Fluance signature hifi 3-manner floorstanding tower speakers with dual 8″ woofers for 2-channel stereo listening or domestic theater gadget – natural walnut/pair (hffw)

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  • studying precision and sonic accuracy, the signature series makes use of most effective top rate additives that make sure high fidelity sound transporting the live performance into your residing room
  • powerful twin 8″ woofers provide top of the line linear movement ensuing in a low frequency bass performance this is smooth, deep and controlled
  • ultra high-quit neodymium tweeters produce excessive frequencies with captivating readability
  • precise midrange pointed dome allows sound waves to tour at once from the center of the woven glass fiber cone for an stronger soundstage so every music is indistinguishable from the unique recording
  • acoustically inert, the shelves are precision crafted with engineered mdf wooden to create a heat, distortion-unfastened sound; a stable 1. Four” thick the front baffle bears chamfered edges to seriously decrease sound diffraction
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product description

open your thoughts to the opportunity of a definitely pure listening revel in. The fluance signature series hello-fi floorstanding audio system will shipping the live performance into your dwelling room. Not for the faint of coronary heart, those speakers can outperform the band themselves. Symmetry, precision and sonic accuracy, the signature collection produces such defined sound you will feel as though the artist become playing in front of you.


Black Ash, Natural Walnut

3 reviews for Fluance signature hifi 3-manner floorstanding tower speakers with dual 8″ woofers for 2-channel stereo listening or domestic theater gadget – natural walnut/pair (hffw)

  1. Jon M. Smiley

    Having a lot of “expensive” hobbies, when I recently reignited my interest in audio, (including playing new and old vinyl), I searched far and wide for an affordable speaker that would provide good sound. After a lot of research, I settled on the Fluance Signature towers.I won’t go into the packing details, which was decent; that has been reviewed by others. The speakers arrived quickly so, I am assuming that the customer service is good as well. I will get right into my review of the speakers.I am driving the speakers with a Yamaha A-S801BL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier. I have a Project RPM 3 Carbon turntable and a Yamaha CD-S300BL Compact Natural Sound CD Player. The CD player has a USB port that allows me to play music from my laptop, iPad and iPhone.I have spent some time breaking in the speakers. I can’t say I hear a big difference in the sound after playing them for around twenty hours. I realize that sound quality is subjective and mixes and engineering vary greatly but, I can’t sense any consistency in these speakers. They provide moments of brilliance. Even within a single track. Then, they sound flat to me. Bass is not an issue. If anything, with few exceptions, there is too much bass. My room is large and I have them placed around three feet from the wall. I also have a back wall that serves well as a bass trap. These things just boom! Consequently, I find the mids and highs getting lost and the imaging or soundstage immensely suffers. With many songs, the vocals are washed out by the enormity of the bass. When the mids do hit, they sound great. But, as I stated, this is inconsistent.As for the tweeters, I have to say I find them to be inadequate. I am not a fan of ear-piercing highs but, these speakers seem to have trouble producing “honest”, or balanced highs.I, so much, want to like these speakers but, I am not feeling “it”. I love the fact that I have thirty days to make a decision on whether or not I want to keep them so, I am going to give it a few more days. I will update this review at a later date. I may just need to step up and spend more for some other speakers. I really don’t want to get into adding an equalizer to the mix. That is why I purchased my specific Yamaha amp. I also am not discounting others for reviewing the speakers highly. For some, these may hit the sweet spot and that is great.For what it’s worth, this is my take.11/25/2018I spent several hours listening to these speakers today. I brought in my old twelve-year-old set of Energy Take 2 towers and A/B’d them. The Energy’s definitely do not have the bass of the Fluance speakers but, the Energy towers blow the Fluance mids and highs away. When I ran the Fluance and Energy towers together with a NHT subwoofer, I was in heaven! The problem is, it looks ridiculous having four speakers sitting in front of my room. It really is a shame that the tweeters and, possibly the mid-range drivers do not live up to the bass drivers in these speakers. This could very well be a crossover problem. I’m going to be searching for something that does not require me to have four speakers in my setup.Update 12-17-2018I ended up returning the speakers. They just didn’t work for me. Obviously, I am in the minority but, I just found the speakers to be too bass heavy (boomy) and the tweeters inadequate. They may be good AV speakers but they definitely didn’t work for two-channel listening.Read more

  2. JSpleen

    My second pair of Fluance floor-standing speakers. We recently sold our home and the new owner bought my basement home theater system, so I sadly left my superb Fluance setup there. The good thing is this time around I opted for the top line Signature Series to start rebuilding my system.WOW!These are big boys! Heavy, well packed, double boxed, arrived early, thanks Fluance/UPS/Amazon!The main competitor for these speakers are any of the Klipsch floor-standing with 8 inch woofers. I’ve been surprised with how weak the free standing speaker market is right now. Most home theater systems are made with in-wall speakers, not many choices for the good old fashioned floor standing style. I could only find Klipsch, Polk, and Sony. Polk and Sony don’t stand up well compared to Klipsch. And I apologize to any Klipsch fans out there, but these Signature Series Fluance are better than ANY Klipsch demo models I checked out, even the $1000+ per single speaker mondo Klipsch. In fact, I found a subwoofer hidden in the back of the sound room to up the bass response in the room, giving a false sense of low frequency. Not cool. I turned the sub off and there was very little low end, even on the top of the line Klipsch. Straight out of the box these Fluance sound so clear and way more dynamic than the Klipsch setups in the sound rooms at Fry’s or Best Buy. Highs, mids, and thumpy lows, I am blown away! $699 for a PAIR of incredible speakers. Even with the sound cone thing and 600W peak power of the Klipsch, these are at least as good for half the price. In my opinion these are superior in every way, i’m a life long customer now.Sincerely, Frank Klipschjust kidding – i’m not a Klipsch, they really are great speakers, but Fluance is KingEdit- for size comparison the picture shows them next to a 65 inch tvRead more

  3. John Moritz

    After researching for months as to what speakers to buy for my new 2 channel stereo system, I considered some Klipsch and Polk Audio towers with similar specifications and I kept coming back to these Fluance towers. After reading numerous reviews and hearing the praises that people were giving them, I gave them a try. I figured it was a no-brainer, especially considering the price.When they arrived, I was surprised at the sheer weight and size of them. I mean you kind of know what to expect from the product description, but until you have to carry a pair of them up a flight of stairs, you really don’t fully realize and appreciate the build quality. These are solid cabinets with high-quality connectors and the sound that resonates from them is just superb. As was mentioned in a previous review, you really don’t have to adjust the bass, midrange, and treble with these. They sound very balanced and don’t require a separate subwoofer. The two 8 inch woofers provide plenty of deep, tight bass and the highs and midrange are very crisp and detailed. The midrange is resounding but not overbearing.I’m driving these with a 40 watts x 2 channel Yaqin MC-13S amplifier with a Vintage Marantz 2230 receiver as the pre-amp. Through that, I’m listening to a Stanton T92 turntable with an Ortofon headshell and Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. These speakers seem to work very well with a tube amplifier. They produce a warm, rich, detailed sound and a nearly surreal soundstage with good depth and imaging. I have absolutely zero complaints about these speakers. I would definitely recommend these speakers to anyone, including discerning audiophiles.One more thing I’d like to note, is that I ordered on a Wednesday night and they were scheduled to arrive the following week between Tuesday and Thursday. Seeing as they were coming from New York and I live in Illinois,I figured oh well, a few days won’t kill me. As it turned out, they arrived in less than 48 hours, on Friday. I was super happy with the quick delivery.Read more

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