Audioengine hd3 wireless computing device display audio system domestic track machine aptx hd bluetooth, 60w powered bookshelf stereo speakers, aux audio, usb, rca inputs/outputs, 24-bit dac (walnut)

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  • make sure this fits by using coming into your model quantity.
  • powered bluetooth audio system with a hundred foot variety: the hd3 bluetooth audio system feature built-in analog energy amplifiers that deliver you incredible audio. The aptx hd bluetooth codec with a hundred foot range and 24-bit dac permit you to bypass the low-satisfactory sound card for your laptop or phone to supply top class high-quality sound.
  • functions: small speakers with a huge sound that fills any room, premium bluetooth wi-fi that works with all of your devices and apps and excessive-give up sound wrapped in hand-built wood shelves. Simple setup, no receiver wanted, no community setup, no passwords, front panel quantity control and headphone jack. Bluetooth, usb, rca & three. 5mm inputs.
  • works with: turntables with integrated or outside preamps, all tune players: telephones, laptop computers, laptops, notebooks, tvs with an analog output, cd and dvd players, online game consoles and all products with 1/8″ mini-jack or rca outputs
  • what’s protected: pair of audioengine hd3 wi-fi powered speakers, bluetooth antenna, 2m speaker cord, power deliver & wire, 1. 5m 3. 5mm mini-jack audio cable, 1. 5m usb cable, microfiber speaker baggage and cable baggage, setup manual, brochure
  • warranty: audioengine builds first-class speakers that they stand in the back of. All audioengine merchandise include a three-year transferable assurance. Insurance: stellar us based customer support and 3 yr product coverage is covered. Based in austin, tx, audioengine has been converting the way humans pay attention to tune considering the fact that 2005. Our ardour is creating merchandise that sound remarkable, are clean to use, and make people need to listen to track each day.
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product description

the hd3 powered bluetooth speaker is an excellent instance of the extension of this challenge. With track streaming offerings and virtual tune gamers turning into the centre of the cutting-edge song machine, customers have needed to receive a loss of the premium additives resulting in the loss of sound best. The hd3 series of laptop speakers are a fruits of 13 years of product improvement, combining the identical fantastic sound pleasant with cutting-edge functions, such as high decision aptx hd bluetooth with 30 meter variety. The built in analog amplifier permits traditional hi-fi speaker separation and the analogue audio inputs allow connectivity from many exclusive sources, together with a pc, turntable,television, or sonos join. The hd3 is an extremely versatile audio gadget.


Black, Cherry Wood, Walnut, White

4 reviews for Audioengine hd3 wireless computing device display audio system domestic track machine aptx hd bluetooth, 60w powered bookshelf stereo speakers, aux audio, usb, rca inputs/outputs, 24-bit dac (walnut)

