Bose soundlink revolve+ (collection ii) transportable bluetooth speaker – wireless waterproof speaker with long-lasting battery and manage, black

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  • greater sound all round—engineered to supply genuine 360° sound for consistent, uniform coverage from a bluetooth speaker. Soundlink revolve+ ii plays louder and deeper with longer battery lifestyles than soundlink revolve ii
  • improved battery existence — with as much as 17 hours from a chargeable lithium-ion battery, you get extra play time than the unique soundlink revolve+ speaker. Charging is simple thru the micro-b usb port
  • long lasting portable speaker—soundlink revolve+ ii is dust and waterproof (ip55 score), so it’ll rise up to splashes by using the pool. Plus, it’s smooth to grab and go, with a flexible cloth handle
  • integrated microphone — take calls and get entry to your tool’s default voice assistant right from the transportable speaker. Or connect the speaker to an amazon alexa-enabled device, like the echo dot, for even more hands-unfastened manipulate of your tune.
  • connecting is straightforward — voice prompts talk you via pairing your device to this bluetooth speaker. Multi-join helps you to pair gadgets at one time and without problems switch among them for complete control of the tune.
  • get greater with the app—easily control bluetooth connections, free up functions and get right of entry to destiny software updates through the bose join app
  • more music all round—pair two soundlink audio system together for party mode or stereo mode, or use bose simplesync technology to pair with a member of the bose clever own family to play in sync
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from the manufacturer

powerful overall performance, for any event.

residing room dance celebration? Puzzle party with your roommate? Craft night with the youngsters? Whatever you have planned (and anywhere you plan to do it), the bose soundlink revolve+ gives you the sound you want and the portability you need.

bose join app.

with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, the app lets you easily switch between bluetooth devices. Plus, it includes product hints to help you get even extra out of your speaker. In case you want to use stereo or celebration mode for multiple soundlink revolve speakers, you may use the app for that, too.

add more sound around the house.

use bose simplesync era to pair your soundlink speaker with a member of the bose clever home circle of relatives to play the equal track on the identical time. So that you can get the celebration started out and preserve the coolest times — and the tunes — rolling.

examine with bose machine


sound overall performance


water-resistant ip55

water resistance

waterproof ip55

as much as 17 hrs/rate

battery life

as much as 13 hrs/charge

siri/google assistan

voice prompts

bose connect app

stereo & birthday party mode


sound overall performance


water-resistant ip55

water resistance

water-resistant ipx4

as much as 17 hrs/fee

battery existence

up to 8 hrs/fee

siri/google assistan

voice activates

bose join app

stereo & celebration mode


sound performance

crisp, balanced

waterproof ip55

water resistance

water-resistant ipx7

as much as 17 hrs/fee

battery lifestyles

up to six hours/charge

siri/google assistan

voice activates

bose join app

stereo & party mode

what is the wireless range of soundlink revolve ii audio system?

the speakers have a wireless variety of up to nine m (30 ft). Performance may be suffering from limitations which includes walls, interference from wireless or other wi-fi gadgets.

what number of devices can pair with soundlink revolve ii speakers?

soundlink revolve ii audio system preserve tune of the remaining 8 gadgets that have been paired and related to them, dropping the least lately used tool when a brand new one is paired.

can i circulation tune (spotify, deezer and so forth.) from my laptop to the speaker?

yes, so long as your pc is enabled for bluetooth and is within 30 ft of the speaker.

what’s the battery overall performance of the soundlink revolve and revolve+ ii bluetooth speakers?

in traditional utilization, the soundlink revolve ii battery lasts up to thirteen hours and the soundlink revolve+ ii lasts up to 17 hours. Battery performance can range depending on the content material played and the volume at which it’s far performed.

what sort of audio assets am i able to use with the soundlink revolve ii audio system?

the audio connection alternatives for the soundlink revolve and revolve+ ii are bluetooth and 3. 5 mm stereo audio cable. Nfc also can help facilitate bluetooth pairing.

product description

the soundlink revolve+ ii is engineered to supply true 360° sound for consistent, uniform insurance. Place it inside the center of the room to present all of us the equal revel in. Or set it close to a wall and sound will radiate and replicate around the room, immersing you in that same feeling you felt at your preferred display. The tapered cylindrical shape and flexible material take care of make this bluetooth speaker easy to seize and go. Its durable aluminum body presents fear-loose safety, and its water- and dust-resistant design (ip55 rating) helps you to maintain the party going, although it receives splashed through the pool. The rechargeable, lithium-ion battery performs as much as 17 hours — for complete-day listening. Voice activates talk you via wi-fi bluetooth pairing, and you may without difficulty take calls with the integrated speakerphone. You may even access your tool’s default voice assistant right out of your speaker. Connect the speaker to an amazon alexa-enabled device, just like the echo dot, for even more control. Pair two soundlink revolve speakers in birthday party mode for more overall performance. Attempt stereo mode where gadgets and vocals will clearly separate and spread throughout an immersive soundstage — making your music sound and feel as you realize it need to. Bose simplesync generation lets you pair the bluetooth speaker with a member of the bose smart circle of relatives to play in sync. The bose connect app helps you manage your devices, liberate capabilities, and get right of entry to destiny updates. You may easily fee the speaker via micro-b usb port. And the auxiliary input permits you to connect to other audio assets. This cell speaker is available in triple black or luxe silver. Protected: soundlink revolve+ ii bluetooth speaker; usb cable; wall charger.


