Edifier r1280dbs lively bluetooth bookshelf speakers – optical enter – 2. Zero wireless studio display speaker – 42w rms with subwoofer line out – wooden grain

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  • bluetooth five. 0 – pair the speaker along with your telephone, tablet, mac, or computer to play music wirelessly, no need to cope with messy wires.
  • sub out and choose/coax inputs – subwoofer output with automatic detection and integrated crossover. Optical and coaxial inputs to make sure a lossless connection to tvs and computer systems.
  • distortion-free sound – fill your room with beautiful sound with its 42w non-stop undistorted energy, 13mm silk dome tweeter unit, and 4-inch sub-woofer unit. Enhance your list enjoy with soundfield spatializer.
  • up to date remote manipulate – wi-fi far flung for clean control of volume, mute/unmute, transfer to choose/coax mode, line-in, and bluetooth modes. Bass, treble, and quantity manipulate placed on the side panel.
  • 2 yr warranty – guaranteed excessive quality and reliability with hassle-free elements and exertions warranty for two years in u. S. And canada.

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product description

get ready for crystal clean and distortion-free sound enjoy with edifier r1280dbs active bluetoothbookshelf speaker. Connect the speaker wirelessly for your cellphone, pill, and computer through the latest bluetooth era. You don’t have to address a tangled mess of cords. It designed to allow you to experience the studio-first-class sound for track, motion pictures, and movies.

the adjustable dials placed on the side of the speaker to control quantity, bass, and treble extra correctly.

• treble dial

• bass dial

• grasp quantity manipulate/enter selection

press: enter mode transfer (line in 1, line in 2, optical, coaxial, bluetooth)

press and preserve: energy on/off

press and preserve: disconnect bluetooth

in bluetooth mode

• strength indicator

pair the speaker wirelessly to your smartphone, pill, or computer via the contemporary bluetooth era, appropriate for ios, android, mac, or home windows devices.

a sub-out port for connecting a further active subwoofer. Optical and coaxial inputs make sure you may constantly revel in the lossless sound high-quality. Twin rca inputs for phone, television, dvd, and computer connection, guide connect two gadgets right now.

geared up with a wi-fi far off for clean manage of volume, mute/unmute, sound field extension, switch decide/coax mode, transfer line-in, and bluetooth mode.

the detachable mesh can correctly save you dirt input the speaker, or you may dispose of the mesh to clean the speaker with a dry material while wished.

classic mdf(medium-density fibreboard) wood end fits perfectly into your dwelling room, take a look at room, or workplace. It may also efficiently prevent resonance.

all cables protected for a fast connection.

  • speaker connecting cable
  • rca to rca audio cable
  • 3. 5 mm-rca audio cable
  • fiber optic audio cable
  • Package Dimensions

    17.04, x, 12.01, x, 7.4, inches

    Item Weight

    11.7, pounds





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    4 reviews for Edifier r1280dbs lively bluetooth bookshelf speakers – optical enter – 2. Zero wireless studio display speaker – 42w rms with subwoofer line out – wooden grain

    1. Don’t Stop Banana

      I got these as bookshelf speakers, and was happy with the features advertised. Pairing bluetooth was simple and drama-free. The speakers come with an assortment of cables which you may or may not need, which is always nice. I initially had them about 8 feet apart, on opposite ends of bookshelves and there were huge phasing problems. Everything sounded loud, but weak, especially vocals and everything in the midrange. Moving them closer improved the sound quality, and putting them on opposite ends of the same shelf, maybe 3 feet apart, seemed to be the sweet spot. Keep that in mind when looking at speakers, particularly nearfield monitors, which seem to be a lot more susceptible to issues with placement. I spent some time listening to a mix of vinyl through the Line-In jacks on the back (using my turntable’s built-in preamp) and then using the Bluetooth link for some Spotify. I ended up with the treble raised just a hair, and the bass up a bit more than that, I really enjoyed the overall sound. It’s not room-filling, and a few favorite parts of favorite songs that I could easily pick out on full-size speakers got lost in the mix on these, but that’s just me nit-picking. They’re fine speakers, especially for the price. At the end of the day, these make for a great upgrade from your typical bluetooth box. Any music lover who primarily listens through their phone or laptop speakers will enjoy the difference once they experience the sound coming through dedicated drivers. Read more

    2. Steve somewhere in the USA

      As other reviewers have stated, the sound is excellent for the money. So, here are a few tips for your first day with these speakers: 1) The Bluetooth light is on the upper left hand side of the front of the right speaker. At least I kept looking for the red power-on light to turn blue. 2) If you have multiple devices that you wish to connect with Bluetooth, try them all until one connects. In my case, my Android and apple phones did not initially connect, but my laptop connected immediately. After that, all devices connected flawlessly and quickly when activating the Bluetooth. 3) Only the right speaker is powered, so there is a speaker wire to connect from the right speaker to the left one. Unless you use this wire, the left channel will remain silent. Sounds obvious, but, when I think of Bluetooth I think wireless. 4) The bass and treble equalizers are very effective, and I find that putting each at the “+4” setting give the needed bass punch and treble clarity I prefer, without muddling the midranges. Pretty good for a $140 speaker. 5) These work very well in confined spaces, such as an 8 x 12 room. If in a larger room, as others have mentioned, try to be close (between 4 and 10 feet away.) 6) Enjoy! Read more

    3. Bill2199

      The original plan I had for these speakers was to use in my living room as bluetooth speakers to stream music from my tablet via spotify. Then I learned from a friend that a wired connection always produces the very best sound. So with this knowledge I moved these into my bedroom where my computer is and I hooked them up with the analog wire. Then I purchased a new sound card that has a digital out and started using these wired to the computer with the digital output wire. Allow me to mention that as far as I can tell from my research this is the only model that Edifier makes that has a digital output, a coaxial output and a sub-out all in one model. That sold me on this model. I will be very frank in telling you that I was not completely blown away by these at first. The mids were excellent, the highs very good but the bass output just barely adequate. I was almost going to return these and give up on them because drums sounded like the banging of a cardboard box. There was an artificial sound to the drums that lacked warmth. So at a close friend’s urging I purchased a subwoofer and hooked it up to the sub output in the rear of the right speaker. It was at this point that all the cards aligned for me and these speakers soared in terms of sound reproduction. If you are looking for a very good budget subwoofer I recommend the Dayton SUB-800 which is 80 watts. Today I can’t imagine using any other set up on my computer then these speakers with a subwoofer. The cardboard drum sound is gone now that I have a subwoofer. My experience provided me with the very best sound that these speakers could deliver. Read more

    4. Ulysses Rivera

      I recently purchased a set of the 1700bt for desk top while I mixed. Fell in love with them! Was carting them back and forth to my other apartment at work so I could mix after work.At the Edifier price point, decided to try these to not damage the 1700s. Got them today. Simple hook up and options to add a sub if I chose too. Must say, volume is impressive! Nice clarity and low distortion at full volume. I play around with EDM music and these handle it GREAT. My 1700s do have the upper hand in sound quality as far as highs and some vocals, but these have some bass for their size! Again, these are not something Afrojack or Steve Aoki would have in their studios, but at $140 delivered to your door, find me better ones! If I get a sub for them, I will probably get a call to the office for noise complaints! Read more

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