Bose portable smart speaker — wi-fi bluetooth speaker with alexa voice control built-in, black

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  • all-in-one: the maximum versatile smart speaker from bose; a transportable bluetooth speaker, a home speaker, and a voice manage speaker with 360 stages of deep, clean, lifelike sound and effective bass
  • portability: take hold of the cope with and take this lightweight (simply over 2 lbs) speaker anywhere you go out of the residence, or pass it with you from room to room around the house
  • rugged and ready: this portable speaker has a durable design, battery life of up to 12 hours, and a water-resistant ipx4 score for all life’s drops, bumps, sprays, and splashes
  • bluetooth speaker: outdoor wireless range, use it as a portable bluetooth speaker and manage it with your cell smartphone or tablet to concentrate to whatever your tool can play
  • smart speaker: within wireless range, manage the speaker with your voice and use it as an amazon alexa speaker or your google assistant speaker to play included tune offerings like amazon track, spotify, and pandora
  • make or take calls: with alexa simplest, make or take calls from this transportable speaker to bose clever merchandise, amazon echo merchandise, and all of us for your contacts list. Palms loose, cellphone unfastened, and freed from fee.
  • like minded merchandise: this bluetooth speaker is part of the bose clever domestic family and works with different bose smart audio system and soundbars for a multi-room listening revel in
  • bose simplesync: use bose simplesync technology to pair a member of the bose smart family with a bose bluetooth or soundtouch speaker for synchronized song playback
  • award-prevailing layout: the bose portable clever speaker has taken domestic a red dot and an if layout award for its potential to behave as both a transportable and home speaker without compromising both enjoy.
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from the producer

greater tune — wherever you are.

residing room dance off? Outdoor camping? Patio birthday party? Anything (and anywhere) you have got deliberate, the bose portable smart speaker delivers the sound you need and portability you need to preserve the birthday party going — or take the party with you.

how do i manage the bose transportable smart speaker?

inside wi-fi range, you may control the speaker together with your voice (with out using your mobile device) or with the bose music app. Outside wi-fi range, you may control the speaker along with your cellular device via bluetooth.

what tune services can i use with the bose portable clever speaker?

you may play popular track offerings like amazon tune, spotify, and pandora anywhere you’ve got wireless. Everywhere else, you can use bluetooth to listen to some thing your cell cellphone or tablet can play. Apple customers can also use airplay 2.

how does the bose portable clever speaker compare to the bose domestic speaker three hundred and bose domestic speaker 500?

the portable home speaker is wireless and water resistant, at the same time as the house speaker 300 and 500 aren’t. The portable domestic speaker and the house speaker three hundred have similar acoustic performance, even as the house speaker 500 has even higher sound.

how does the bose transportable clever speaker evaluate to the bose soundlink revolve+?

each are bluetooth speakers, but only the portable clever speaker works via wireless, too. Handiest the portable home speaker has integrated voice assistants. The portable domestic speaker has a shorter battery lifestyles, however, but extra powerful sound.

am i able to make or take calls from the bose portable clever speaker?

yes. With alexa best, you can make or take calls to bose clever merchandise, amazon echo products, and every body to your contacts listing. To name products, both events ought to have this selection set up and be on wireless.

experience spacious 360 degree sound with powerful bass.

similar to our soundlink revolve and revolve+ speakers, the bose portable clever speaker is designed to radiate clear sound in all guidelines on the identical time — however it’s additionally engineered to percent a bigger punch, with deeper bass and extra electricity. Positioned the speaker inside the center of the party and every body can revel in the equal revel in. Or area it inside the nook of the room and the sound will feel adore it’s all round you.

they’re even higher all collectively.

the bose portable clever speaker is part of the new circle of relatives of bose smart speakers, which incorporates the bose domestic speaker 300, the bose domestic speaker 500, the bose soundbar 500, and the bose soundbar 700. Start with one and add greater anytime. Due to the fact nothing makes a home experience homier than every room packed with remarkable bose sound.

