo. Their sound quality is very good; certainly adequate for a noisy, outdoor environment. The volume is strong and easily controlled from the originating bluetooth device. The speaker look good and are easy to mount and direct. I am quite pleased with the product and recommend this company to anyone looking for a good outdoor/indoor HiFi speaker system. Read more

    4. MIchael Grady

      Just got these in and installed in about an hour. Had to run out for speaker wire because the wire included wasn’t quite long enough for where I hooked them up. For the price, the sound quality is very good. As mentioned by others, the bass isn’t the best but it certainly gets the job done. Bluetooth pairing was instant and volume is great. The audio is very clear through my yard and I got about 40’ away with my iPhone and had no disruption in connection. I’m very satisfied with these so far. Read more

    5. Fair, but honest

      We have them on our covered back porch, so we can listen to music while in the garden or pool. Good looking speakers, easy to install and great sound! Read more

    6. GJJB

      Installed easily. Connected easily. I had a problem and reached out to the supplier (Person naked this responded), and they were super attentive and sent a replacement. Problem was more then able and not the unit. I’m using these off the rear deck of our cottage and the sound is great. Highly recommend these for the price. I wouldn’t want a smaller size as I’m not sure the bass would come through as well as these. If you want $300-400 bass and sound, go spend that, but I have a lot of speakers of high to mid quality all over various properties, and these work great. I’m connecting it to an Echo Dot through Bluetooth so the family or guests can just ask for music or whatever anytime they want. Thanks to Chris at Herdio for being so quick to respond! I was pretty impressed where I wasn’t sure what I’d be getting into. Read more

    7. Ray F

      The speakers just arrived, they were packed very well. I hooked them up, powered them on and connected to my phones bluetooth without any problems. A couple of small dings on the grills, which for me is not a major issue as they will be outside and out of sight. The sound is ok. If you’re looking for High Fidelity I would say these are not your speakers, but they are only $100 or less. Don’t expect to feel like your at a live concert. But for something cheap that will entertain a group of people outside, these will do just fine. If they last 1 or 2 summers I’ll be happy. Read more

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