Black, Silver

8 reviews for Bose soundlink revolve+ (collection ii) transportable bluetooth speaker – wireless waterproof speaker with long-lasting battery and manage, black

  1. Tim Hayes

    Hell yes! I mean Hell yes!.. Definitely “wows” you!! This little thing is totally awesome. Sound is exceptional period! Anyone questioning the base is out of line. The music quality is spot on! I see no need to change anything, Bose has it !! Pricey perhaps but it sure does fill the air with quality music!! Read more

  2. E2momma

    My husband has one for his office and loved it . Our boys have managed to hijack or outside music devices so we needed something to stream music outside by pool. Bose was the first choice . Went with the water resistant Soundlink Revolve 2 . Great sound – perfect for pool jams , and easily transported anywhere in house or elsewhere . Awesome purchase 🔥 Read more

  3. Kevin Wang

    I was Amazed how good this sounds! Bose just kicks _SS with all its products! Not cheep but when you buy cheep expect it to sound Cheep as well. Read more

  4. Lloyd J. Vassell

    Amazing sounds in a compact case Read more

  5. Antoinette

    I was so proud the day I first bought a Bose system. I knew all of the craftsmanship and quality that stood behind that name. This isn’t your average Bluetooth speaker. It’s an entire sound system shrunk down to the size of a small vase. The sound quality is unmatched. You get 17 hours of play time. If you want to use this outside, it’s waterproof. It’s easy to charge and even has a handle for portability. It doesn’t get much better than Bose. I HIGHLY recommend this speaker. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this review. I hope the information that I’ve provided helps make your decision a little easier. Read more

  6. Michael

    This is amazing. I regularly have been using this in my backyard as a portable speaker in my firepit and hot tub area and the fully 360 degree sound is amazing. Most speakers have an issue, where as you get further away, the sound drifts off, but these fill the yard with sound in all directions. The connection process is instant and easy, and the deep bass of songs can be reproduced perfectly. I played this for a few nights and each time of 4 hours only removed about 15% of the battery life. I am extremely impressed by the battery life. The speaker has a strong handle that can be attached to a tree or something like that and the speaker is water resistant I believe. If you are looking for an amazing speaker to use outdoors regularly, this is the one for you! Read more

  7. Hairy Potter

    I really like this speaker. It packs a huge punch for such a small package. Bose has a history of producing premium quality audio products, and this device is no exception. I love the 360 degree audio that is produced by this system. Unlike traditional speakers that broadcast audio in fixed directions, no matter where you stand relative to the speaker, the audio is exactly the same. At even the highest volumes, the audio quality remains clear. This is the perfect speaker for times when 360 degree sound is desirable, such as outdoor gatherings, or when camping. A tripod can be fastened to the bottom of the speaker to lift the speaker higher from the ground, which should produce better audio in an outdoor setting. The device comes with the speaker, a USB to micro-B USB charge cord and adapter, and a manual. The manual is a quick-start manual; the complete manual is available on Bose’s website. There is a rope-type handle on the top making it easy to carry. The speaker is fairly small, measuring 7.5” tall and 4.13” across the base. On top of the speaker are buttons that control power, volume, Bluetooth input, and auxiliary input. There is also a multifunction button that does different things based on the current activity. When playing audio, it can mute, or skip to the next or previous track. If a mobile phone is connected, the multifunction button can perform functions such as activating the phone’s voice commands or answering or cancelling a call. The speaker also functions as a speakerphone. The speaker can be used while charging. While I have not tested the battery life, the manufacturer says that a 17 hour life can be expected at an average listening volume. The recharge time is up to 4 hours using the supplied cord and adapter. The battery can also be recharged from portable power supplies or from a PC. There is an optional charge base that can be purchased that avoids having to plug in a charge cord. The speaker works either by receiving a broadcast from a Bluetooth connected device, or by using a 3.5mm input cord. There are no WiFi capabilities. The Bluetooth device must remain within 30 feet of the speaker for a signal to be received. Connecting to the speaker is easy. Simply turn the speaker on and then select the speaker in your mobile device’s Bluetooth menu. Once connected, your mobile device’s audio will broadcast through the speaker. Multiple speakers, but not necessarily the same model, can be paired together to give a true stereo effect or to broadcast audio in a larger area. Many of the functions can be controlled from the Bose Connect app, although it is not necessary to have the app in order to operate the speaker. The main reason for downloading the app is to update the firmware of the speaker. This must be done through the app. I believe that every other feature, except changing the auto-off timer, can be done without the app. That said, the app does make it easier to access many of the features, since you do not need to press key combinations to change these settings. Read more

  8. A. O.

    The revolve+ is bigger than the revolve and has a hand handle. This handle makes it so much easier to carry around. They support only BT and does not support wifi. Does not matter since devices nowadays have BT and wifi capabilities. However, when it comes to high fidelity audio, it will work better with wifi than BT. Able to pair BT easily with the speaker. The revolve+ comes with a wall charger while the revolve does not. Using this wall charger does shorten the charging time. They are light and portable. Has a built-in lithium battery. The revolve+ is able to play for a longer time of 17 hrs vs the revolve at 13 hrs. I bought a generic charging cradle and able to use this to charge my Bose revolve+ and revolve. Liked the feature that it has a voice mentioning the device it is connected to and the current battery level status. Loved the 360 degree sound. Able to have 2 of these speakers BT paired to play the same music. If stereo mode is selected, one speaker will announce “left” and the other will announce “right”. Surprised that it is still using the micro-USB connector and not the newer USB-C connector. Found that it is able to connect to only 1 device. As an example, it is connected to my amazon echo DOT. Even though when this is not in use, I am unable to have my Samsung S10e phone connect to the speaker. I have to go to the alexa app and click on the “forget device”. After this is done, then I am able to use my phone to connect to the speaker. To me, the speaker is reasonably priced and offers good quality audio. Read more

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