Edifier r1280ts powered bookshelf speakers – 2. Zero stereo active close to subject video display units – studio reveal speaker – 42 watts rms with subwoofer line out – timber enclosure

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  • make sure this suits via coming into your version wide variety.
  • more sub-out port – a subwoofer output with automatic detection for connecting an external greater lively subwoofer. A integrated crossover is activated when the subwoofer is connected.
  • dual rca inputs – without difficulty hook up with any gadgets with rca to rca/3. 5 mm-rca audio cable. Connect to gadgets on the same time, no greater plugging and unplugging. (none bluetooth version)
  • advanced sound great – 42w continuous undistorted energy, 4-inch sub-woofer unit and 13mm silk dome tweeter unit make certain robust bass and convey more impactful sound.
  • updated remote manipulate – alter quantity, mute/unmute from across the room. Bass, treble, and extent control located at the facet panel. Enhance your listing revel in with soundfield spatializer button.
  • 2 yr warranty – guaranteed high first-rate and reliability with hassle-free parts and hard work assurance for 2 years in usa and canada.

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product description

now you do not ought to deal with the problem of hold plugging and unplugging your audio system to listen to one of a kind devices, such as your tv! Edifier r1280ts powered bookshelf audio system allows you to connect to gadgets on the identical time. Connect to any devices together with your smartphone, computer, laptop, pill with covered rca to rca audio cable, and three. 5 mm-rca audio cable, and don’t should hold plugging and unplugging all the time. It comes with a wireless far off for your comfort. You could manage the speaker wirelessly without leaving the sofa. The movable mesh grille efficaciously protecting the speaker unit. 42w continuous undistorted electricity, 13mm silk dome tweeter unit, and four inches sub-woofer unit all make contributions to generating clean exceptional and life-like sounds. Permit’s enjoy taking note of your preferred tunes with r1280ts lively bookshelf speakers.

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17.13, x, 11.89, x, 7.32, inches

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10.78, pounds



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4.7, out, of, 5, stars, 395, ratings, 4.7, out, of, 5, stars

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#3, 725, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #10, in, Bookshelf, Speakers

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May, 6, 2020



4 reviews for Edifier r1280ts powered bookshelf speakers – 2. Zero stereo active close to subject video display units – studio reveal speaker – 42 watts rms with subwoofer line out – timber enclosure

  1. R. D. Clark

    *Edited to add information about the subwoofer output. **Upgraded rating from 4 to 5 Stars. Explanation at end. This appears to be a slightly updated version of the popular and widely reviewed R1280t speaker. There are hundreds of reviews, both professional and customer, of this speaker on Internet, so I won’t rehash them. The primary differences: (1) the addition of a subwoofer connection, with associated circuitry to provide an electronic crossover* when a sub is connected, and (2) addition of a signal-processing feature to create a wider stereo image, and modification of the remote control to add a switch for that feature. I cannot categorically state that the “R1280ts” version sounds identical to the earlier version. The dimensions, driver complement, and design appear to be the same. Specifications also seem to be the same. All indications are that it’s the same acoustically as other “1280” models. Most of the reviews you’ll see will conclude with some version of “for the money…” And that’s the right way to look at these speakers. They are not the finest powered bookshelf speakers in the land. Not the loudest. Not the bassiest. Not the most extended highs, not the most neutral-sounding. But — for the money — they offer more than you might expect. They sound good if you don’t turn them up too loud, if you sit reasonably close and don’t try to fill the room with sound. They make great computer speakers that will let you hear music without giving up too much bass, or listen to podcasts or news with clarity. **My critique of the sound is that they have a very slightly boxy quality, a lack of the transparency that, to be fair, is usually the hallmark of much more expensive speakers. But at the same time aren’t boomy, muffled, harsh, or any of the other flaws that plague most inexpensive speakers. For the money, I believe they offer great bang-for-the-buck. I plan to add a small powered subwoofer soon. If that changes anything about how these speakers sound beyond the obvious, I’ll amend this review. *I did add a sub – a Monoprice SSW-8, a “slim” sub with the conventional connections and controls for a home theater sub. I connected the Edifier sub out to the sub’s line inputs (requiring a 3.5mm-to-RCA adapter cable; you could use the one that comes with the speakers if you didn’t use it already). This setup works well. Extending the bass another octave or more definitely enriches the sound without changing the character of the speakers. It’s by no means a necessary or transformative upgrade, but it’s worthwhile. *(cont’d) The Edifier sub-out is basically a headphone jack. It is full-range; there is no “crossover.” It is affected by all of the controls — bass, treble, volume — and, surprisingly, also by the “spacializer.” I don’t recommend using the spacializer when using a subwoofer. (Using this jack for headphones does not, of course, cut off the speaker sound. There is also something slightly “off” about the full-range sound coming from this port; it seems to lack full separation, and seems somewhat shrill. But it works for the subwoofer just fine.) Because the Edifers lack any way to control the sub out, you will need a sub with volume and crossover-frequency controls, and you probably want to place the sub where those controls remain accessible. I’m using a crossover frequency of about 100Hz, and of course set the volume by ear. Certainly the addition of the sub output at no increase in price is a worthwhile upgrade. It does what it needs to do, and no more. It would have been good to include a low-pass filter, but it’s not generally needed. **These speakers seem to benefit very much from extended break-in. After about 50 hours use, the “boxy” quality referred to in the main text has largely disappeared, leaving the sound more natural than it once was. The high end is still just adequate, but overall the sound is acceptably neutral and uncolored, especially for a speaker in this price range. It wouldn’t be 5 stars compared to the best bookshelf speakers available, but it doesn’t deserve a demerit when compared to its direct competitors. Read more

