Bose 251 wall mount out of doors environmental audio system (white)

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  • take these speakers with you everywhere you need to have incredible sound pleasant
  • set them up by way of the pool, or at the workbench, or everywhere an extra long lasting speaker is wanted
  • a waterproof composite casing makes these tough sufficient to handle blistering warmness or deadly bloodless. One woofer 5. 25 inch in a proprietary multi chambered enclosure produces deep, complete low frequencies, with minimum audio distortion
  • the articulated array speaker layout makes for clearer sound in areas like workshops or basements
  • for additonal powerful sound, it has a multi chamber bass enclosure
  • take those speakers with you anywhere you want to have exceptional sound excellent
  • set them up by means of the pool, or on the workbench, or anywhere an extra durable speaker is needed
  • a waterproof composite casing makes those hard enough to deal with blistering heat or lethal bloodless
  • the articulated array speaker layout makes for clearer sound in areas like workshops or basements
  • every speaker: thirteen. Five h x five. 75 w x 8 d (inches). For added effective sound, it has a multi chamber bass enclosure
  • take these audio system with you everywhere you want to have excellent sound best
  • set them up by the pool, or at the workbench, or everywhere an extra long lasting speaker is wanted
  • a water-proof composite casing makes those tough enough to address blistering warmness or deadly cold
  • the articulated array speaker design makes for clearer sound in regions like workshops or basements
  • every speaker:13. 5 h x 5. Seventy five w x eight d (inches). For additonal effective sound, it has a multi chamber bass enclosure
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from the manufacturer

bose 251 wall mount outdoor speakers

what’s better than relaxing in your lower back garden, by way of the patio or pool? Taking note of your favourite music whilst you’re there, and playing deep, full stereo sound. With the soundtouch out of doors speaker machine with 251 speakers, you may flow the internet radio station that you lately discovered thru tunein and your song library outdoor—all on the contact of a button. When you have a home wireless community, you’re prepared to make putting out even more a laugh.

our out of doors audio system are uniquely engineered to offer you full stereo performance throughout a much wider area. Bose 251 environmental speakers supply our satisfactory overall performance outside from two 2. Five” full-range drivers and a 5. 25″ woofer.

product description

bose 251 (r) white (pr. ) speaker bose(r) 251 audio system set a brand new wellknown for overall performance and reliability outside via a mixture of superior era, large research and rigorous trying out. An articulated array(r) reproduces sound over a larger listening area. The result is a wide distribution of sound, so you can experience tune equally from both audio system as you pass around outdoors. And the patented multi-chamber bass enclosure enables deliver complete, deep bass with out audible distortion, from a smaller design. These audio system deliver performance and reliability most conventional outdoor speakers – and lots of indoor audio system – clearly can’t suit. Stylish but rugged, bose 251 speakers are engineered to resist snow, rain, salt and temperature extremes of 140 degrees f (60 stages c) to -22 stages f (-30 levels c). Weather-resistant mounting brackets and hardware covered bearing in mind smooth set up. Sponsored by means of a five-yr transferable . 2-1/2-inch twiddle(tm) drivers in an articulated array(r) speaker layout and a 5-1/4-inch woofer in a patented multi-chamber bass enclosure for deep bass with out audible distortion articulated array(r) speaker layout reproduces sound over a larger listening area glass-crammed polypropylene cupboard built to withstand nature’s harsh elements climate-resistant brackets and hardware covered for smooth set up like minded with amplifiers and receivers rated from 10 to 2 hundred watts per channel


Black, White


Speakers only, w/ Amp and Speaker Wire, w/ Amplifier, w/ Speaker Wire

8 reviews for Bose 251 wall mount out of doors environmental audio system (white)

  1. J. Clemens

    Great speakers but after a year one sounded like an internal speaker had gone out. Spoke with Bose to find out this was manufactured in 2008 even though I bought it in 2018. Bose is going to repair because I have a receipt and then only offer a year warranty. Do not buy on Amazon if you want a new speaker set. I’m questioning how long these are going to last since they are already 10 years old. Read more