compare bose audio system

portable clever speaker

soundlink revolve +

home speaker three hundred

home speaker 500

product description

the bose portable clever speaker is our most versatile clever speaker. It’s a home speaker, a portable speaker, and a voice manage speaker, all in one. Across the house, you could circulate it from room to room and out of the house, you may take it with you anywhere you pass. Everywhere your wireless can reach, you may control the speaker with your voice and use it as an amazon alexa speaker or your google assistant speaker. You’ll have get admission to to all of the popular tune, internet radio stations, podcasts, and more from amazon tune, spotify, pandora, and greater. Outside wireless variety, you may manipulate the speaker along with your cellular smartphone or pill via bluetooth and listen to anything your device can play. The portable domestic speaker is designed to distribute audio in each course on the same time, so whether or not you put it within the middle of the celebration or the nook of the room, the sound will come from all round you. And every part of the speaker works in total harmony to supply deep, clear, lifelike sound, regardless of in which you play it, no matter what you concentrate to. The bose portable clever speaker is likewise engineered with multi-room functionality. Which means you can connect it to another bose clever speaker or sound bar you’ve got (like the bose domestic speaker 500) for a seamless audio revel in at some point of your private home. Concentrate to extraordinary songs in specific rooms, or one music in each room on the same time and get all of us singing alongside. Available in triple black or luxe silver. Included: bose portable smart speaker, electricity wire.


Luxe Silver, Triple Black


Speaker, Speaker + Speaker Charging Cradle

2 reviews for Bose portable smart speaker — wi-fi bluetooth speaker with alexa voice control built-in, black

  1. Dbal72

    I currently own a variety of portable speakers, hard wired speakers and a home theater system. I have always been a fan of BOSE for the sounddock systems and the portable battery powered Revolve +. Bose is known for over emphasized & artificially created soundstage. However, this in my opinion is a positive when it comes to small portable speakers. When the first BOSE sounddock came out years ago I was amazed at how big and full it sounded for it’s size. I have had a few generations of that one and now they have the Bose Soundtouch 10,20,30 series. I own the series 20 and have it at my office. Great smaller hardwired speaker. However, I wanted a portable speaker to take to the beach, pool, my garage, our back porch, yard, etc. The answer was the BOSE Revolve Plus. First time I powered it on I was amazed at the sound and bass for the little size. The battery lasts a long time and being splash proof was nice when we would take to our friends pool. With our growing family I find the revolver plus disappearing more so I was looking to purchase another. I waited a few weeks knowing BOSE was coming out with the newer version that was only slightly bigger, more powerful, deeper bass, WiFi AND now with Alexa and other app capability. I received it about a week ago and it was very easy to hook up to internet, update and run the BOSE app. No issues like some others have had. I really enjoy being able to run it on WiFi at home, but still be able to use Bluetooth if out and about. I think the Sonos app is better, but the Bose app is still ok and seems to get better with updates. (Been using the BOSE app a few years now) After charging, I set it side by side with Revolver plus to see if it was different enough or if I would be sending back for another Revolver plus. I could easily flip back and forth in my Spotify app to move the sound instantly from one back to the other over and over. Tried different genres of music from Country, to Hip Hop to Jazz to Rock. Definitely a warmer and more filling sound with the new BOSE Portable Home Speaker. Louder as well if needed. I thought the Revolver had great sound, but now it sounds a little flatter next to this one. The extra radiator gives a little more bass too which is nice. The size between the two is almost the same with the new Bose being a hair taller and wider and a tad heavier. I have a pic of both above side by side. I skipped the Sonos Move, not because of sound, but its size, weight and portability. No way are you throwing that speaker in a suitcase or car to travel. Much heavier and much bigger in size. The size of this speaker and grab handle make it excellent for taking anywhere with you. Add the built-in Alexa and you get a great speaker. Yes, it is a tad pricey. If you are considering the Revolve plus, spend the extra $50 for this one. You won’t be sorry. Overall I am very satisfied with this speaker. Very clear highs, “ok” mid-range and decent bass for the size. I also like you can adjust the bass and treble on this one where the Revolve you cannot. I currently own a Sonos Play 5, which I love and use in my family room. I also own a Sonos Beam for a center in the family room. Both are great for that room and I really like the Sonos app. I also have a Martin Logan theater system in the basement. This Bose is honestly not that far behind the Play 5 which is mind boggling. Just shows you what a great job BOSE can do with such a tiny footprint. To sum up, if you want a portable speaker that you can actually take with you easily to the beach, pool, yard, gym or anywhere, I don’t think this speaker will disappoint for the size, sound, Alexa capability and battery life. Well done BOSE! Read more