  2. Jackie

    TWO SETS OF RCA INPUTS = CONVENIENT: I love that there’s two sets of RCA inputs. Meaning you can plugin your TV and your laptop simultaneously, and don’t have to worry about switching sources. (I.e., both are essentially plugged in, and it’s mixing the audio between the two sources. Whatever is playing, will just play!) NO BLUETOOTH = OK: I was agonizing between these and the ones with bluetooth. After reading the reviews on the units with bluetooth, I decided not to go for bluetooth, which tends to be less reliable than wired connections. Plus, with Chromecast hooked up to a TV which outputs to these speakers, I can basically Chromecast to these speakers. SUBWOOFER = OPTIONAL: The subwoofer out is super handy, because if you want a subwoofer down the road, it’s easy to add. But you don’t really need one. These are an improvement over the original model, because the frequency response extends lower down to 52Hz. I just tested with a tone generator, and it does indeed go down to 52Hz, and maybe a little bit below that. The volume does seem to dip starting at 110Hz on down, but there’s still pretty decent low-end until about 50Hz. So in my opinion, you only need a subwoofer with these speakers, if you really care about that rumbling theater sound. Unbelievable value at $100. Read more

  3. Gus

    I bought these to replace my Edifier r1700 set that was transferred from my PC desk to the TV. I didn’t want to write a review comparing the 2 sets but I think it’s something people are interested in hearing about considering the $50 price difference between the 2 sets. So here it goes. Build quality: honestly they’re about the same. Both sets are solid speakers. The controls on the 1280’s seem to be a little cheaper feeling and not as appealing. Aesthetics: this has to go to the 1700’s. The paper driver cones on the 1280’s are not as attractive as the drivers on the 1700’s. The same goes for the tweeters – the 1280’s just aren’t as attractive. If you prefer to leave the covers on, which I don’t know why you would, then I wouldn’t see much difference between them. Sound: here’s what I’m here for. I will admit that the 1280’s are somewhat more crisp and maybe a little less boomy. But, you can tell the sound coming out of the 1700’s is more balanced, or at least what I consider balanced (I do like mid-heavy speakers historically). It just depends on your music taste. The 1280’s really struggle with heavy rock but shine with crisp, lighter music like soft rock and bluegrass/country/americana. The 1700’s shine when playing heavier music like hard rock but handle the other stuff pretty well. I prefer to listen to the 1700 set. Final thoughts: In my opinion, you get what you pay for with these speakers. The 1280’s are still great, great speakers and will blow most systems out of the water – but – the 1700’s are still slightly better in every aspect. Worth an extra $50? Yes, if you care a lot about sound quality. If you don’t you won’t notice any difference between the 2. Read more

  4. Seleam

    I’ve been looking at buying these speakers for weeks now but have held off and I’m glad I did! This new version was just released and my understanding is that it’s an updated version of the normal R1280T. The difference here seems to be that this has a much better remote, better cables, and it has an output for adding a sub! These are currently the same price as the old version so definitely buy these over the normal one. As for the sound, they are perfect. I am not an audio person of any kind but the bass sounds terrific, classical music sounds great, and watching shows on my tv works fine. I can even control the sound with my Roku TV remote, which is super convenient. Great buy! Read more

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