Edifier r1700bts lively bluetooth bookshelf audio system – 2. Zero wi-fi close to discipline studio monitor speaker – 66w rms with subwoofer line out

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  • ensure this suits by means of coming into your model number.
  • bluetooth 5. Zero with qualcomm aptx hd – effortlessly connect to your phone, pc or tablet for wireless listening amusement, appropriate for ios, android, mac, or windows gadgets. Aptx hd helps as much as 24bit quality over bluetooth.
  • sub out – subwoofer output with integrated crossover and vehicle detection. Twin rca inputs for smartphone, tv, dvd, pc connection, help hook up with gadgets on the same time, no plugging wanted.
  • herbal sound duplicate – get the cleanest and maximum spectacular herbal sound from the 19mm silk dome tweeter unit, 4 inches woofer unit, and 66w non-stop undistorted energy.
  • updated wireless far off – easily control extent, mute/unmute, transfer among bluetooth and line-in modes. Adjust the bass, treble, extent at the side panel. Beautify your list revel in with soundfield spatializer button.
  • 2 12 months assurance – assured high first-class and reliability with trouble-unfastened elements and hard work warranty for two years in america and canada.

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product description

when it comes to usual sound first-rate, do not hesitate on r1700bts lively bookshelf audio system, it produces the cleanest and maximum compelling sound you will pay attention. The r1700bts is a 2. 0 lively bookshelf speaker with bluetooth five. Zero with aptx, you could enjoy paying attention to your phone or pill in wi-fi freedom within 10m powerful bluetooth transmission variety, appropriate for ios, android, mac, or home windows gadgets. 15w*2+18w*2 rms, 19mm silk dome tweeter unit, and four inches woofer unit to ensure the speaker has an energetic reaction and distortion-loose sound. Wirelessly manipulate the speaker with the consist of far off, no need to left the sofa each time you need to make a few adjustment. Adjustable dials positioned on the aspect of the speaker to manipulate quantity, bass, and treble. Whether it is retaining a celebration going, crafting immersive television experience, or playing suitable sound exceptional, r1700bts speaker is constantly your first desire.

Package Dimensions

17.72, x, 12.36, x, 7.76, inches

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16.02, pounds



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4.7, out, of, 5, stars, 511, ratings, 4.7, out, of, 5, stars

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#5, 985, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #13, in, Bookshelf, Speakers

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May, 6, 2020



3 reviews for Edifier r1700bts lively bluetooth bookshelf audio system – 2. Zero wi-fi close to discipline studio monitor speaker – 66w rms with subwoofer line out

  1. Randy messman

    Initial impressions were these had zero low end. Even taking their driver size into consideration. Even though I planned to use a sub with them I was unimpressed. Left them on my desk and went to bed. Next day I decided to give them a shot. Things changed. Sound (Without Sub) – 3 stars – Highs and mids were nice but on the bright side but that’s why tone controls exist. I dialed treble down and bass up and it was “ok”. They did seem to loosen up a bit after a while and go a tad deeper. Sound (With Sub) – 5 stars. These really need a sub and I’m glad they implemented a sub out. There is supposedly a crossover that initiates when a sub is connected but I couldn’t hear much difference if any when I unplugged and replugged the sub from the Edifiers. Sound stage and Imaging – 5 stars. This is were these things really shine. The imaging is pinpoint and the sound stage is deep and wide. There is a “enhanced” mode that one can turn on but it takes away even more low end and brightens things up a lot and adds some reverb. In my home office, it sounded ok but at my work, the desk didn’t agree with the added reverb. Note also that the sub will need to be rebalanced if this is turned on. It does work but I find there is plenty enough soundstage with it disabled and I don’t want to have to dial in the sub every time I use it. For some it will be great but bear in mind that the results are very dependent upon room/wall conditions. BT – 5 stars – Works and connects well and goes back into pairing mode when the previous device is disconnected. Remote – 5 stars – Works well and is a perfect size. These things are great for what they are built for, near field listening. I could see them working – with a sub – in a den or a small room. They excel and are unrivaled in my experience in imaging and soundstage and treble detail. Mids are great too. Read more

  2. yobymmot

    I purchased these to go with my Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB Direct-Drive Turntable. I wanted a powered speaker to minimize the equipment I need to listen to vinyl. I strongly considered the Audioengine A5+ And Kanto YU6, however cost was an issue at this time for me. Feeling I may be a bit disappointed given the aforementioned desire, I was pleasantly surprised by the sound these speaker produce. Set up was easy. First record played was The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Sound was very crisp and clear. Heard things in the songs I didn’t notice previously. Highs are a little “tinny” at first but adjusted the treble down a bit to counter. Assume this will “warm up” post break-in period. Bass was ample considering speaker size. One thing anyone looking at this size of speaker needs to remember – this size woofer can only move so much air. However, these do a far better job than other speakers in this size I have heard. My son (14) actually said he was impressed by the bass and overall clarity. Next vinyl was Gun’s & Roses Appetite for Destruction. Again – clear and crisp. Rock music is always a little muddier by nature but again these did the job very well considering what they are and my intended use. Next I selected Bluetooth source to my iPhone and played varying genres from Charlie Puth to Alterbirdge to the 1975. All we’re handled exceedingly well in my opinion. Again, if you are looking for booming bass, you’d want to seek adding a sub component, as these do have a sub out and crossover built in to do so. The model I purchased is the updated model that resolves the Bluetooth issue (not shutting off) and the remote handles switching from phone/line level to Bluetooth, etc very nicely. Volume control and play/pause/skip for Bluetooth all work very nicely. Build quality is very good. They look very good for the price and have some heft whereas you feel you bought something with some quality to it. If you are debating a powered speaker on a budget and have considered these – I wouldn’t hesitate – as long as your expectations are realistic. These have a very nice sound stage and produce a quality “monitor” level sound versus some cheap (or even expensive) Computer speakers. You can always spend more money – that’s easy if you have it (or even if you don’t really sometimes) but the key is finding a product at a price that fulfills your need. I am quite happy with this purchase. I will eventually seek a larger more expensive option as intended – however these meet all of my needs currently and I am very happy with my decision. Read more

  3. JED42

    Well, I opened these 15 minutes ago and have been smiling ever since. “Small room only” my ass. I’ve seen reviews saying they didn’t sound as good the first day as thy did the second or third. If thats the case, I can’t wait till tomorrow. BASS – is what I personally expected. Decent, but not “4-12’s in your car from the 90s” good. I mean come on. 4″? What do you want? Good news – there’s a sub out. Haven’t plugged mine into it yet because its downstairs and I’m lazy, but I’m gonna assume it’ll make the bass difference I need. So far its held up to Steely Dan, Meshuggah, 21 Savage and Pop Smoke (RIP). Cant wait to watch a movie with these attached. I had these in my Amazon cart for 2 years before I bought them. If youre on the fence, pull the trigger. These are good. Update after sub, movie and use days and 3 coming. Read more

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