Definitive technology aw5500 outdoor speaker – 5 175 watts excessive overall performance constructed for extreme weather unmarried, white (necb)

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  • features the same extraordinary components used in definitive’s indoor speakers. Get fuller sound and deeper bass with this excessive performance speaker
  • looks splendid, sounds even better – the aw series is prepared with dt’s balanced double surround machine (bdss) drivers. This speaker has a 5. 25″ mid/woofer, a 1″ tweeter & a 5″ x eight” oval stress-driven low bass radiator for more correct sound duplicate
  • rock your patio, outside, or pool – no extra average sounding music. You’ll listen clear, excessive-definition sound throughout your open areas. With effective bass, low distortion and vast dispersion, don’t be afraid to pump up the quantity!
  • all-weather safety – the fully sealed polystone outside makes this speaker tough & long lasting so it is able to resist the cruelest weather situations. It is moisture resistant and wear resistant, making it an first rate choice for out of doors use
  • versatile mounting & placement – the galvanized steel mounting brackets (protected) provide you with 360-degree rotational flexibility for horizontal or vertical mounting. With limitless mounting & placement options, you can installation this speaker just about anywhere
  • a category aside – 25 years of steady innovation, relentless engineering, state-of-the-art audio generation, and iconic intelligent designs have made definitive one of the most relied on names in audio speakers and top class domestic enjoyment structures
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product description

the range of aw all-climate outdoor speaker makes use of specifically designed components that ensure extended durability with out compromising on hi-res audio. The aw5500 out of doors speaker geared up with definitive technology’s balanced double surround machine (bdss) driving force pressure-coupled to racetrack planar low bass radiator, gives a wide-bandwidth accurate frequency reaction, extensive dispersion, low distortion, and detail retrieval for clear, excessive-definition reproduction of vocals and units. Each speaker capabilities a completely sealed (air- and water-tight) design, aluminum grilles, and rugged polystone enclosure that permits it to be fully exposed to the factors and nonetheless reliably supply their indoor speaker sound great for years of outside listening entertainment. The protected galvanized steel mounting brackets provide 360-degree placement flexibility, and that they can also be eliminated for ease of positioning on a shelf or table in an outside place.


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6 reviews for Definitive technology aw5500 outdoor speaker – 5 175 watts excessive overall performance constructed for extreme weather unmarried, white (necb)

  1. Sony Fan

    Bought AW 5500 speakers through Amazon. Dead after 4 seasons.Contacted Definitive since they claim product comes with 5yr warranty. They kept on insisting me to disassemble the sealed speaker and figure out if the problem is with driver/tweeter or crossover. For an indoor speaker, this could be done easily. For an outdoor speaker, this meant the speaker wouldn’t be weatherproof after (plus way more work to disassemble). After a few back and forth correspondence, Definitive tells me that I bought the speaker through an unauthorized dealer and warranty does not apply. I bought it through Amazon. No way to tell easily who is an authorized dealer and who is not.AMAZON BUYERS BEWARE. DEFINITIVE WILL NOT HONOR THE WARRANTY IF YOU BUY THROUGH AN UNAUTHORIZED DEALER/SELLER. How to tell which seller is authorized and which not, I don’t know.WILL NOT BUY DEFINITIVE PRODUCTS HEREAFTER.Read more

  2. G.G.S.

    These speakers are actually built to handle the weather, unlike much of the cheaper competition. As well, the sound is impressive and neutral. Some of the complaints of blowing out speakers I believe are from people expecting too much and listening to bass-heavy music. For classical / jazz, these can’t be beat.Keep in mind there is only one speaker, not a pair. We didn’t understand that when ordering, but after examining the first one that arrived, felt it was worth the additional expense. We are already familiar with the brand in a home hi-fi application.I fully expect these speakers to last at least a decade, as other quality outdoor speakers we have purchased. The competing models we looked at, perhaps only a few years given our often foggy marine environment.Read more

  3. JimmySepulveda

    I found the best placement was to have the pair mounted horizontally (the radiator is on the ‘left’ side of each speaker, so tough to get a sweet spot mounted vertically) about a foot from the top ceiling. They are up against the house on my covered patio, about 12ftx23ft.Great definition and bass thus far, and I’ve yet to use them for more than 8 hours in total.They are being pushed, currently, by an Audioengine N22 amp, offering only 44W @ 4 ohms, and it’s plenty to cover the yard without driving it to max load.If you’re wavering between the AW6500 and these, I would give these a shot first unless you’re really trying to cover a lot of land.Fantastic value and good sound– save money vs. the AW6500, but spend it on these vs. some cheapies. You will not regret the decision.Read more

  4. simpletechdirect

    As a professional installer of A/V gear, I’ve experienced quite a few speakers. High end and consumer grade. This speakers have become my go to outdoor speakers for most any situation where the price permitts. I’ve also had the pleasure of replacing other blown outdoor speakers, some much more expensive, with these. Everytime, the customer is please and end up happier with these than the ones they had before.They sound, look, weather, etc., beautifully. The passive bass radiator, which is a bit of a tradition for Def Tech, really does make a surprising difference. I’ve replaced two sets, in two very different locations, of Bose Freespace outdoor speakers with these, which are $300 each I might add, and they sound cleaner, fuller, and last longer. I’ve just never been a fan of pushing a tiny single speaker to try to achieve full range response. Rather your going through fancy bose technology (AKA a plastic tube..) or not. I’ve also compared to some large elan’s (I forget the model). These were still better. Now, if you really want to go for it, get the 6500’s and you’ll be golden.If your looking for good full range outdoor speakers, these are the best bang for the buck that I’ve found.Read more

  5. timmy

    First off let me say, I am not a professional but I have spent most of my life having a passion for quality sound when it comes to music. I am very picky and hate when sound quality fails. I am still in the recommended break in period the manufacture says and Have not turned them up super loud maybe like 60% capacity. I also still have not set them up where I want them and they are just on each side of the receiver. These two speakers are freaking amazing!! The sound they put out is perfect. I wanted speakers that could handle any kind of music i through at them and wow they do. The highs, the lows, mids, and bass, they all hit perfect and it’s pretty mind blowing. Using them in my garage it’s about a 20×20 and couldn’t be happier.Read more

  6. getTheGoooods

    really good speaker mate. larger than expected (didnt really look at dimensions on product listing before buying so expectations were not very well premeditated)…very well balanced with good amount of base. i was a little skeptical of the passive woofer, but it does a great job. i have it mounted under the roof, 2 inches from the wall. speaker terminal are solid metal, easily accepted my 12 gauge wire. puts out better than the dual brand on amazon (at triple the cost though. not sure its triple as good? law of cost premium applies). id like to see these at around $130 to $150 to sleep more soundly at night, but who knows they might be worth it.using this wire:Cable Matters 12 AWG In-Wall Rated (CL2) Oxygen-Free Bare Copper Speaker Cable 100 Feetthis amp:Pioneer VSX-1131 7.2-Channel AV Receiver with MCACC built-in Bluetooth and Wi-FiRead more

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