Bose s1 pro portable bluetooth speaker gadget with battery, black

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  • large sound from a rugged speaker that goes wherein you do
  • this transportable bluetooth pa gadget is made for events, outdoor get-collectively, and all those times that deserve higher sound
  • wi-fi bluetooth pairing and inputs for a microphone or musical device along with a keyboard or guitar
  • integrated sensors and a couple of aiming positions for premiere sound in any nearly position
  • get up to 11 hours of play time with the rechargeable, lithium-ion battery
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from the producer

hero of the birthday party

you’ve were given the precise playlist, now make certain all of us hears it. That’s what the bose s1 pro device is for. This transportable bluetooth pa speaker is made for events, out of doors get-togethers and all the ones instances that deserve higher sound.

region and play.

like having an audio engineer right there with you, the s1 pro’s built-in sensors and a couple of aiming positions ensure you have got optimum sound in almost any position — whether or not it’s at the floor, on its side, tilted again, or elevated.

the bose connect app

access additional options and features like celebration mode, so that you can wirelessly flow audio to a second machine for even more sound.

product description

you spent a variety of time creating that ideal playlist, now make sure each person gets to pay attention it. The bose s1 pro machine is a mixture bluetooth speaker and versatile pa machine made for parties, out of doors get-together and all the ones instances that deserve better sound. Whether or not it’s streaming tune wirelessly, or plugging in a microphone, keyboard or guitar, the s1 pro is designed to be your go-everywhere track gadget for nearly any event. With rugged, light-weight substances, the s1 pro is designed to tour. A handy bring-take care of makes it clean to get to the birthday party, and after you’re there, permit the s1 seasoned make it look easy. Plug in the protected power cord and place it on the floor, on its aspect, tilted lower back, or expanded. The speaker unique multi-position design and integrated automobile eq automatically adjusts the system’s tone to ensure the tune usually sounds the manner it need to and that everybody can pay attention it. For the remaining freedom, the rechargeable battery offers you as much as eleven hours of play, so the s1 pro goes wherever the fun is going on. So while it’s your flip to convey the song, convey a pro. Convey the bose s1 seasoned.


S1 Pro, S1 Pro and Backpack

8 reviews for Bose s1 pro portable bluetooth speaker gadget with battery, black

  1. ChetDude

    I have owned Bose products and used them for gigs since the 1980s. I presently own a Bose L1 Mod 2 and an F1 along with two of these S1s. Bose has hit a massive, tape-measure Home Run with this product. The sound is awesome; Bose clear and crisp WITH bottom end. Produces plenty of sound for small to medium sized rooms. I’ve run them on battery for at least 4 hours with power to spare. I was practicing in my studio with a friend last week, 2 electric guitars, 2 voices, drum machine and was surprised when I realized that the F1 I thought was teamed with the S1s was MUTED. LOTS of sound volume and clean and clear response. One of these is truly wonderful. Two of them are Awesome! The Best sound I know of – and they fit easily into my 2 seat sports car with all the rest of the gear… Read more

