Elac sub1010 one hundred twenty watt 10″ powered subwoofer, black, sub1010-bk

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  • enclosure kind: bass reflex
  • amplifier type: elegance ab
  • amplifier power: one hundred twenty watts height/ 60 watts rms
  • frequency response: 38hz-200hz; crossover frequency: 40hz-200hz
  • driving force: 10″ low throw dynamic woofer with those inputs: l/r/lfe/speaker level

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product description

nothing brings realism to recorded sound like deep, authoritative bass. Yet, most low-priced structures are compromised on this vital region. For the sub1010, the wealthy, powerful bottom octaves are fundamental—literally—to the life of song and movie soundtracks on the subject of reproducing the whole spectrum of devices and sound results.

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12.19, x, 13.19, x, 13.56, inches

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26, pounds





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4.6, out, of, 5, stars, 421, ratings, 4.6, out, of, 5, stars

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December, 17, 2019

6 reviews for Elac sub1010 one hundred twenty watt 10″ powered subwoofer, black, sub1010-bk

  1. Jon Piech

    Don’t hesitate, this sub without break in time is perfect. I lost everything my house which included all my stereo equipment. I just ordered 2 NHT super zero bookshelf speakers and needed a subwoofer. Deliberated greatly for a small space. Have owned bic 12, ok, but also had a Martin Loga Dynamo 300 and an svs PB 1000. Nothing beats the SVS for depth and clean punch, can literally shake neighbors next door. But in small space don’t want to get kicked out. Martin Logan is awesome but now $200, I got mine for $125. Elac has great rep so $129 for small sub looks like quality and rep of Andrew Jones, took a chance. Man you are getting a bargain, once the word gets out this speaker will jump up in price as the go to subwoofer for a desktop or small space. Bass is clean tight low omnidirectional and turns audio into perfection. It will not replace SVS for big deep killer bass, but for small space provides perfect compliment to bookshelf speakers like NHT super zero’s which are special too, driving off a topping MX3. This little setup is pretty crazy good near field for music that can take you into the music like you are right there. Personal taste will always color your perception, but for pretty cheap this setup will give a damn good audiophile experience, with detail and full range of music spectrum and sound stage. This is a bargain now get it before the secret is out. NHT super zero’s are a special bargain also, loved my JBL studio speakers but these are amazing little speakers, but must have sub like Elac to fully appreciate. Combo is music heaven for me. Read more

  2. gregory strzalka

    I use this with another sub (energy EW100) for my garage (music only). I own a SVS PB12 plus and a SVS PC13 ultra so I know what good bass sounds like. These subs are stable/good/usable to 45hz. Yes, they will sound bloated/boomy/slow etc compared to subs costing 5-10x more but, for very little money, they really help take the stress/strain off main speakers and fill in the bottom end nicely. Read more

  3. BoomerSooner

    I am a 2 channel purist and my KEF R700 speakers have never needed a sub. I moved to a new home recently and found that the living room acoustics were not great. Basically, bass output dropped off dramatically below 50 hz making everything sound light weight. I decided to try out a subwoofer but needed one with high level inputs. Not being sure I would be happy with the bass integration, I decided to get a budget one to try out before spending $$ on a Hsu sub. Dayton 10 and 12″ subs were out of stock so I got this one. Well, I am pleasantly surprised. This is not a boom box. Bass is tight and has adequate extension, in my room, the 31.5 hz tone is down -6db. Blends very well with my speakers with crossover set around 60hz. Although, the box is not very hefty, it does the job. Quite a bargain at this price no doubt. Read more

  4. Caleb Fultz

    This sub is quality, regardless of what some reviews might say. It bumps and adds definition to the sound coming from your system. Are there better subs out there? Sure are, but this does the job I need it to do. It works so well with my home entertainment center that gun shots in a movie must’ve warranted my neighbors to call the cops. That was a fun thing to explain to the boys in blue that were on my porch that night. Read more

  5. Steven Tarren

    Pros, 1. 60 watts RMS, 120 peak. Plenty of power. 2. 10 inch driver with a good back port for good sound flow. 3. Has a smaller than average cabinet for tighter bass response. 4. I got it on sale for 109. 5. On par with the Polk PWS10 even at MSRP(they both cost the same). 6. A couple different input options and a speaker pass through for running two speaker for better speaker placement. 7. Autopower mode for when not using. 8. Phase and 180 option. 9. Crossover adjustment from 50 to 150. Cons, 1. Sometimes goes on sale cheaper than what I paid(but not much of a con). 2. Work best for mid-sized rooms at best. For larger rooms you may want a 12 inch woofer or run more than one subwoofer. Aside from a few minor gripes I have only good things to say. For the money this is the best 10 inch subwoofer in it’s price class along with the Polk PSW10. Read more

  6. Frank E

    First of all, I paid 99.99 for this sub, so I won’t compare it to a HSU or an SVS, or any other 400.00 or 500.00 dollar sub. What I will say is have realistic expectations and you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised. I’ve moved my MUCH LARGER Mirage sub to a different room and replaced it with this tiny Elac. Of course it doesn’t have the output of the Mirage but it does all the right things on a smaller scale. No it doesn’t go as deep either but with satellites that may only nudge 60hz it will add that extra octave to give music the extra punch it needs to sound full and satisfying. Wouldn’t recommend if you’re looking for hardcore LFE for movies, just doesn’t have the size or power to play that role. If you’re looking for a SMALL sub, though it does have a ten inch driver, that sounds great, looks really good and sounds much bigger than it’ price would suggest, then just buy it! FYI, the room I’m using it in is 16 by16 by 8 with a 6 by 6ft. alcove, an opening to a stairway and another opening to a hallway. So it is filling a good size space with a good, full bottom end! Enjoy Read more

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