Bic the us f12 12-inch 475-watt the front firing powered subwoofer

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  • powered subwoofer with 12-inch injection molded long throw woofer; bash designed amp
  • patented bic “venturi” vent eliminates port noise
  • adjustable crossover, adjustable quantity manage, automatic signal sensing
  • inputs for each dolby seasoned common sense and dolby digital/dts
  • backed by five-yr assurance

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product description

product description

for extra than 50 years, midrange and excessive frequency horns had been the arms-down desire for movie theater sound engineers. From the softest whispers… To the highest effect sound… Hrn drivers don’t have any equal with regards to clarity and dynamic range. The bic formula theater collection includes at the legacy of the primary components collection added in 1973. They offer an output capability of up to 116db (live rock band tiers), even as supplying refinements that surpass all of its predecessors. Injection molded long throw woofer; bash designed amp. Adjustable crossover, extent and vehicle on/off. Speaker stage and rca inputs. Frequency reaction: 25hz-200hz. 15″ w x 17″ h x 18 1/four” d. Sold in my view.

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the 12-inch, front-firing f12 powered subwoofer from bic america contains a excessive modern 475-watt peak amplifier designed with the aid of bash technology in mixture with a 12-inch injection molded lengthy-throw woofer. A patented bic “venturi” vent removes port noise, that’s regularly heard from other subwoofers particularly whilst playing traumatic music and movies. The f12 also features an adjustable crossover, adjustable extent manage, automated sign sensing, high degree inputs, and both dolby pro good judgment and dolby digital/dts inputs.

  • design: the front-firing 12-inch, 475-watt height powered subwoofer
  • frequency response: 25hz – 200hz
  • sensitivity: 90db
  • drivers: 12-inch injection molded woofer with heavy duty surround
  • magnetic defensive: yes
  • gold-plated terminals:sure
  • recommended energy: built-in amplifier strength: 475 watts dynamic height, a hundred and fifty watts rms non-stop
  • impedance: 8 ohms
  • dimensions: 21 x 19 x 22 inches (hxwxd)
  • weight: 42. 70 kilos each
  • guarantee: 5 years parts and labor
  • from the manufacturer

    for extra than 50 years, midrange and high frequency horns were the palms-down choice for movie theater sound engineers. From the softest whispers… To the highest effect sound… Hrn drivers haven’t any equal in relation to readability and dynamic variety. The bic formulation theater series consists of on the legacy of the primary method series brought in 1973. They offer an output capability of up to 116db (stay rock band stages), while offering refinements that surpass all of its predecessors. Injection molded lengthy throw woofer; bash designed amp. Adjustable crossover, quantity and vehicle on/off. Speaker degree and rca inputs. Frequency response: 25hz-200hz. 15″ w x 17″ h x 18 1/4″ d. Bought personally. Object is hazmat non-returnable

    Product Dimensions

    17, x, 14.8, x, 17, inches

    Item Weight

    40.3, pounds


    BIC, America



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    4.7, out, of, 5, stars, 2, 012, ratings, 4.7, out, of, 5, stars

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    #21, 242, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #41, in, Home, Audio, Subwoofers

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    Date First Available

    September, 14, 2004

    4 reviews for Bic the us f12 12-inch 475-watt the front firing powered subwoofer

    1. Tb

      READ IT ALL…broke within the first 6 months. Sounded great for the price before that. I emailed support, they walked me through trouble shooting and turns out the speaker was dead. “what do i do now” i asked…They have a 5 year parts warranty and after i filled out a simple form they shipped me a brand new speaker and now the unit is up and running again. Mistakes will happen, things will break, but finding customer service like this is unheard of anymore. Support companies that support you! Read more