  2. Kevin Richardson

    I bought this pair of Bose 251 speakers from Amazon that I thought was new. Why would I not think this? They arrived packaged and looking like a new pair of Bose speakers. After installing them, I attempted to register the speakers on the Bose website, only to find out via the serial number that the speakers were manufactured in 2000 and were out of warranty! When installed, one of the speakers put out a rattle like an old speaker. Bose said a 3rd party (Amazon) sale is not covered for warranty and offered to repair them for $75. I was expected to be happy spending $400 for a 20-year-old pair of speakers that are in need of repair. Amazon agreed to refund the purchase. I’m shocked that such an event could even have happened. Shameful. Read more

  3. Medical Billing Expert

    I am a musician and a nut about sound quality. After lots of research I chose the Bose 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers to hang on the back of my house. I already had wiring in place which made installation easier. You need to drill holes in the wall for the plastic screw anchors, then hang the mounts with the screws, hang the speakers and crank it up! The sound is as good as you are going to get in an outdoor setting. The bass is very good and you can dial the volume up to call the police levels. Highly recommended. Read more

  4. 5Points buyer

    The sound is terrific. Don’t let the term “wireless” let you think there are no wires. You have to connect the speakers to an amplifier via speaker wire and plug in the amp to an electrical outlet. The recommended amp is for indoor use only so I had to drill a hole in my house to run the 2 wires from indoors where I plugged in the amp to the 2 speakers outdoors. Once installed, playing the speakers via a Bluetooth connection is a breeze. A tip is to be sure you have good wireless connection near the speakers too. Read more

  5. Charles E.

    I purchased the Bose speakers back in May, but waited until I used for the Summer and Fall before writing a review. The speakers were delivered well packaged. I didn’t know how many speakers I would need, as my outdoor entertainment area is relatively large, with pool area. I ordered 4 speakers, but returned 2 of the speakers. When I cranked the 4 speakers, the sound was too loud, I have 3 acres of property. The 2 speaker delivers top notch sound. The speakers pickup the full sound ranges. You will not be disappointed with the range of tones. I use the speakers with the Bose amplifier. Controlled the Amp/speakers with my iPhone or Alexa. Setting up the speakers were relatively easy. I live in the northeast, we had an unusual high amount of rainfall during the Summer and Fall months. Also had early ice and snowfall. The speakers shown no concerns for any of the bad weather, they still sounds great. I just stored the speakers until Spring. Listen to 2 speakers before buying 4 speakers. Read more

  6. Jake

    We installed these this past weekend and I am very pleased, but…. I am not a pro when it comes to speakers, but I enjoy well made products and I am willing to spend more money on a better product. That being said. I don’t know if I will purchase these again. I have owned Bose and Polk products in the past, and I decided to go with these since I had Polk outdoor speakers at my old house, and wanted to try a different product. These sound great, but for the price I wish I would have purchased the Polk Atrium speakers instead. Bose makes a good product, but there are other brands that can give them a run for their money when it comes to outdoor speakers. I am satisfied with these, but I feel I paid too much money for them. Read more

  7. Alaskan fisherman

    purchased these speakers in may of 2014 to use as deck speakers on my commercial fishing boat in Bristol bay Alaska. They are used for the 2 month season 20 hours a day. they are clear and without distortion at the very high volume needed to be heard over the hydraulics and engines when the boat is running and clear at a low volume when boat is at anchor. they are mounted where they take continual salt water spray and have held up well. Read more

  8. Kip Stovall

    They are much bigger than I expected, and don’t put off near the amount of sound as I thought they would considering their size. There’s not a lot of options out there for outdoor speakers so I decided to go with these since they had great reviews and they are BOSE after all. Wish I would’ve tested some other brands now before purchasing these. Read more

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