Bose bass module 700 – black- wi-fi, compact subwoofer

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  • this wireless, compact subwoofer is designed to be paired with the bose sound bar seven-hundred to deliver track, movies, and television to lifestyles with deep, dramatic bass. The surround audio system have a wi-fi range of 30 toes
  • a powerful motive force and generously sized port supply a dynamic range of rich, low notes so that you can experience the total impact of pulse pounding scenes and playlists
  • rock the house with out sacrificing clarity with quiet port technology that actually eliminates distortion
  • top class glass pinnacle end provides beauty to your private home theater setup
  • pair the bose sound bar seven-hundred and bose bass module seven hundred with bose surround speakers for a effective combination of thunderous bass and true surround sound. Bose bass module 700 also well suited with bose sound bar 500 and sound contact 300 sound bar
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from the producer

thunderous bass. Wi-fi connectivity.

it’s the distinction among listening to bass and feeling thunder. The bose bass module seven hundred promises the kind of wealthy, dynamic bass that influences everything from explosive movies to rocking playlists. Designed to complement the bose soundbar 700.

get cinema-like sound. At domestic.

for an excellent more immersive experience, pair the bose soundbar 700 and bose bass module seven hundred with the bose surround audio system to sense like you’re in the center of all the movement. They may be small — so small they combination in without taking up an excessive amount of space — but the sound is anything but. So that you can enjoy the entire, immersive surround sound of your private home leisure with out losing valuable room space.

product description

you do not want to just listen the bass, you need to experience the thunder. Designed as a supplement to the bose sound bar seven-hundred, the bose bass module seven hundred grants rich, resounding bass in a compact wi-fi subwoofer, so that you can sense the overall effect in every interesting moment of your tune, movies, and television. With its top rate glass-top end, the bose bass module seven hundred gives elegance you may not discover in standard subwoofers or home theater equipment. But the real beauty lies underneath the outdoors. This wireless subwoofer grants a dynamic range of resounding low notes from a effective motive force and generously sized port. You could actually feel the crushing footsteps of a t-rex on the display, or a coronary heart-pumping, beat-stomping refrain for your favorite song. Don’t be afraid to turn up the extent, either; quiet port generation sincerely eliminates distortion with out sacrificing readability. Need to kick up the performance of your sound bar and bass module a little bit greater? Simply add the bose surround speakers to the bose sound bar seven-hundred and bass module for full-on surround sound.


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7 reviews for Bose bass module 700 – black- wi-fi, compact subwoofer

  1. Alex Colson

    Please read my review on the Soundbar 700 for more details, but here’s a copy/paste of what I said about this AMAZING sub-woofer: About the sound module… Well i hated spending $700 for bass… $700,that’s a lot of money!!! But I am glad I did. It provides an immersive sound. It’s almost like it’s not there, but it is the REAL STAR of the show. I connected it and disconnected it several times to hear the difference. And I must say it is a MUST HAVE, if, like me, you are looking for “Movie Theater Sound”. It IS a lot of money, but take a loan out, it’s worth it. It makes the difference between “nice” and “Holy Cow what’s happening?” No dolby atmos well… Once you hear this, you won’t care! Read more

  2. R McHugh

    Let me update the review for this thing. This bass module is an absolute monster. Fortunately I did not have any of the problems that any of the one star reviews had. The app worked smooth. Still connects well. Sound quality is great as it emits an insane amount of bass; even when it’s calibrated to 0. When it’s at 100, it’s a lot so if you’re a renter or have wood floors, It will rattle and shake. Definitely recommend it. The sound bar gives out enough bass but if you need more bass or want the full power of the system, this is a great addition. Easy control with the Bose app for me, no complaints. Like most Bose products, it’s expensive. If you don’t believe me. Come over and I’ll show you what this system sounds like or should sound like. I also have the surround speakers. Go big or go home right? Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Does provide more bass but the soundbar 700 alone would be good enough for most people. More importantly and shockingly product serial numbers were unidentifiable by Bose. Read more

  4. harish386

    I am one of those guys who are little biased towards Bose products. But this base module definitely deserves 4 stars as it improves the experience if you have a SB 700 Soundbar. If you are not a bass head then Soundbar 700 will be good enough for you. Pros: Deep and clear bass It literally can bring the house down Quality build Wireless connectivity Cons: Bulky , weight 40 pounds Minimal setting available in Bose app Read more

  5. Defever3

    Take it from a bass head who loves some deep, tasty bass – this thing kicks out some of the cleanest-sounding bass I’ve ever heard. It’s not necessarily IN YOUR FACE RATTLE YOUR HOUSE bass (…but it definitely can be if you turn it all the way up… in which case, enjoy!) it’s natural sound profile is that it’s just sort of, like, there. It’s both subtle and substantial. You ‘feel’ it just as much as you hear it, which to me means you’re getting very clean lows. I think a lot of people’s perception of good/strong bass is a bit tainted because it usually correlates with everything around it rattling to hell and adding to the ‘bass’ noise. Not saying that’s bad per se, just that the sound coming from this thing is a lot of both the bass ‘feel’ and the bass sound, because it’s not distorted… It’s hard to describe, but it’s a great experience. It makes sense if you know the classic Bose sound profile from other Bose speakers which emphasizes crisp, clean sound. This is like that, but for bass. And it’s great. Wireless works great. Setup is a breeze. I paired this with Bose 700 soundbar and you have to go into the app, click the soundbar, go to settings, and then ‘add auxiliary speaker’ or something… It’s not added/set up in the app the same way as the sound bar was which is what I was expecting. I placed this in the corner of the living room, whereas the TV and sound bar are in the middle. I was worried it would be noticeable the bass was coming from the corner and it wouldn’t sound balanced in the room, but it didn’t make a difference to me. Because it’s such clean bass, and it’s felt just as much as it is heard, the directionality wasn’t a problem and it sounds fantastic. It just layers on this nice rich low-end to the already beautiful sound profile of the sound bar. The combination is magnificent. Build quality is fantastic, thing feels sturdy and robust. The glass and metal exterior is very clean looking. My wife said it sort of looks like a high-end trash can at first glance…? (we have the white one) I can’t say I totally disagree but I think it looks very nice and minimalist. It easily tucks under a side table or next to a couch or chair and out of sight anyways. Read more

  6. K. Gilmore

    Bass and Treble adjustments in app. sounds are clear and strong Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I debated for weeks thinking the bass module 500 would be enough for my smallish livingroom. Paired this with the soundbar 700 and 700 surround speakers. I haven’t heard the 500 module but I’m so glad I didn’t try to save a few bucks. My room is cement foundation with wood like flooring (no carpet). This is hard to explain but even at pleasant normal listening volumes you feel it. It isn’t overwhelming at all, it just adds something to the audio experience that I find pleasing to the ear. Music sounds great too. Capable of crazy high volumes to rock the house. Make sure to check out YouTube reviews and setup advice to see if your room will work well with soundbars. My room was less than perfect but still sounds fantastic. Read more

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