Beats pill+ transportable wireless speaker – stereo bluetooth, 12 hours of listening time, microphone for phone calls – black

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  • described, pure sound exceptional bluetooth speaker in a transportable, compact layout – the duration of the device is 0. 68 feet
  • pair and play with bluetooth device with a 12-hour rechargeable battery
  • like minded with ios and android devices
  • down load the beats pill+ app to unencumber features that positioned you and your buddies at the middle of your tune like never before. Convey a second speaker into the combination for even fuller sound or sound in stereo.
  • clutch a chum and manage the track from bluetooth sources.
  • rate out to rate your apple iphone and other gadgets; type of jack: lightning to usb-a charging cable
  • superior speaker phone lets you make and obtain calls with clarity
  • comes with beats pill+ speaker with 1. 5m lightning to usb-a charging cable, 12. 5w psu, brief start manual and warranty card
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often requested questions

can you operate this as a speaker for non-bluetooth gadgets?

pill+ can be linked to any preferred, non-bluetooth device the usage of a 3. 5mm auxiliary cable.

does it come with a carrying case?

tablet+ does not encompass a carrying case.

does it have audio out?

pill+ capabilities a usb charging output to energy an additional device, but now not an audio output.

what form of charging cable does it use?

tablet+ charges thru a fashionable lightning cable (one is included).

can you pair multiple capsules collectively?

pill+ audio system may be used collectively by means of connecting thru the pill+ app for ios or the beats app for android. ‘make bigger’ mode allows each audio system to move the equal audio, while ‘stereo’ mode converts every speaker right into a left or proper channel for real stereo sound.

can you control your track?

tablet+ capabilities onboard controls. Use the ‘b’ button to manipulate playback – one press to play or pause, two presses to pass ahead, or three presses to skip backward. Use the “+” and “-“ buttons to alter volume up or down.

how lengthy does the battery last?

tablet+ can provide up to 12 hours of tune playback from a full rate.

do they have got a microphone?

tablet+ features a integrated microphone for smartphone name and voice assistant use.

how do i pair with my iphone?

down load the tablet+ app from the app store for easy one-touch pairing. Or, maintain down the ‘b’ button until the led blinks and then pick tablet+ in the bluetooth menu.

how do i pair with my android tool?

download the beats app from the google play save for clean one-touch pairing. Or, keep down the ‘b’ button until the led blinks after which pick out tablet+ in the bluetooth menu.

how do i spark off siri or different voice assistants?

maintain down the ‘b’ button to activate siri or the default voice assistant for your device.


Black, Red, White

8 reviews for Beats pill+ transportable wireless speaker – stereo bluetooth, 12 hours of listening time, microphone for phone calls – black

  1. Amazon Customer

    I bought this speaker on Amazon about 2 years ago. The speaker still works great. I recently took it to the beach on a very hot day and it lasted for 7 hours and charged my phone. It still had some juice left in it when I left the beach. The speaker is very loud and the bass sounds strong. I would definitely recommend the beats pill ! Read more

  2. Ryan L

    Fantastic! I initially bought the Bose SoundLink Color, and I was disappointed by the sound and the Bluetooth pairing. I returned it after 2 weeks. I bought the Beats Pill+, and it’s better than the Bose speaker in every way. It pairs faster and the connection doesn’t break (the Bose connection broke all the time). The sound is richer. And the design is much nicer. Read more

  3. Dre S.

    Soo I ordered the black beats pill+,I saw a few reviews about fakes but good reviews outweighed the bad heavily so I really wasn’t that worried but… Literally just received my pill this morning and everything looked good at first but then I noticed my box didn’t have the “SOUNDS BIGGER THAN ITS SIZE” marking on the packaging like seemingly every other model does… idk if this is a later model or something that they slightly changed the packaging but thats very suspect to me (i watch reviews and unboxings on things like this weeks or months before i purchase them so i know what the packaging is supposed to look like and counterfeiters are only getting better by the day) 2nd problem was my pill came with everything except for the little cloth carrying case which was pretty disappointing. I planned on purchasing a protective case later but still… now once again idk if this could be due to this being a later model due to the pill+ being out for over 3 years or not. It’s charging now and once it’s fully charged and i play some music i will come back with an update determining whether or not this is a knockoff. **UPDATE** Not a knockoff. Love the sound! Love the speaker!! Read more

  4. Robert Johnson

    Horrible at precise sound control! One click on this thing effectively doubles the sound at low volume, so getting that level juuuuuuuuuuuust right at work is impossible. The sound adjustments are not smooth! That is incredibly disappointing! Like it increments sound in some percentacge, wtf, Dre? Lol Also thanks for the cheap metal speaker covers. Protective, yes. From the 30’s? Yes. Its 2019, use better materials. Some places they went cheap others they went all out on. Speaker, needs work. The app is useless as well. Update: You cannot have an audio jack plugged in and be connected to bluetooth at the same time…….. Im disappointed and if I can find one that’ll do what I want(more control over volume, better interface options). Sad. Yet another update. The button to skip forward, play, or pause is too stiff. There is no descernable click or acknowledgedment that the speaker has done what you want, so one will hit the button twice to skip a song, instead only one button press will register and the speaker will pause. So i have to play by pressing once, then skip by pressing twice. The whole evolution goes something like this: I need to skip a song so i press the button twice, only one registers and the song stops. Need to play first before skipping, so hit the button once, song plays, then hit the button twice, tada! The thing you wanted! And all for 125 bucks? If I hadnt thrown away the packaging i would return this POS. Read more


    From little speakers sound is not so bad, but not great either. I was D.J. In the past, the sound coming out is so correct, and clean NO Distortion, but no enough to fill the room with sound. You have to put very close to your face to feel the sound. This should be able to separate to two speakers a part, then sound will large area. The problem with this speaker is doesn’t fill even small room 15×13 size room with full sound I just now decided to return it, but I believe its too late. Read more

  6. Glenda

    This speaker is amazing. I personally love everything about it, the sound quality is amazing and it’s small, the battery life is amazing Read more

  7. D. Young

    Absolutely the loudest, I love it. This speaker really gets loud, I have the Beats Pill 2.0 the first one and it was great and didn’t give me any problems but I wanted the newer one bc it wasn’t loud enough so I ordered it last week. It finally arrived yesterday after some shipping delays but it was well worth the wait. I set it up and now I’m enjoying it, the battery last longer, the sound is much clearer, the pill XL lives up to all the good reviews. I like the design better and it’s almost twice the size of the other pill. I just love it. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    It’s small but has a great sound quality! Would buy it over and over! Beats+ Read more

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