  2. Andrea Polk

    The Bose S1 Bluetooth Speaker PA System is new for 2018 and offers an extremely versatile, lightweight and portable option for both work and play. Bose proprietary “Articulate Array” technology built into this self-powered speaker. Per Jesse at Bose: “Articulated” refers to the fact that the individual drivers… are angled slightly to the sides in an alternating pattern. Giving the widest listening area (nearly 180 degrees) and the most consistent tone. This Bose product can act as a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker or you can plug in a microphone and/or a musical instrument of your choice. The top of the speaker has a built-in handle that is both sturdy and good looking. The S1 can be angled up or laid on its side which allows users to tilt the speaker upwards for angled sound projection. There are three individual volume settings on the S1 for each channel. One for Bluetooth or Auxilary input, one for the Microphone input and one for the musical instrument input. Bluetooth pairing is a simple process that requires depressing a button on the S1 for two seconds so that it may be recognized by the Bluetooth device you are pairing with it. NOTE: You could also use two instruments or two microphones instead when using the non-Bluetooth/Aux inputs. Each of the non-Bluetooth/Aux inputs (XLR) has setting adjustments for Reverb, Bass, and Treble. Bose “ToneMatch” can be turned on or kept off with a toggle switch for each non-Bluetooth/Aux input. The tech will do an auto EQ thing to give the user the best possible audio output when using a microphone or a musical instrument. In a way, the S1 is like the Swiss Army Knife of the speaker world. Whatever your needs, this one pretty much has it covered. ————————————————————- What I like about the Bose S1… ☆ Bose quality and clarity at volumes that still thump! ☆ Easy to use. Pairing via Bluetooth was accomplished in less than 5 seconds with my iPhone. ☆ Lots of ways to use one device. As a PA, a practice amp, or as a primary music system. ☆ No need for the addition of a subwoofer as the sound is deep and rich. ☆ Would work great for a home or office setting. I was able to connect my projector to it via the Aux input and use it as the primary speaker for outdoor movie night. It would also be great as a PA for a fundraiser at a park. Or for business professionals who give presentations on the road. ☆ The S1 has an internal Lithium battery that charges and allows for cord-free usage. Not sure how long that battery lasts in a real-world setting where variances in volume and other variables are a factor, but Bose says “up to 11 hours” for the battery. Will update the review after more testing. ☆ Having 3-channel input is very useful and allows for pre-recorded (CD line-in or Bluetooth), voice (microphone) or musical instrument input. ☆ ToneMatch means very little adjustment is needed by the user to obtain the best possible audio output no matter what the input method or user experience level. This automatic EQ adjustment technology seems to work very well. I tested it with a Sennheiser microphone and my daughter’s Fender electric guitar. ☆ Via the Aux input, you could use a DJ mixing board with this PA system, a CD player or other wired (3.5mm) audio device. ☆ 2-year Limited Bose Warranty is included. ☆ Three 2 1/4″ drivers and a 6″ woofer inside the S1. ☆ Plenty of volume capabilities for indoor or outdoor venues. ☆ Wired (AC) or wireless operation of the S1 is possible. NOTE: The Lithium battery is installed under a plate in the bottom of the speaker. You have to use a small Philips head screwdriver to take out two screws, then reseat the battery to take it out of ‘Sleep’ mode. The product ships with the battery in this mode and if you do not use the speaker in 30 days, it goes back to sleep. ☆ Fantastic Bose sound quality no matter what the input. ————————————————– What I wish was better… ♦︎ The included instructions for the speaker and battery are in 10 different languages and very, very small. I wish they were simple and more ‘how to step-by-step’, but the operation of the S1 is really simple once you get past the visual clutter of the unhelpful user guide – so that helps. ♦︎ The rechargeable Lithium battery must be awakened to use it and there’s no indication in the included literature as to how long the speaker will operate on one full charge or how long that charge will take to accomplish before using the speaker. There are light indications on the speaker as to battery level, however. Despite these two things, I love this product and cannot imagine anyone else not loving it too! 👍 ————————– ————————————– Per Bose these are the setup directions: 1.) Choose your system orientation based on the application. 2.) Plug in the AC power cord or use battery 3.) Connect audio source. If using a guitar or microphone, set the ToneMatch switch to the appropriate setting. 4.) Turn the power on and turn up the volume controls. —————————————————————– It should be noted that there’s a way to use the built-in base to tilt the speaker and there are modes (not really explained in the directions, but on the Bose website) to get the best sound. 4 Positioning Modes include: 1. Elevated Surface Position the S1 Pro on a surface. This projects sound clearly and evenly throughout the audience, and ensures that audience members enjoy the full frequency range of the system. 2. Tilt-Back For performances where your audience is close to you, tilt the S1 Pro onto its back edge. For best results, the performer should stand or sit to one side of the loudspeaker to avoid blocking sound from the audience. 3. Monitor Mode To use the S1 Pro as a personal floor monitor, place it on the ground horizontally, in front of and pointing toward the performer. Tilt the loudspeaker onto its side edge. Rotate the Bose logo counterclockwise to match your chosen mode. 4. Speaker Stand Place one or two S1 Pro systems on speaker stands (sold separately) for general-purpose sound reinforcement. ————————————————————— Technical Summary per Bose Frequency Response (+/-3 dB) 62 Hz – 17 kHz Nominal Dispersion 120° H x 50° V Maximum SPL @ 1 m 103 dB (109 dB Peak) Weight 7.1 kg (15.7 lbs) —————————————————– ———————————————————- Read more

  3. Kevin McWheeley

    I bought this to use for small shows with less than 50 people. This speaker can accomplish that, but plugging it into the studio output mix and I realize that it’s as good as a ~$150 studio monitor with a 6” woofer at 4x the cost. So, for 4x the cost you get an extra input and battery portability. It also can mount on a speaker stand. Compared to others in the same category I’d give this the best “bang for the buck”, but choose carefully or your wife might be angry about how much bang this buck gets… Update: when I originally purchased this I didn’t really give the battery powered option much credit. Well, it’s proven pretty frickin sweet. I can take this speaker, a mic and stand, and play wherever, whenever I want. The reverb is pretty decent too when you’re just keeping the setup minimal. I run my acoustic with an xvive wireless guitar system and I only have ONE CABLE!! With two hands you can basically go anywhere and rock it pretty well. I run this as a Bluetooth speaker all the time, too. It’s pretty cool to throw some cornhole out in the yard and not need to run an extension cord out there. I’m still sticking with 4 stars. I expected the sound quality to be slightly better for the price tag. Read more

  4. sergio

    es engañoso el bajo deja de trabajar en cualquier momento , cambie la bocina dos veces y paso lo mismo no comprarla es lo mejor o usarla por 15 dias y dara el fallo. hace flitback con facilidad , si la usas de referencia en fin es un robo oara el precio que tienen , lohre tener dos y jamas se conectaro entre ellas tenian un delay de 1 segundo una de otra , bose fracasate en este intento recojanla y devuelvan el dinero Read more

  5. MD

    Awesome product combined with F1 Sub Read more

  6. Happyrider

    I own a pair of Bose L1 and a pair of JBL Eon, however I LOVE this S1 the MOST! It is simply amazing! The size, The built, the quality, everything is TOP NOTCH. I can literally go anywhere with this thing, and turn any place into a party. I am in LOVE with this thing! Read more

  7. gwilson1010

    This thing is amazing. I wondered if I would find it useful as a PA, but bought it to practice. Before long, though, I was using it in small venues. Put it on a stand, right behind you (for solo artists), and it works almost as well as a Bose L1 Compact. The L1 Compact definitely has superior bass response and volume, and the bass response on the S1 is so-so (it gets overwhelmed easily). But factor in the size, ease of use, addition of REVERB, and you’ve got a winner. Read more

  8. Delman

    Bought for Bluetooth access to music from my iPhone, but have also found this to be an excellent practice amp for bass guitar (Fender American Deluxe 5-String Jazz bass). The built-in EQ feature is amazing! Battery life is good with no hassle charging. Love this amp. Read more

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