  2. Brian Barber

    I use to own the Bose soundlink revolve+ and I liked the sound from it but it was eventually beat out by the Zipp 2 mainly because of the Zipps ability to connect to WIFI and play radio internet stations through the feature rich app which had a type of EQ. the revolve has none of this and at the time I wished it did. The Zipp 2 was also superior in sound. I received the Bose Portable Home Speaker and setup was pretty straight forward. I long awaited Bose to offer a portable WIFI/Bluetooth speaker and now it is here. It works well with WIFI and Bluetooth. No early dropout. At first listen it wasn’t bad. It has more low end than the revolve+ but it seemed to leave the mids sounding a bit thin. I also noticed that there is a large boost around 85hZ that comes in and drops off sharply as music plays. I think this is due to the design of the passive radiators. There are 3 instead of 2 now. I think Bose are pushing the limit of what the speaker can do and it is a balancing act they usually win but this speaker is not the case. It is that resonating frequency that annoys me because it is so loud compared to all other frequencies. The only other issue I have is that even at low volume the music sounds over compressed sometimes. You usually don’t get this affect until higher volumes. It is also annoying and not like Bose to do that. I listen to everything from smooth jazz to hip hop although I prefer jazz so it has been tested with all types of music. For it’s size it is still amazing that it can produce the sound it does. I think a software update could fix these issues. On a good note the app works really well with the Bose Portable Home Speaker and even offers a Bass and Treble adjustment. Definitely a first for Bose. I am a sound engineer so you might not notice these flaws like I did and I know that this is not designed to be a reference speaker so I do not have those types of expectations I have simply owned almost all major brand Bluetooth speakers and many off brands at one time or another. So I know what to expect due to size, design, and price point. For a price of $349.99 this should be up there with the best sounding Bluetooth speakers on the market. Let’s hope Bose sends an update to remedy this. Update: 9/8/20 The Zipp 2 proved to be a great speaker until it would no longer connect to airplay. I ended up giving it to a friend after purchasing the Sonos Move. It has all the features as the above but sounded way better, and if you are familiar with the app it is pretty amazing and works seamlessly with many different music platforms. Search for Spotify, SiriusXM, Apple Music, Hulu, and title plus more off from the app using one search and it will give you results for each music service all in one. Anytime you move the Sonos Move, hence the name, it will use it seven different microphones to adjust The sound to your surroundings to give it the best possible sound no matter where you put it. It is quite amazing how flat and uncolored the sound is with only a little extra zest in the lower end. Compared to the Bose portable home speaker the cost is $499 but it also includes a halo shaped charger that is very slim and sits on a desk or table and all you do is simply set the Sonos Move in the dock and it will start charging. The Bose portable home speaker charging cradle was a separate cost and it was not included in the original purchase of the speaker itself. I was able to get 12 hours of battery life at a decent volume. Believe me this thing gets pretty loud so it can cover a party no problem whether it’s inside or out and maintains the superb sound that Sonos is famous for. I was able to get 12 hours of battery life at a decent volume. Believe me this thing gets pretty loud so it can cover a party no problem whether it’s inside or out and maintains the superb sound that Sonos is famous for. Read more

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