Bic the usa dv-62clrs 6-inch 2-way center channel speaker

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  • 10 watts to 175 watts consistent with channel
  • 6. 5 in. Poly graphite woofers
  • . 75 in. Tender dome tweeter
  • video-shielded, 2-way, three-driver center channel speaker
  • impedance: eight ohms
  • extremely good middle channel speaker with slim profile and black laminate end
  • dual 6-inch poly/graphite woofers and zero. 75-inch poly dome tweeter
  • modern-day factor circuitry, twin vents, and specific three. 5 khz crossover
  • 38 hz to twenty khz frequency reaction; recommended amp strength of 10 to a hundred seventy five watts
  • measures 20 by 7. 65 by 10 inches (w x h x d); 7-yr warranty

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product description

product description

the bic america dv62clr-s 175 watt 2-way 3-motive force 6. Five in. Center channel speaker makes use of modern additives to provide practical sound and imaging rich in clarity. Its custom-designed . Seventy five in. Poly dome tweeter and dual 6. 5 in. Poly graphite woofers reproduce the entirety from whisper gentle vocals in a jazz track to the loudest explosions in an motion film. Patented twin “venturi” vents permit the dv62clr-s to supply prolonged bass output down to 38 hz!

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the dv-62clrs is well matched with a variety of amps, with a advocated energy rating of 10 to a hundred seventy five watts consistent with channel. Listeners may even appreciate the speaker’s attractive layout, which features a fairly slender profile and a black laminate finish. For surround programs, the audio system carry out mainly properly whilst matched with other bic the united states fashions, that are tonally matched to deliver a balanced audio profile. The employer recommends using its dv84 tower speakers for the front channels, a pair of dv62si bookshelf speakers for the rear channels, and the v1215 subwoofer for pinnacle-level bass overall performance. All the speakers in the dv line are magnetically shielded to prevent video interference while positioned near a tv or screen.

the speaker measures 20 through 7. 65 through 10 inches (w x h x d) and contains a beneficiant seven-year confined guarantee on parts and exertions.

Product Dimensions

23, x, 13.6, x, 11.4, inches

Item Weight

19.3, pounds




BIC, America



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4.8, out, of, 5, stars, 214, ratings, 4.8, out, of, 5, stars

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#63, 177, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #59, in, Center-Channel, Speakers

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Date First Available

May, 14, 2003

7 reviews for Bic the usa dv-62clrs 6-inch 2-way center channel speaker

  1. Garrett

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty amazing for $100. The bass response is good, the midrange is decently smooth, and the highs are clear. I want to replace my left and right speakers with these also after getting this and breaking it in. Like others have said, these do sound even better after breaking them in. Read more

  2. Ravenvoyager

    I purchase this center speaker to complete my BIC collection. I originally had a Cerwin Vega speaker in its places and wasn’t really expecting too much difference in the quality. I always focus on bass but when I played a movie with the BIC I was completely in awe as to how the entire setup sounded 60% better. This piece was also much heavier than the Cerwin and good see quality in both looks and sound. I can’t imagine getting this at the price I paid, it’s a steal. My other BIC components have been strong in both durability and sound. I love this brand more than Pioneer, Yamaha, Sony and Cerwin Vega. Read more

  3. H.R. #1

    Center channels can tend to be so underrated but this is huge and barely fits into various stands. I know I honestly bought my stand around the dimensions of the speaker. So you need about 8″ to slide it in. This one definitely brings out the full dynamic of the center channel. Too many centers have a tin can sound but this sure blows those kind away. It really can bring out vocals from a loud tv program or movie. In the past I’ve had those more tinny sounding ones and then honestly used a regular tower speaker for center channel since I demand a more well rounded center channel sound. But this is finally the center channel speaker I’ve been looking for and can’t imagine one for the price any better. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    Just purchased for 7.1 surround and listening to music in a medium sized living room. I’ll admit that most of what I’ve owned in the past has been middle-of-the-road equipment, mainly HTIB systems. After 1 month of ownership I suppose they’re broken in now…and all I can is WOW! I feel like that old 1980s ad, with the guy sitting in the chair, wearing shades with his hair blowing back! The detail of the music is so crisp I can visualize the speakers morphing into the shapes of lips, teeth, flexing vocal cords and trumpets. Brass instruments have such brilliance and presence, I turn to look at anyone sitting in the room with me, and they’re smiling right back as if to say, “Holy sh!t!”…and I’m thinking, “Yup!” It’s like sitting in the middle of an orchestra or jazz club. Straight up eargasmic. Cymbals, guitars, tom toms, cowbells and other objects made in music-heaven are all just leaping out of the speaker boxes at me…like “sound pictures” or something. I thought Drumline was the stupidest movie ever made…until now. Another example, I was listening to Pink Floyd’s Goodbye Blue Sky, and you can actually hear David’s saliva as he positions his mouth to sing the next lyric. I’ve been listening to much of this music for decades, and I’m hearing things I’ve never heard before(322 kpbs MP3s even). It’s like having new music from the same artists. VERY happy:) Read more

  5. Terry

    This center speaker rocks. My setup is this guy in the middle with a BIC Venturi DV64 tower on either side, along with a Yamaha 10″ sub, run through a Yamaha HTR-3066 receiver. I’d be willing to put this speaker up against any other center speaker in the sub $250 price range. Highs and Mids are crisp and clean with virtually no white noise at all, and the bass is incredible for a center speaker! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say this little guy will churn out bass like a dedicated sub, but for the size of the unit, the bass produced is surprisingly rich and powerful. Definitely adds to the overall quality of the home theater setup. Highly recommended if you want a high quality center speaker without taking out a second mortgage. Read more

  6. Stargazer

    I have 5 of these speakers – BIC America DV-62CLRS 6-Inch 2-Way Center speakers- for my surround sound system, and they are excellent. The sound is great. They are built well, and they look great. In addition this vendor is extremely responsive. I just ordered 2 more to complete my set of 5, but only one was delivered. After I sent a note to the vendor through Amazon, BIC responded in 2 hours not 2 days as it said on Amazon. They put another speaker on expedite, air freight, and I just received it today. My note went out Friday, and it’s Monday. That’s fast. I am completely satisfied with my order and BIC America. Thank-you, thank-you. Highly recommended! Read more

  7. FreeAdvice

    I own the the DV62s bookshelf speakers, so I thought I would match them with the center channel. This speaker is BIG and designed for a big room and paired with the floor speakers. I wanted the BIC AMERICA DV-52CLRB but they would not ship it to my FPO. The sound is great. My BIC 5.1 set up can handle everything I throw at it. The DV62s being a top 10 book shelf speaker you can get and #1 for the money $100 — setting up 5.1 is allows for the best BOOM for the buck. My rears are the BIC AMERICA DV-32B, which are fine for what they are, but don’t seem to match my set up aesthetically. You get a lot of speaker for the price here. Capable. Warm. Read more

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