Elac debut 2. 0 b6. 2 bookshelf speakers, black (pair)

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  • new tweeter with extensive-dispersion waveguide
  • new woven aramid-fiber woofer. Sensitivity: 87db at 2. 83v/1m
  • new shelves for less difficult placement. Crossover frequency: 2200hz
  • frequency reaction: 44hz – 35000hz
  • nominal impedance- 6 ohms. Max strength input- 120 watts
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from the manufacturer

accolades from a number of the maximum respected industry courses

key features of the debut 2. 0 line-up

a new the front firing port permits for easy room placement. Reducing problems related to having the speaker close to the returned wall.

a newly evolved 1″ soft-dome tweeter includes a huge-roll surround which extends the frequency reaction out to 35khz.

a brand new tighter weave pattern on our aramid fiber woofer offers smoother high frequency reaction whilst still delivering easy tight bass.

inner bracing reduces cabinet vibration, minimizing the cabinets have an impact on on typical sound fine.

product description

improving on the unique debut b6 speaker with accolades from the worldwide press and awards from enterprise experts-was not an clean task. However consistent improvement is what we do at elac, and the debut b6. 2 raises the bar for bookshelf overall performance better than ever before. Any opposition it has starts offevolved at often its charge.


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4 reviews for Elac debut 2. 0 b6. 2 bookshelf speakers, black (pair)

  1. Randy Aines

    A little background on myself, I am a 21 year old guitarist/musician with an understanding of and experience in recording and production. I know what is actually necessary to reproduce the sound of recorded music in stereo, and I am a firm believer that good sound doesn’t have to cost an absolute fortune. Now, for recording purposes I find it more convenient and accurate to use a good pair of active monitors, so I am not reviewing these for recording purposes or neutrality. These for me I bought for ultimate music listening entertainment purposes. I have heard all kinds of high end systems and have owned the Pioneer BS-22’s designed by Andrew Jones and I liked them. They were decent but needed a sub as the low end performance was lacking. When the original Elac B6 bookshelf speakers came out, I bought those and have loved them for almost 2 years. I never thought I would need to upgrade. They sound amazing and always will. Recently my old Sony receiver crapped out and I purchased the Yamaha RX-V385 and Sewell cables which really pumps out quality sound into these. When I saw that this new updated version of the B6 was released I had to jump on them and make the purchase. Now I will review these and the original B6 together and then explain the difference between these and the originals. The original B6 and these are both very full bodied sounding speakers that sound bigger than their bookshelf size. They are very complete sounding and in my opinion a sub is not needed to enjoy the sound they produce. No frequencies stand out overbearingly and no frequencies really overpower other frequencies in the spectrum. They are well balanced and sound like music, quite simply. The low end and bass sound is fantastic. There is weight, punch, slam, and musicality. The bass on either pair is very satisfying. I personally listen to all kinds of music but have a specific love of modern progressive metal, and to reproduce this kind of music requires very detailed and powerful sound and these speakers make metal sound like metal, and they never sound as if they are struggling, no matter how loud I turn them up. I have never heard them distort even after having turned them up past volumes I would ever listen to them at. They handle sound, period. Now these new B6.2 speakers in my opinion are better than the original, in just about every way. It is not a night and day difference and they don’t crap on the originals but they have overall tightened up and improved in general. The tweeter is now more resolving and has been brought towards the front of the speaker instead of being recessed and more directional like on the originals. The originals sounded best in their sweet spot and so do these but the sound is more open and they sound very good no matter where you’re standing in the room. The soundstage is perceivably wider. These are now front ported and seem to project a better sounding and more punchy bass. Some reviewers have said that they have less bass weight but in my opinion the bass on these is actually of a better quality and less boomy due to the originals being rear ported and more dependant on their distance from a wall. This is coming from a metalhead who thrives on a weighty bass and the bass on these is as good as I could ask for. So overall, a more musical, clear, and resolving experience. I love these speakers. If you are looking for good, real passive speakers and don’t wanna spend a fortune, buy these. They sound better than anything I’ve ever heard, period, regardless of the price. Read more

  2. Keith H

    I purchased these based on the reviews and the promotional material. However, I am somewhat disappointed in these speakers. When listening at lower volume levels, (which is the majority of the time for me) they lack presence and depth or soundstage (Jazz, acoustic or soft rock). However, they do start to sound good when cranked up to high volume levels (Rock/Blues). It takes a lot of power for these speakers to reach their potential. When hooked up to my vintage Sansui 9090, which is 110 watts per channel, they sound good at around 80 watts according to the power meters. This gets hard on the ears (and neighbors) after a while. I purchased some vintage JBL Studio Monitors (4410a) and they suit my listening style much better. They are very clean, efficient and precise at lower volumes and hold their qualities at higher volumes as well. ELAC gets relegated to the garage. Read more

  3. Prof2U

    I bought it based on youtube reviews from Thomas and Stereo and Z Reviews. Their sound demo’s made me pull the trigger. What can i say they are Blissful for the money. True audiophile gear that sound better many 1000 dollar book shelf speakers. I first ran them with my $300 Yamaha as301 and they sounded okay. I ran them with my $1000.00 HK3375 and the sounded great. I then ran them with my $4000 Yamaha As2100 the sounded holographic, and real, with wide open sound stage. They have Soft crystal high end and deep tight bass. These speakers need power. Buy them and get a powerful vintage amp and turntable or bluetooth adapter and use real copper cables and you will have a true audiophile rig for less than 500 bucks Read more

  4. Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    Well, this was a blind buy for me after lots of research. These replaced some Yamaha NS-A638’s, which still after 20yrs., sound spectacular. Upon opening the box, I was ready to send them back. They are dramatically smaller, going from a 3-way design with an 8in woofer to these, I thought there’s no way I’ll get that full bodied sound, but ohhhh was I wrong. Yes they are puny to look at, but the design makes them sound twice as big, and the clarity and projection are leagues better. You’ll probably need some extra oomph from your amp to get the full benefit as they are 6ohm speakers. I am running them on a Sony at 140wpc( 80wpc should suffice), and the louder you get, the better they sound. And this is probably the only weak point of the small design, they don’t sound great at low volume, more “tinny”. You can run them without a sub, there is ample bass even from a 6.5, but I reccomend a sub for complete range. Take the Pepsi challenge, hook them up to a good amp and play: 1. John Cougar Mellencamp’s “Authority Song” (great punchy rock!) 2. The Vines’ “Autumn Shade” (lo-fi hi-fi) 3. Christopher Cross “Sailing” (unbelievable chime/percussion clarity) If one of these songs doesn’t make your arm hair stand at attention, send em on back an stand on your head, because there’s no satisfying you. Andrew Jones is THE MAN. Update: Had these bad boys for a year now, and they are still spectacular. Wow. So in love…. Update: 8/2020 Still sexy and ferocious. Update 4/2021 Now paired with the Marantz 7012 @ 6 OMS. OH MY GOD!!!!!! Read more

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