Dayton audio b652 6-half” 2-manner bookshelf speaker pair

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  • small size, profound overall performance!
  • 6-1/2″ woofer gives especially full, punchy bass output
  • readability and detail that are terrific in this price elegance
  • black ebony percent vinyl cupboard end for a easy, modern look
  • removable grill cloth

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product description

dayton audio’s b652 -way bookshelf speaker is best for workplaces, dorm rooms, apartments, or some other dwelling location. Measuring underneath 12-inch tall, those small but powerful audio system will by no means weigh down the decor in any room. The b652’s -way design capabilities a 6-1/2-inch polypropylene cone woofer and a five/eight-inch polycarbonate ferrofluid cooled dome tweeter to accurately reproduce audio from 70 to twenty,000 hz. Installation capabilities consist of short connect speaker terminals, key-hollow hanger and detachable grill. Those small, effective speakers make a super addition to any living space. Packaged and bought in pairs. Includes nine-half foot lengthy 20 awg speaker cables. Specs: ; woofer: 6-half-inch polypropylene ; tweeter: 5/eight-inch polycarbonate ferrofluid cooled ; energy managing: 40 watts rms/seventy five watts max ; impedance: 6 ohms ; frequency reaction: 70-20,000 hz ; sensitivity: 87 db 1w/1m ; dimensions: eleven-thirteen/sixteen-inch (h) x 7-1/16-inch (w) x 6-7/sixteen-inch (d) ; offered in pairs.

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6.4, x, 7.1, x, 11.8, inches

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10.43, pounds


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December, 12, 2009

7 reviews for Dayton audio b652 6-half” 2-manner bookshelf speaker pair

  1. Subjectively_Objective

    For less than it takes to feed a family of four at Mc’Donald’s you can have great sound! Audiophiles may not be happy at spending so little and there are certainly more spendy options out there but I felt that the sound space created by these speakers was superior considering the minor investment. Keep in mind what you have for an amp and audio source will definitely affect the overall experience so this is just one piece of the puzzle. Your mileage will vary depending on the quality of what is attached to the speakers. This is my second piece of a equipment from Dayton Audio and the other is a Bluetooth amp hooked to these speakers. For my shop where there are power tools running the pair works fine with my cell phone as long as I place the phone right next to the amp. I will have to experiment to see if I can hardwire as a source as the Bluetooth receiver seems to be the weak point in the system. But the speakers are well worth the money and also were delivered in under the projected time. Kudos to Dayton! Read more

  2. Owen Z.

    Never thought I’d be this excited to write a review for budget speakers. For background I’m a musician as well as recording engineer, I have a couple of systems for leisure and work/critical listening. I was looking for a pair of speakers for my garage, so I can enjoy some tunes while working. I have heard of Dayton before but wasn’t familiar with this model. Three design choices make this perfect for hanging on a wall: 1. They come pre-installed with hangers on the back. 2. They have a shallow depth, so they don’t protrude too much. 3. They are light, so they can work well with drywall anchors. Sound wise, I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of people say the highs sound harsh on these, which is not my experience. Out of the box the highs were slightly muted in my case. It could have something to do with the type of sound you are used to. The bass is slightly anemic but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I definitely don’t want a ton of bass coming out of my garage and spilling into the neighborhood. Overall I would describe the sound as unexciting but definitely not unpleasant. Fairly well balanced. Given the price, I would definitely buy these again, especially for a garage setup. Mine are fed by a Yamaha A780 receiver. Read more

  3. Cool Hwip

    I actually got these to see if they were good enough to replace some Klipsch bookshelf speakers, which I was never quite happy with. Upon first setup and listen, I was immediately satisfied. The 6.5″ drivers sound better in my living room theater than the Klipsch ones with 4″ .. helped the mid-range feel better, reducing the hyper-bright Klipsch sound. Read more

  4. Anthony

    Went with 6 plus their 3 way center and jbl sub for 7.1 DTS. Was looking for an inexpensive yet quality setup as my receiver wan given to me. These sound great. You got to push them just a little to get the sound out but they will deliver. I high wall mounted the 6 and mid center below the wall mounted 4k clearance $ Sony. Gaming and movies are transformed back to immersive environments with such a simple well built speaker providing directional sound at superb value. It does what it needs to without fault. As long as the time test last it will be money well saved! Packaged well and arrived quick. Popular for a reason. Thanks for great speakers Read more

  5. Alex Q

    These are nice little speakers for my gym. I was tired of just using the TV speakers and wanted a small upgrade. Trouble is, my Panasonic Viera plasma only has an optical out. I used this digital to analog converter and this 40W amp to run a signal out to these bookshelf speakers, and I’m very satisfied with the result. Sure they’re budget speakers, but for an unfinished basement gym, they’re plenty loud and crisp enough to hear dialogue clearly over the sound of me dying on the treadmill. The bass is good enough for my aggressive rock and rap songs when I’m lifting, too. They’re a little bigger than I was expecting, but still manageable. A nice little surprise is that they came with some pre-trimmed speaker wire, which helped me get set up instantly. I did go back and run my own wire after fussing with placement, but I appreciated the touch. There’s a keyhole on the back, and I just put some screws into studs and hung them off that. Simple, no-nonsense upgrade that makes gym time a lot more enjoyable. See attached photos for one wall of my gym with a speaker and another of my AV panel. Read more

  6. AdamRich1785

    I was looking for some garage speakers. I kept searching craigslist for something used but could find anything that was cheap enough. Looked at best buy, and wally world, and stumbled across these. i know nothing about speakers or radios, just knew i have an old surround sound receiver to power them. SO i looked at these. reviews were good, price was right, so i tried them and wow do they sound good. Whats the old saying “I dont always listed to AC/DC but when I do, so do the neighbors” LOL yep, these will have the whole block rocking if I turn them up enough. Highly impressed. Read more

  7. Christopher

    Been buying speakers for over 50 years.. starting with AR and KLH. While no AR or KLH, these work fine in lieu of overpriced tv ‘sound bars’. Pair with a cheap $25 lepy-type amp, and for less than $70 you have better sound than a $200 sound bar. Four stars as the tweeter really is a bit tinny. I decreased the treble quite a bit on my lepy vps-9. Also four stars, as while the woofer surround is rubber rather than disintegrating foam, I expect, from reading many other reports, It likely is pretty easy to fry the woofer voice coil. I keep the volume quite moderate… Read more

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