Dayton audio sub-800 8″ 80 watt powered subwoofer

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$129.99 $104.95

  • downward-firing flared port layout for smooth, powerful bass
  • selectable “vehicle-on” mode
  • heavy duty lengthy-throw eight” woofer
  • perfect for small domestic theaters or listening rooms
  • unobtrusive textured black vinyl end

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product description

the dayton audio sub-800 8″ powered subwoofer machine is the precise addition to any domestic theater device. This powered sub functions a backside-firing, flared port, bass reflex design for reduced port noise and elevated bass reaction. It also makes use of an extended-throw eight” woofer and up to 80 watts of residence-shaking power. The amplifier functions high and coffee stage inputs and excessive degree outputs, a section transfer, unbiased extent manipulate, an automobile on/off switch (activated by way of an enter signal) and a variable 12 db electronic low skip filter out. This compact sub is completed in an unobtrusive black vinyl with a purpose to complement any decor.

Product Dimensions

14.4, x, 12.2, x, 12.8, inches

Item Weight

23.1, pounds


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4.8, out, of, 5, stars, 124, ratings, 4.8, out, of, 5, stars

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#31, 055, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #57, in, Home, Audio, Subwoofers

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November, 5, 2011

8 reviews for Dayton audio sub-800 8″ 80 watt powered subwoofer

  1. Amazon Customer

    I may be an old man, but I still enjoy listening to music.—everything from classical to jazz. I do not consider myself an audiophile, but I want good sound… pure bass…clear full mid-range and plenty of sharp treble. I’m a ninety-three year old Electronic Engineer and have always been interested in what we used to refer to as “high fidelity “sound. However, since my beautiful wife of sixty-five years passed away I spend most of my time in the office writing. I decided to put a pair of Edifier R1280T speakers on one computer to listen to music while writing. The speakers perform great…clean full range sound, but lacked the “booming bass” I love when listening to some of my jazz. I began researching subwoofers for months before deciding on the Dayton Audio-Sub 800 8” 80 watt subwoofer… Wow! When I finally got my speaker system equalized and the subwoofer “dialed-in” to my 12’ x 14’ office with a 10’ ceiling, I was more than satisfied with the purchase of the subwoofer. It is capable of filling a room twice the size. — Excellent quality, excellent sound, no distortion or rattling at high volume. If you are looking to upgrade your sound, and add more bass, be sure and consider this Dayton sivwoofer. Read more

  2. Stephen

    I hate writing reviews but this sub is too good. Had it for over 2 years it has moved crossed country and overseases still kickin them low frequencies like a boss. Very tight response. Listening to sleep on this thing is a testament to that. Easy setup and able to sculpt your lower end to your liking with the gain and crossover. Looks hella sexy anywhere you put it too. And the price OMG lie about to your friends the WILL believe it. Best in the price range PERIOD. Will open up a new world of sound! none of that distorted tinny stuff, Im talking THICCC bass boi. Read more

  3. Johnny B Good

    Stop. Just buy this for 100 bones and save for a sweet dac or buy something sweet with all the money you saved by not buying that SVS sub your looking at costing 10 times more. You could Just buy 3 of these and it would be better than the svs. Great value! Greater sound! Never thought 8 inches would be enough 😉 it pounds Read more

  4. Alex

    Best of its Class. Outstanding sound! I researched online for an affordable unit to get even more bass to my Zbox SB500 sound bar so i decided to research a subwofer and found the Dayton Audio SUB-800 8-Inch 80 Watt Powered for $99.95 so i added it. Once hooked it to the TV headphone with the wire that came from the soundbar, set Gain and Crossover at 3/4 you won’t believe these two units combined how great music or movie listening experience you get, very satisfied and at 3/4 of Sono’s price. Pro: sound. Cons: does not come with a Basics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable. No remote control that you can use. As for the Zbox SB500 sound bar I was amazed by the quality of the sound. The price so much affordable than the Sono’s option, so i decided to give it a try. Once at home I installed it on top of the TV and the sound is incredible. Volume TV at 8, and Blue Ray or Netflix at 11. The bass is incredible. For best sound quality I set up accuvoice at sd3, output leveling at noOL, bass 3. Treble HI 2, surround to sd 3. Sound is Crystal clear, bass is outstanding, beyond expectations. 3D sound is a plus, can hear sounds with this bar I did not hear with my previous sound system when watching the same movies You wont be dissapointed. You yube videos is like being at the concert. Try these units, and watch movies in Netflix. Sound is Great! Your living Room will never be the same! Read more

  5. heyitsmike

    The Dayton SUB-800/1000/1200/1500 line is hands down the best value on the market. Don’t get one of the Polk or Yamaha subs on the Amazon top sellers list, get one of these. I went with the 8″ model because I live in an upstairs apartment and don’t want to disturb my neighbors. I bought two in order to achieve a more even response and to eliminate dead spots without having to increase the gain. Read more

  6. Jonathan F.

    This is probably the best value sub. If you can afford 300$+ get something else, but you probably wont be dissapointed. I use this in the home studio and it does the job. It rattles a little bit if you turn it way up, and the sound is a little muddy at high volume. But it vibrates the floor and my chair and sounds great at 3/4 volume. I highly recommend at 100$ Read more

  7. A piano teacher

    This speaker doesn’t just have the NAME subwoofer, it really does the job. It gives the lowest couple of octaves without messing up the mid-bass. Of course if you want to adjust the controls incorrectly, that’s your privilege. I don’t want loud stadium effects, for that I assume the next highest model would be better (and the bargain satellites I bought of this same brand are unbelievably good as well). Read more

  8. Rob-o

    Superb budget sub. Here’s what I found out tinkering, maybe this will help someone. I have a 5.1 all analog receiver from 1998. Speakers are Polk Monitor 60 SII w/Polk R300 as surrounds. The RCA subwoofer out is not LFE on this receiver (or, I’m stupid). I tried it with one RCA to the proper input on the sub. -sounded fine -power switch set to “auto,” unit wouldn’t power on at low volumes. Tried it with High Level speaker inputs, main speakers hooked to sub outputs -unit powered on at low volume with power switch set to “auto” -sub sounded fine, main speakers sounded weird Tried high level speaker inputs to sub, main speakers wired from receiver -Best sound for everything. EDIT: I tried Y cabling with one RCA Subwoofer Out from receiver to TWO RCA in on subwoofer. Auto on works flawlessly at low volume. I believe the sound is a bit better from high level speaker input to sub. I wired the mains on A and sub on B on a vintage Pioneer SA-1050 integrated amp. Music from all sources was WOW. My subjective recommendation from a pile of budget/old stuff is, use the high level inputs for best results. Read more

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