Definitive generation cs-9060 center channel speaker integrated 8″ 150-watt powered subwoofer for domestic theater excessive overall performance premium sound first-class unmarried, black, version wide variety: keba-a

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  • the first-rate middle channel you have ever acknowledged – it is so desirable that you’ll overlook it’s miles just a center channel. Pair with the bp9000 tower collection speakers or the call for d7 speakers for a timber-matched rather immersive home theater surround sound gadget
  • sound that transcends the fame quo – functions bdss era drivers – 1″ aluminum dome tweeter & (2) four. Five” mid drivers that supply natural sound and flawlessly reproduce even the most disturbing audio content that sounds not anything however the pleasant
  • consists of an integrated 8″ 150w powered subwoofer that virtually stands out – enjoy deeper, more impactful bass & exquisite information even in case you don’t have a sub. Crystal clear highs & mids/lows is what you’ll hear without missing any notes
  • higher tonal balance – definitive’s proprietary shrewd bass manage enables enhance bass, which continues an average stability between the lows and the kids so that you get crystal clear sound
  • designed with inflexible standards for higher imaging – the definitely inert resonance-free cupboard help minimizes disturbances, supplying you with natural, clean and powerful sound
  • a category aside – 25 years of constant innovation, relentless engineering, today’s audio generation and iconic clever designs have made definitive one of the most relied on names in audio speakers and premium domestic enjoyment systems
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from the manufacturer

cs9060 high-overall performance middle channel speaker with integrated 8” powered sub

the cs9060 middle channel speaker promises colossal clarity and awareness to the vocal variety, as it should be reproducing even the most demanding audio content so you can revel in each detail of natural domestic theater. Aluminum dome tweeters, high-performance drivers, integrated powered subwoofer and shrewd bass control permit you to hear and sense every note because the artist intends. Timeless, minimalist layout. This is what obsession seems like.

  • there’s a pleasant line between loving sound and being passionate about it. Or so we’ve been told. Because when it comes to making things sound the absolute pleasant they could, we’ve a hard time believing that suitable sufficient is acceptable. Even greatness isn’t always enough. It must be flawless. Ideal. Uncompromising. We’re obsessed on superior audio inspired by minimalist layout. Together they become our inherent purpose in the entirety we create to make certain we deliver sound nothing less than the entirety it deserves. That is what obsession seems like.
  • cs9060 features

    the high-quality loudspeaker is one which reproduces stability between the very best highs all the way down to ground-shaking lows as as it should be as possible. The integrated powered subwoofer gives deeper, extra impactful bass from the middle channel speaker without the want to feature a separate subwoofer.

    shrewd bass control is our present day advancement that offers you the capacity to modulate deep bass up or down in degree at the same time as concurrently retaining mid-variety tonal balance.

    crystal clear highs deliver the maximum disturbing audio to lifestyles. Our tweeters play higher in frequency than what’s heard by using the human ear, creating an actual reproduction of sound as the artist intends in the studio or concert hall.

    bdss – balanced double surround system

    improves driving force excursion which results inside the selected driving force generating bass output usually associated with a larger driver, while preserving the stepped forward dispersion and midrange definition of a smaller driver.

    acoustically obvious grille

    enjoy the diffused beauty of the speaker layout without having to do away with a speaker grille to enjoy herbal, uncolored sound.

    absolutely inert, resonance-loose cabinet

    maximum pressure with strategically placed bracing improves imaging while decreasing resonance, further reinforcing our easy and effective sound.

    product description

    the cs9060 center channel speaker provides titanic clarity and cognizance to the vocal range, appropriately reproducing even the maximum demanding audio content so you can experience every detail of pure home theater. Aluminum dome tweeters, excessive-overall performance drivers, incorporated powered subwoofer and intelligent bass control allow you to listen and sense each notice as the artist intends. The inert, resonance-loose cupboard shape with acoustically obvious grilles offers natural, uncolored sound while not having to put off the speaker grille. Cs9060 functions a undying, minimalist design in an effort to effortlessly combination in with any decor, and it is able to be located atop any flat floor which include a stand, shelf or cupboard. Included rubber ft make sure the speaker stays in vicinity and does not scratch your furniture.



