Edifier r1280t powered bookshelf speakers – 2. Zero stereo lively close to subject monitors – studio monitor speaker – wooden enclosure – forty two watts rms

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  • make certain this suits through getting into your version variety.
  • 2 x aux enter – handy connection to any device that has a three. 5mm headphone output or twin rca output. Hook up with two gadgets thru aux on the identical time, no plugging and switching wanted. (none bluetooth model)
  • studio sound first-class – herbal sound duplicate from 13mm silk dome tweeter and four inch full range unit
  • far off manage – modify quantity at your discern guidelines. Bass and treble manage located on the side of essential speaker.
  • traditional timber finish – high excellent mdf wooden build finished with timber effect vinyl serves as a notable compliment to any home decor.
  • 2 yr guarantee – assured excessive satisfactory and reliability with trouble-free components and labor guarantee for two years in u. S. A. And canada.

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  • how is the bass with these audio system? Maximum of my song would not require much, but i do like the occasional gangster rap album.
  • i have to mention i used to be without a doubt surprised at how lots bass these speakers positioned out. I am not into rap so i cannot comment on that. I genuinely had no idea that speakers this small could put out bass the way that those do. See less

  • does the the front plate come off?
  • question: does the the front plate come off? Solution: there’s a photo showing that the front plate comes off. Through jacob on january 22, 2018 did not get answers. See more solutions (three) collapse all answers

  • will they paintings well as television/domestic theater audio system?
  • they might. Those speakers receive rca inputs (the spherical crimson and white connecrors) , so so long as your television or device outputs to an rca connection, you can use those speakers. Additionally they include a 3. 5mm adapter so that you ought to join a mobile telephone, tablet, computer or similar device. In case you have already got a stereo gadget and are searching out audio system for it, these aren’t the satisfactory alternative. Those audio system have a constructed in amp, and the proper speaker doesn’t be given standard speaker connections as input. See less

  • are these speakers bluetooth?
  • question: are these audio system bluetooth? Solution: those aren’t bluetooth brush aside the solution underneath that says that these are by means of muzixplorer on february nine, 2021 failed to get solutions. See more solutions (10) disintegrate all answers

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    6.9, x, 9.5, x, 5.8, inches

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    10.8, pounds



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    1, Unknown, batteries, required., (included)

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    October, 15, 2015



    2 reviews for Edifier r1280t powered bookshelf speakers – 2. Zero stereo lively close to subject monitors – studio monitor speaker – wooden enclosure – forty two watts rms

    1. DJmaxx

      I have enjoyed good music in my 70 years on earth. I started like many others, when I was a young teenager with the Stones, Beatles and The Who. My mind was treated to new audio sensations when I started listening to Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues and the like. I have NEVER stopped enjoying music. I appreciate many styles of music from Classical, New Age, Piano Solos to Classic Rock, Hard Rock and screaming guitar solos and heart trobbing drum beats (AC/DC) You can’t begin to enjoy the nuances of these songs without the proper equipment. Over the years I have gone thru the 33 1/3 era, buying many different turntables & cartridges, looking for the perfect comgination for that just right sound. Then came Audio Cassettes, then Mini-Discs, then CDs, now MP3s, each getting better & better. Of coarse my bank account got smaller and smaller as I insisted on having the best quality I could afford. I always updated my entire sound system so it kept up with the new technology. Not the most expensive but good enough. I ran a small Mobile DJ business for 15 years back in the 80’s I carried about 500 lbs of the biggest and baddest sound system I could get. My client reviews always came out with high marks cause the sound system kicked ass. What does all this babble have to do with these speakers that I have never heard of in my life? Well…. THEY KICK ASS!!! I was setting up an exersise gym in my livingroom (Wierd?) and wanted some self powered bookshelf speakers to listen to a few tunes while I used the new Nautilus Treadmill. I came across the Edifiers R1280T’s and started reading the reviews and was slightly dissapointed with some of the negative reviews. BUT…. there were plenty of satisfied customers to convince me to order them. I set them up on a piece of furniture with my 32″ Visio TV & trusty Tivo. I plugged in a few wires & cables turned on the TV, pulled up the concert on the Tivo of John Fogerty: The Long Road Home and it starts off with “Playing in a Traveling Band” I cranked those speakers up so loud I thought they were going to melt. The bass notes were clean and solid. the specs on these speakers say 75 to 18k frequency response but It sounds like a much bigger range than that. The vocals are clear, the guitar breaks will give you chills. The audience cheering makes you think you are there. It almost makes me want to smoke some of that wacky stuff. When finished I logged on to Pandora music streaming to the “New Age Piano Solo” channel and lowered the volume down to a whisper. Beautiful, Beautiful clean full music!! These Edifiers are the best bookshelf size speakers I have ever owned!! I am really impressed. I wish everyone could come over to my house and I’ll put on a thrilling rock party for you. (even at 70 I still get the itch for a party) Next test, I’m gonna plug in my Samsung Galaxy S7e and crank it up on a song by Golden Earring: “Radar Love” and let it work it’s way thru the other 1000+ songs. It works great on Smart Phones Tablets & Laptops. I am very pleased with these speakers. I wish you could hear what I hear. You can!! GO BUY YOUR OWN. PLAY IT LOUD and ENJOY! Hope this helped. Read more

    2. Evets Ikcerohop

      Edifier speakers… Who the heck are they and why don’t more people know about them? Let me start by saying that I purchased these as a hold over until I could justify tube amps and quality passive bookshelf speakers (Okay, I really mean wives approval) but these make me question even going down that road. I was pleasantly surprised by the faithful sound reproduction, I mean I really wasn’t expecting such full and rich sound from a $99 pair of speakers. I was so happy with them that I thought to myself that if the smaller R1280T is this good, what does the R1700BT sound like? Short answer… about the same but brighter. Yes it may reproduce lows better at lower volumes but I assure you that at 50-100% power it’s hardly a noticeable difference and I prefer the warmer natural tweeter in the R1280T over it’s more expensive big brother. I personally will be sending the R1700BT’s back because the set I received is having some issues with the power switch. The R1700BT does have bluetooth and that alone can justify the additional cost, but you are also getting a larger amp as well making it a solid purchase. The looks of the R1700BT are modern compared to that of the R1280T being retro in my opinion. The R1700BT Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers – Active Near-field Studio Monitors – Powered Speakers 2.0 Setup Wooden Enclosure – 66w RMS is a great speaker with bluetooth, more power and a great price. But for me it was not the softer more natural sounding performer that the R1280T is. I did test these on my TV as well… Let me tell you that if you have a sound bar like I do (or should I say did), you have no idea of what you are missing. The money I spent on sound bars looking for the cleanest and easiest way to improve TV sound, I could have that tube amp set up a couple times over. However; it is kind of a pain since your TV remote cannot be programed to control the speakers, but if your TV has variable audio out you are golden! I like them so much I’ll be ordering another set of these (R1280T’s) for my TV. I took some photos of the two side by side as there is really not much difference in size. The R1700BT was basically the same height and width but with a sloped front that brings the base out a bit further. IMO, unnecessarily extending the depth. Either speaker is a winner in my opinion! Set up: U-turn Orbit Special Turntable w/built-in preamp and these Edifier R1280T Powered speakers… End of set up, and I love it! Read more

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