    2. BoneHead

      I received this last night. I hooked it up running the speaker level inputs from an SMSL SA50 then ran the speaker outs to a pair of Micca MB42c. I have not officially found a place for this sub woofer or used it enough to break it in. Because audio is subjective I’ll describe my experience in practical terms. Being that this is still really new to me I will say that it IS big and powerful. The bass will more than fill the space and is not easily contained. If you have neighbors or people that need quiet, you will probably have difficulty using this sub woofer to its fullest without conflict. In an apartment, it won’t matter. This will ruin your neighbors quality of life. They will hate you for your obnoxious bass. The most wonderful things you have heard suddenly become the most hated thing if you are on the other side of the wall and are forced to hear it. If you have neighbors that are away and have windows of opportunity, this sub woofer is amazing. I am not a “loud volume” user. I like room filling sounds and clarity. At low levels, this sub woofer delivers that with faint sound leakage that can be heard out to the curb. I estimate I could hear rumbles 20-30 feet from the house. It should not be enough to annoy anyone but I feel like I should be vigilant to keep peace with my good neighbors. This is *probably* more bass than a home theater needs but it’s everything you want a sub woofer to be. It’s loud. It’s deep. It’s tight. It’s powerful. I have it adjusted to “tuck in” right where my soundbar alternative leaves off and picks up all that meaty detail. It’s completely ridiculous unless you get it under control. So far, I love it. I am ready to apologize and make amends with my neighbors if need be. Yes, it’s like that. Read more

    3. S. Tompkins

      When I first fired this sub up the sound was boomy, offered no clarity and just generally very loud noise. Being a sound guy I knew isolation and location are key for a sub to work right. Put this on an Auralex Sub Dude HT. Better but not enough isolation. Grabbed one of the white foam packaging blocks the BIC was shipped in, put it under the Auralex Sub Dude HT with the BIC F-12 on top. Moved the whole thing around the room till I found it’s sweet spot, right in front of and center of the TV in my case. Wow! Loud, clean, round and fat bottom sound. Set the BIC F-12’s volume to 12 o’clock, crossover fully clockwise and toggle to Pro Logic. Adjusted the AVR’s eq to roll off the bottom a little bit and she really came to life. High end sound is not plug and play. Take a few weeks to listen, adjust, listen some more, adjust some more, try different albums, different sound sources. Don’t be afraid to repeat as often as necessary. My favorites for sound setup are A Decade Of Steely Dan, Ray Of Light by Madonna, Number Ones by Michael Jackson, Phantom of the Opera sound track and Loggins and Messina Be Free from their album Mother Load. To each their own but these albums work for me. Since my AVR supports two subwoofers now I really want a second BIC F-12. Read more

    4. Maximiliano

      Simply put, I got more than what I bargained for. I did not expect this amount of power and clarity in one affordable package… This Sub-woofer blew me away. It took about 2 weeks of movie watching to break in, but even before then, they had already beaten the Polk I owned before. There is zero boomy-ness. It’s really solid bass, and I warn others, if you have a lot of delicate decor hanging on your walls or on shelves near by, DO NOT PUT THE VOLUME TOO HIGH… It will knock things over. I was never allowed to put it past level 3 out of 10 on the knob. The crossover function is without flaws. The build is strong REALLY STRONG, the sound is musically accurate and POWERFUL PROS: -Sound quality, unmatched under the $350 price range -POWERFUL bass output -Looks pretty, very simple looks keeps it from attracting attention -STRONG build quality -Best PORT design there is at this under $400. No port rattle at all. – Flawless crossover design with adjustable knob -PRICE, there is no subwoofer competing with this one. There really isn’t. -I’ve owned it for over 4 years now, stilling kicking. CONS: -It is too powerful for me and my medium sized bookshelf speakers.. yeah, that is a thing. -It can got worryingly hot at high-usage twice, I was not able to use it for more than 4 hours heavily at a time.(but you should expect this from something so powerful and so affordable) -SIZE, it is a bit too big for my taste in terms of weight and size ( about 18 inches cubed) 5 stars because the cons aren’t real cons honestly. For it’s price this is a steal. Read more

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