    8 reviews for Definitive generation cs-9060 center channel speaker integrated 8″ 150-watt powered subwoofer for domestic theater excessive overall performance premium sound first-class unmarried, black, version wide variety: keba-a

    1. jay

      Was watching this for several days at a really great open-box price, but recently purchased a open-box Polk S35 center which sounds good in my system and fits very nicely under my TV at a price even an open-box CS9060 can’t match, so I didn’t pull the trigger at first. However over time, I figured the price difference would not be significant if the CS9060 could improved my system’s overall sound quality. So I took the plunge and listening to the CS9060’s as my new center channel added a much better tonality balance with a deeper low frequency impact that compliment my Definitive Tech BP9040 main speakers. They really make the system shine by delivering the full range of center channel audio that even my larger main speakers don’t produce (because they don’t receive the same signal and neither would my sub) while retaining natural voice timber.Read more

    2. excitingtechnology

      I have the CS9040 and I wanted to upgrade to the CS9060 so I can have the ability to tune the base on my center channel just like I can with my BP9040 speakers. The center channel is a huge upgrade from the CS9040 and I did not expect that to be the case.I don’t understand how the twitter can sound better on the CS9060 than the CS9040 when they are the exact same size twitters on both speakers. In any case, these center channels are fantastic and they don’t even come close to competing with the Polk (same company different brands).Read more

    3. Gar-Wat

      Currently 60% through my Surround system upgrade. I am slowly replacing all my speakers with Def Techs. Fronts and centers done this year. Next will be the SR9080s for total tonal balance front and back. The CS9060 is a 100% improvement from the cheap Infinity Entra One series. I cannot be happier with the sound. The built in Sub is actually quite subtle. The Sub gives the dialogue a deeper richer sound. The voices and dialogue seem more natural. I am sure all competitive brands of Centers at this price range will sound just as good. What I wanted was tonal balance which can easily be found with same branded speakers. The look and design is top notch. This is just one sexy speaker in my opinion. Love the led ” D ” logo in the front.Read more

    4. Paul R. Mascovich

      I was using a Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 speaker until I purchased the 9060, along with DT Promonitor 1000 fronts, ProMonitor 800 surround, and SuperCube 2000 subwoofer. Although the ProCenter 1000 has a sweet and clear sound, I needed a more robust center for my moderately large family room. (the other speakers have been perfect for my needs; DT speakers output a surprisingly full sound for their size, and my wife appreciates their attractive and relatively small footprint.) Dialogue with the 9060 has been the best I have experienced, with no need for manual tweaking of the receiver’s equalizer as I have needed to do in the past. And adds a richness to music. I have increased volume of the 9060 for movies, and decreased it for music, as expected with any center. My Denon receiver has preselects, so one button press will call all the settings up for each listening purpose. Glad I went with the subwoofer in the 9060, even with my SuperCube — the two subs together even out the low bass, for a very smooth and pleasing result. I have had to fine tune the volume of both subs to match, and turn down their total volume, as expected to two subs. Can’t be happier with this choice!Read more

    5. Rhamnetin

      The CS9060 is an interesting piece of technology, being a center channel speaker paired with an 8″ powered subwoofer. When used with Definitive Technology’s matching BP9000 series tower speakers, the end result is a stellar sound setup particularly for home theater use. This center provides very clear dialogue and isn’t missing as many lower octaves compared to other centers.Note the price fluctuates a lot, so buy when it’s low.Read more

    6. FAMAzon

      Sound quality is as expected from Definitive Technology. Only a couple of weeks use, but blows my DT ProCenter 100 away.The adjustable volume for the built in sub is a plus. The depth that it provides is awesome. Glad I caught it on sale.Read more

    7. Toshiro Tomida

      I bought CS-9060 as a matching center channel for my 5.1ch system with Definitive Mythos ST-Ls and Polk Lsi-15s as front and surround speakers. However, the mid to high sound of CS-9060 didn’t match as expected. The mid and high of Mythos ST-l has much more clarity and air than CS-9060. They are in different leagues. I felt CS-9060’s mid and high was a little bit muddy when listening to voice, even though I tried to improve it by adjusting low frequency volume. Overall sound quality may be OK in this price range, but only three stars at most.Read more

    8. ErikaLynn

      i have had this center channel speaker for a bit now and have enjoyed it. It is easy to set up with provided instructions. It is a big unit so you will need to have the space for it. Previous center channel was in ceiling, this was a huge improvement. Has provided clear sound for movies and music.Read more

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