Edifier r1850db active bookshelf speakers with bluetooth and optical enter – 2. Zero studio reveal speaker – integrated amplifier with subwoofer line out

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  • virtual / analog inputs – rca/aux for computer turntables and so forth optical/coaxial for lossless connection bluetooth for convenience
  • bluetooth v4 0 – present day wireless technology for playing from phones pills or laptops
  • treble/bass manipulate sub-line out regulate bass treble volume and toggle inputs on rear panel want a touch greater oomph? Upload a subwoofer on your 2 0 setup with the aid of really connecting to the sub-out jack
  • wi-fi far off – accessible compact remote control for enter selection volume adjustment and tune manipulate (bluetooth)
  • 2 year – high fine and reliability with problem-free components and hard work for two years in america and canada

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product description

the r1850db is a dynamic 2. 0 lively bookshelf speaker housed within a mdf frame. The woofers in this model produce a satisfactory sound and fast execution. The bass of this version vibrates any room or space it occupies. The extra subwoofer output allows you to add a subwoofer to transform this version from a 2. 0 system to a 2. 1 machine. The r1850db is exemplary and amusing with the most recent bluetooth innovation allowing recess from smartphones, capsules or pcs.

woofers, tweeters, and grills

the r1850db comes with grills that offers you the selection of placing a grill or taking them off so that you can see the beautiful tweeters and mid-range drivers. Tweeters:Φ19mm silk dome, 6ohm bass/mid-range:: 4-inch Φ116-mm 6ohm

high gloss black finish

we keep in mind that asthetics is also vital in an audio setup. The r1850db active bookshelf audio system characteristic a excessive gloss black finish that look beautiful.

  • wi-fi faraway
  • connection cable: 5m/sixteen-feet
  • rca to aux cable: 1. 7m/5. 6-feet
  • rca to rca cable: 1. 7m/five. 6-toes
  • optical cable: 1. 5m/4. Nine-feet
  • rca
  • rca to aux
  • optical
  • coaxial
  • subwoofer output
  • mute
  • power
  • quantity up/down
  • input pick out: computer, aux, optical, coaxial, bluetooth
  • bkuetooth controls: pause/play/bypass song
  • Product Dimensions

    8.9, x, 6.1, x, 10, inches

    Item Weight

    16.84, pounds





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    July, 11, 2017

    4 reviews for Edifier r1850db active bookshelf speakers with bluetooth and optical enter – 2. Zero studio reveal speaker – integrated amplifier with subwoofer line out

    1. Amazon CustomerDC

      I bought both the 1700 (A) and the 1850 (B). (See my review of the 1700.) B has noticably/dramatically better vocal range (1000-2000Hz) than A. (Worth $25 to me.) A’s wood is beautiful compared to B’s black piano look. (Worth $25 to me.) B’s sub tap is important to me (even though my sub is in storage). I look forward to plugging in my sub and putting on a thriller movie to test. (Future update.) B has optical in which will allow me to test and compare between my analogue RCA out (to B) to my optical out (to B’s converter), to see if there is a noticable difference. (Future update.) B has more power but its unnoticable to me. (Worth $0 to me, but….louder is always better!) In the end: I kept B as worth the price as a critical listener with failing ears but enough money to both appreciate the quality and bite the bullet. It sounds wonderful. I hope my sub will blow me away. (Future update.) Read more

    2. S. Price

      Finally, some reasonably priced speakers that I like. So far so good. I enjoy the clean full sound and I added a 10″ Polk powered sub to it for a little kick. I have purchased 8 speaker systems for my computers in the last 2 years, 4 of them just this summer looking for a reasonably priced set of speakers for all around purpose (gaming, streaming vids, music and movies). The r1850db and the logitech z623 (you just can’t beat the value on the 623’s – good sound, good bass for a ridiculous low price) are the only 2 of the 8 that I enjoy using with the 1850’s being the fav…they should be for 3 times the price – once you add on a polk active sub. After landing the 623’s for one computer I was originally looking for a gaming speaker setup for the new computer but I found out again and again that you are sacrificing too much sound quality in exchange for some bling in the form of lights. I could have lived with any of the others systems just fine but with these I will feel satisfied with the purchase every time I turn them on. Let me help some on the cable questions for those of us not real tech savy, like myself…one of those questions being my own before I made the purchase…ok, so most people will probably connect to there computer using the RCA in labeled PC on the back of the speakers. These speakers come with one RCA to 3.5mm cable. If you want to connect an active sub to these speakers you will need another cable of the same type. Here is the problem and confusion….Edifier includes one of these cables. This cable is very short and is less than 6 ft. and would not reach my PC. I could use it for my sub but it is not high quality. Included is one optical cable but it is very very short…not sure what I am supposed to reach with this cable unless my speaker is sitting right on top of my computer. Hmmmmm? Solution for me…getting one much longer optical cable for PC to speakers then one 3.5mm to 2RCA splitter 10ft. gold plated cable for speakers to sub…here is link to the one i bought to clarify what type it is – RCA Audio Cable Tuwejia Super HD 3.5mm AUX to 2RCA 10FT Y Splitter Stereo Audio Cable Male Type OFC Conductor Dual Shielding Gold Plated High-End Metal Shell(10Feet) This adds to the cost of the speakers. Edifier, please give us some thing a little more useful in the cable department. This is not a super high end set but it is not cheap either. Final note…the reason the rca cable will not reach my computer is because it is the right speaker that has all the connections. I missed that in the pics and my computer sits on the left of the table. Read more

    3. M. Cox

      EDIT: I’ve had the speakers for a while now and I just adore them! I use them for home studio recording and my family uses them to listen to music – the Bluetooth works easily so they can connect with their phones. Also — I comment in the review that I enjoy them using the Polk subwoofer but they actually get enough bass that you don’t NEED the subwoofer. I’d call these speakers one of my best purchases of the year. The Edifier R1850DB bookshelf speakers are outstanding! They’re large enough to have a good full range sound but small enough to fit on your desk. They work great as computer speakers or decent nearfield monitors for a home studio. I was surprised to discover they also work well for home theater speakers – the included speaker cord is long. (However, the cord has custom connections on each end so this isn’t a cord you can replace if you need a longer one.) The controls for the speakers are on the back which keeps them looking nice but they’re a little hard to reach. Luckily there’s an included remote control. The buttons on the remote feel a little on the cheap side but the speakers themselves seem well made and have solid feeling knob functionality. I took another reviewers advice to pair these speakers with a Polk 10 inch subwoofer. WOW. I’m 42 years old and I’ve listened to music all my life — all this time there are sounds in the low frequency range in my favorite music I just couldn’t hear. These speakers pair WONDERFULLY with that subwoofer. I don’t know how “flat” the frequency response is on these speakers – I have no way to measure it… but they sound good to my ears. Not overly boomy or tinny — they’re perfect, and produce an admirable volume for their size. Read more

    4. 80s Joe

      I had always had a 2.1 system that cost $100-$200 or so and that was OK but since I listen to my I-tunes collection on my desktop so much I wanted to try an upgrade. I am a total amateur but got these as they had good reviews and were not too big. Wow – great sound. But I noticed the lower, close to 60hz base was a struggle with these. And I listen almost exclusively to rock, so what I did is get one of those Acoustic Audio 8″ subs so I could set the crossover to 80hz and that did the trick! Now these don’t have to work hard to hit those low frequencies. I put the treble up a bit and man oh man is this system of mine great – perfect clarity!! The ONLY drawback on these is there is no volume knob on the front. I switch between doing the ole reach around for the back knob and grabbing the remote to adjust. And in my opinion these look much better with the grill on. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you! Read more

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