Dayton audio sub-1500 15″ one hundred fifty watt powered subwoofer

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  • sizable 15″ heavy-duty, long-throw woofer
  • 150w amplifier with selectable vehicle-on feature for fulfilling energy
  • downward-firing flared port layout for easy, powerful bass
  • best for massive domestic theater rooms
  • unobtrusive texture black vinyl finish cupboard with removable grill

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product description

for people who like to show it up! The dayton audio sub-1500 15″ powered subwoofer offers huge, room-shaking bass in any room, even massive home theaters. The 15″ driving force and 150 watts of strength achieve lovely low-stop impact and excellent manipulate. The best cost in bass!

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21.6, x, 20.7, x, 21.6, inches

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60, pounds


Dayton, Audio



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4.6, out, of, 5, stars, 107, ratings, 4.6, out, of, 5, stars

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#52, 733, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #102, in, Home, Audio, Subwoofers

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October, 18, 2013

8 reviews for Dayton audio sub-1500 15″ one hundred fifty watt powered subwoofer

  1. Chris DIYer

    Okay, waited several weeks for this 15″ SUB-1500 to get broke in. Really didn’t need much time. Anyway, I own THREE of their SUB-1000 10″ powered subs. I had one of those in my garage/studio/mancave. Just didn’t have enough power and sounded overworked. It actually sounds “upset” when working the lowest freqs. The overall personality of the 10″ sub is “punchy” but not huffy (thank goodness). So, went with the 15″ SUB-1500. Holy Moses…what a step-up in sound! Not only louder, lower, and more powerful…it’s personality is “I got this…don’t worry”. The sound of this 15″ sounds clean with EFFORTLESS low frequency reproduction. No note is left untouched…even the lowest “rumbles”. Compared to the 10″ this 15″ is like going from a 1/2 ton truck to a 3/4 ton truck. I have not had it up to full power (yet) but, loud enough to rattle everything in the garage. These are NOT the highest end 15″ subs, but provide some SERIOUS bang for the buck. Very happy with the upgrade. I am using the “spare” 10″ sub in my living room (now with dual Dayton Audio 10″ powered subs) on my main A/V system. Not bad with dual 10″ subs, but dam…the 15″ sounds so much better and goes lower. Update: Woofer started making popping and clicking sounds. Took it out and hooked up to another amplifier. Yep, it was blown. Replaced the speaker with a new 15″ subwoofer and then the plate amp smoked. Thankfully, it didn’t blow the new 15″ woofer. So, made it a “passive” system with an external amplifier. Added some sound deadening material inside the box too while I was in there…much better. Overall, this SUB-1500 didn’t last very long before dying. But, all was not lost…the cabinet enclosure is built well…tuning is excellent. The new higher performance 15″ subwoofer works excellent in the cabinet. You need to add about 6-8″ of height under these bottom firing boxes to get any serious bass out of them. I bought some of those $5 plastic bed risers from Walmart and now the bass is airy and MUCH better. So, spent about $200 modding this Dayton Audio SUB-1500 when the speaker and amplifier croaked just over a year. But, what I got now is 1,000x better than what they put in it. Guess they want you to buy their crappy replacement plate amps and “upgrade” raw speakers when these powered subwoofer boxes FAIL. Read more

  2. Jason

    Like a few others have mentioned, if you think you’re getting some massive bass shaker here, you should probably move on. With that out of the way, it’s well worth the 200$ for filling in low end, and you just can’t beat the price point for what you get. Like others, I had to do some DIY to get it set as I wanted, had to tighten up screws on arrival (it was clacking and popping when I initially set it up). The bottom porting is not ideal, but it was easily rectified by a 6$ set of plastic bed risers, which also eliminated the last unwanted noise problem I had, the feet clicked on my tile floor. I have experienced no issues with the auto switch as some others have reported. For what it is, you’re not going to get a better deal. The 5 year warranty from parts express isn’t terrible either. It took a bit of fussing with the crossover and level to get it set the way I wanted, but I’m very pleased with the results, and I’d buy it again. If you’re looking for something that’ll shake walls, audiophile status, you’re looking at the wrong sub. If you just want to add presence to your system, a 15″ is great, and 150w is just enough to be felt without getting your guts shook and eyeballs rattled. Read more


    I’ve owned this sub for two years now and I can’t say enough good things. I was looking for big BIG boom for our living room and Jesus heart stopping Christ does this thing exceed expectations. I’ve tested this sub in a large open living room approximately 40x55ft and it shakes literally everything in the house. I’ve also tested it on my sales floor at work which is approximately 1500x1500ft. Still shook the front windows and lights but clearly not meant for such air displacement. The sub is a completely different level of bass experience. When we watch Transformers it very realistically “feels” like they’re in the living room. It’s a little on the muddy side of clarity. However, for the price I’m content with the trade off. It’s only a little muddy, so yeah. Heck of a deal of an earth shaker. Read more

  4. Christopher M. Goebel

    Sounds good for the TV. Tried it with audio for a while and meh… You can tune it for a specific album to sound pretty darn good, but I felt like I had to constantly fiddle with it for each different album to make it sound right. Read more

  5. matthew levesque

    totally lives up to other reviews. this thing gets loud! be aware you should do proper break in(low to mid volume for a week or so of listening) before turning it up. however right out the box it sounds good. i have a rather large living room. approx. 22×30 and only have it turned up about mid way. everything on my receiver is barely up +2db and this thing will shake the bedroom walls on the opposite side of the house. will work for music but as mentioned you need to adjust it per the album or music type for best audio. movies and tv though, shes perfect. i don’t recommend this for a smaller room/home. this thing is a 15″ sub, which means its heavy and has a large foot print! lastly, buy a quality rca/subwoofer cable. i got one of the recommended ones off here and it was approx. $30 but no wirring or buzzing noises, clean signal to the sub, etc. Read more

  6. Jeff woody

    You can Pay for a lot more expensive one and get the same results it’s a no brainer I would buy again Read more

  7. Ernman

    while this has mixed reviews, you cannot beat it for the money. unless you overdrive it, it has plenty of punch to fill a decent size room with punch you can feel. you would have to spend a lot more money to get a modicum of improved performance. while not a pro model, unless u are a dj and wanna rock the house down, a pair of these would work for any home theatre! Read more

  8. Phaedra

    Awesome sub addition to my home theater! I’ve got a ten inch powered sub behind my TV and I stuck this one behind my chair. Big size (it is a fifteen inch powered sub), but gigantic bass. It will shake your home! Read more

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