Dynasty proaudio wsa-5tr (version 2) wi-fi subwoofer speaker package, five. 2g / five. 8ghz twin band selectable, overall 106 rf channel automobile switching (2021 model)

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  • make sure this suits by using getting into your model variety.
  • ✅[lossless audio & low interference] modern wireless audio technology that supports 5. 2 & five. 8ghz dual-band selectable virtual wi-fi with a sophisticated overall 106 rf channel vehicle selection, to avoid to avoid and reduce possibility of interference from the wireless networks routers, cell phone, storage doorways, r/cs, and other 2. 4g/5g wifi community devices for near lossless audio and offers excellent transmission stability
  • ✅[quick and easy installation] the wsa-5tr-v2 prevents you from ever wanting to worry approximately wires, it removes the problem of connecting the transmitter to any existing stereo, domestic theatre device or any audio supply. Providing you with the ability to place powered subwoofer/audio system in remote fine sounding place in your room and less cluttered. All you want is setup your powered subwoofer at its supposed region with near the strength outlet and also you`re equipped for playing the audio wirelessly.
  • ✅[high wireless transmission performance] using the wsa-5tr-v2 might be no delays between audio and the film, and provide faster, extra solid, better sound quality, latency reducing and much less visitors. It additionally transmit at operating stages for 100 ft in line of sight or 50 toes through partitions, ceilings, and flooring (audio transmission variety/signal excellent may be decreased based totally on environment).
  • ✅[premium audio output] offering the premium-first-class fashionable audio line level output digital layout with out audio compression (complete cd high-quality) for stereo audio packages operating.
  • ✅[wide transmission range] – as much as one hundred toes (30m) operational distance among transmitter and receiver (line of sight) with 24-bit 48khz full cd best high resolution/uncompressed audio.

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product description

bored with walking cables around doorways or hiding beneath carpet to connect your powered subwoofer to the receiver? Or having constrained alternatives on powered subwoofer (or active/powered audio system) placement due to cable length and factor region? The dynasty proaudio wsa-5tr-v2 with twin band as 5. 2 / five. 8ghz wi-fi generation reference to general sixty two channels vehicle selection from rf channel 5727~5848 (blue colour led with five. 8g mode) & 44 rf channel 5157~ 5243 (green colour led with five. 2g mode), to avoid and decrease opportunity of interference from the wi-fi networks routers, mobile smartphone, storage doors, r/cs, and different 2. 4g/5g wifi community gadgets. This wsa-5tr-v2 wi-fi transmitter/receiver kit is design for the powered subwoofers (or energetic/powered audio system), which is a wonderful tool for people who want to begin up their home theater sound gadget with clean setups. The wsa-5tr-v2 offering top rate-first-class audio for stereo audio packages operating inside the five. 2 / five. 8ghz bands, definitely join the transmitter module on your a/v processor, and the receiver on your powered subwoofer (or energetic audio system), the wireless connection assist dispose of cable management and save you unnecessary holes within the wall.

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6.65, x, 4.84, x, 2.56, inches

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14.4, ounces



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4.8, out, of, 5, stars, 34, ratings, 4.8, out, of, 5, stars

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September, 26, 2019



8 reviews for Dynasty proaudio wsa-5tr (version 2) wi-fi subwoofer speaker package, five. 2g / five. 8ghz twin band selectable, overall 106 rf channel automobile switching (2021 model)

  1. slmskrs

    I’ve had a problem with AC hum in my powered subwoofer, even when it was within a few feet of the receiver (subwoofer line out). The only time there is no hum when the subwoofer is on is when the receiver (source) is off (two different receivers, same problem). I recently moved the subwoofer it to under the stairway (wife hated looking at it, so out of site, out of wife’s mind….) and ran about a 20ft coaxial cable specifically to try to reduce/eliminate hum. No such luck (the cable has to run next to a number of power cords as well as romex in the walls and in the crawl space). I tried reversing polarity, using filters, etc., and no change. I thought about replacing the coax with an even higher shielding type, but it is a a big project to get down in the crawlspace to replace it, and regardless, it will still run past AC cords/lines. I was thinking that maybe the subwoofer was at fault and after finding no other options to resolve the hum, I was just about ready to go shopping for a replacement subwoofer. But since there are wireless speakers, I looked to see if there was a kit/adapter. This one seemed to be the best for my application, so I got it and plugged it in last night. PERFECT!!! Zero AC hum; dead silent; I don’t know it is on until a low bass note is sent to it. The signal goes through a cabinet door, through/past a sofa, and through a double-sheet-rocked wall. Straight line distance is 18-20ft (during testing the signal also went through a cabinet full of CDs). So, this saved me the cost and big-time hassle of replacing my coax cable (which probably wouldn’t have solved the problem), and buying a new subwoofer (which also most probably wouldn’t have solved my problem). If anything changes, I’ll update. But I’m a very happy camper after dealing with this for years (only use the subwoofer when listening to loud music/movies so the AC hum is drowned out). 🙂 Read more

  2. Michael Reid

    Took a while to get here but I think usps was at fault not the seller. Using the mono connection instructions doesn’t work. If your receiver has one output per subwoofer, connect a single rca cable to a Y rca connector then connect the 2 rca jacks to the transmitter. Connect the mono (white) output of the wireless receiver to one of the inputs of your subwoofer (if you have 2 doesn’t seem to matter which one you use). Sound is great and no lag or cracking noise so far. Read more

  3. Joey Bag a Donuts

    I was looking to relocate my subwoofer to a different area of my room only it was tethered by cables. Well this device changed everything for me. Set up was simple as they were already paired to each other. Now I have the ability to relocate my subwoofer without cable tethers and without loss of sound quality. All for less than $100. I am impressed and grateful. Read more

  4. rt

    Bought this kit and a SVS wireless soundpath kit. In the exact same setup I’ve found the SVS kit to be unreliable and often outputting a garbled signal to my subwoofer even with only a 6 feet distance between the transmitter and receiver. This kit works reliably and I haven’t had any trouble with it so far. I also think that operating in the 5ghz band makes for less latency which is always good. Audyssey software measured the subwoofer at ~3.5 meters further than it actually is, equating to ~10ms delay which seems really good to me. Read more

  5. Alex

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Was a bit skeptical but, pull the trigger. They work great, sound great. One is in a closet, dood closed and everything works cleanly.. great buy! Read more

  6. Haukur Haf

    I had some nasty humming/buzzing (or something) going on after hooking up an active SW to my AVR. Could have been poor quality cable or a ground loop somewhere in the system. I could have splurged some cash for a quality SW cable which would only possibly fix the problem, but instead I opted for this little device and got rid of the ugly cable altogether. Long story short, it worked like a charm right out of the box and of course the annoying buzzing/humming sound is gone. Read more

  7. Rob

    Added a subwoofer on the opposite side of the room and really didn’t want to run a wire over from the receiver. This little pair works perfectly, consistently, and just worked right out of the box. Plugged them in and that was that. Have not had any issues, no audio dropouts are need to reset/re-pair them – just always doing their thing flawlessly. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    I used this to pair a sub with Audioengine A2+ speakers. Setup was plug and play and was very simple and straightforward. As soon as I plugged in the included RCA cables and powered the units on, the sender and receiver units automatically paired within a few seconds. It was literally that simple. The wireless connection between speakers and sub is excellent – no lag, latency, or degradation in sound quality that I can tell. Compared to similar units on the market, these are a great value. I highly recommend this item! Read more

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