  1. Rchiwawa

    With over 100 hours of output and a few dozen of actual listening to the Audioengine HD3 speaker, with a reservation, I have decided to keep these speakers. The Pros: Sound Quality Onboard amplifier quality and analog input resolution Headphone output quality Form factor Fit and finish Capable of sustained, quality unreasonably loud and generally unflappable output The Middle: Where the reduced bass selector switch cuts bass Backplate of the powered speaker can get super hot, doesn’t affect sound quality. The Bad: Onboard DAC in USB mode instantly shuts down on silence cutting off the start of every sound sent to it, even going from track to track. Other: The HD3 is one of the only pieces of audio equipment I have ever used that actually does break in and requires a period of use before its actual output sound is realized. This is opposed to the typical scenario where the user gets used to a piece’s sound signature. The sound output is definitely the star of the show with these speakers and has cemented in my mind that Audioengine considered the actual speakers, drivers, and driving section first and foremost. When connected to a Schiit Yggdrasil, a Denon DA-300 USB, Pioneer XDP-100, or run off of the analog output from the connected PC they playback admirable levels of detail and personality intrinsic of each source. They render sound with an impressive level of resolving capability that is particularly noteworthy. I have a couple of class A amplifiers and the amp section of the HD3 is no slouch. The HD3s are sho’nuff pretty in walnut, well put together. I personally like the design choices they made in regards to Bluetooth functionality. Loud or whisper quiet, these speakers are stunners. Better still, the headphone output is something of note and one of the principal reasons I have decided to keep these speakers. The headphone output is excellent regardless of whether I am running my 8 ohm Shure SE846 IEMs despite being a smidge below Audioengine’s specification of resistance for best results. With the SE535 or SRH-1840 they do a similarly great job. Not perfect but for most, even my picky self, the HD3 is good enough to be the sole amplification source for your headphones. You are going to spend comfortably beyond Fiio money to fully outstrip the HD3 in this regard. In regards to output volume I generally do not understand the few but consistent complaints I have read about their output level. As desktop speakers they have a lot of headroom for volume before running the risk of damaging hearing in extended playback scenarios. For a small room, say 20’x16’x8’ they will be overwhelming for room acoustics at max output. For larger rooms, there are bigger speakers available. Even with hearing protection their output on a desktop is clear and loud enough to be uncomfortable at max so even those with notable hearing loss should be well satisfied with these as a desktop speaker. I do have minor concerns about to longevity of these speakers owing to the fact that when driven hard the amp backplate gets hot. Really hot. You wouldn’t be able to grab the speaker, cupping from the bottom and carry it for about 5 minutes after shut down unless you work in a weld shop or as a cook and can withstand more heat than normal. This is to be expected from a Class A/ AB amplifiers designs but some heat sinking would have really helped in this regard. My guess is the form factor is the limiting factor as other Audioengine products have said cooling and I am willing to bet the engineers did their homework here like they did everywhere else and these will survive past the warranty period without a problem. How long is the question. If I get three years of service and they then promptly die I will be satisfied and would instantly short list the HD3 again. The output quality is that good and my concerns are few given my experience with class A and A/B designs. These speakers are truly a wunderkind so I don’t want to overemphasize my biggest nit with HD3 but it’s egregious and almost had me returning them. The DAC inbuilt the HD3 seems to want to instantly go to sleep the very moment there is no audio sent to them and then takes between half to a full second to come back online only to instantly shut off again. If you let output lapse for any measurable time they will shut down and cut off the first moments of audio output as described. EVERY TIME. Transitioning from track to track in VLC media player, Tidal’s web streaming in Chrome, from the Tidal app, or when Windows generates a notification sound absent of background music results in the first half second of audio being cut off. This doesn’t occur via Bluetooth or analog inputs… just the USB DAC. #*^&ing borderline unforgivable. If I hadn’t had a spare DAC sitting around I would have boxed the HD3s back up and returned them hastily in/from/of disgust. One of my main reasons for purchasing this speaker system was the ability to use the USB DAC inbuilt and neat up the desktop wire situation as much as possible. This is just unacceptable functionality and a shame since the DAC is of pretty OK quality. I don’t know why Audioengine would even bother integrating it if they felt it necessary to have the power saving be set so aggressively other than they wanted to check off the feature box. It’s an inkblot on an otherwise stellar report card. This problem occurs on two separate computers. I even went as far as blowing out the driver install on both computers and fiddling with settings configurations to no avail. Neither computer exhibits this behavior when running the Schiit Yggdrasil or Denon DA300 so I am comfortable with assigning the blame 100% on the HD3. Of much less concern is the cabinet tuning can make for some… overpresence in the lowest frequencies of output, especially with the bass selector switch in the “full mode”. I don’t want to call it boominess but it is the first word that comes to mind even though it is not quite right. Much less but definitely still there with the bass selector switch in reduced position at rather high output levels. This was a design choice and not an easy one. I get why Audioengine landed where they did. Some, maybe most will never run these speakers with a subwoofer and the HD3 as a standalone output solution is comfortably worth the price charged with out a sub. I am of the opinion that if they do not satisfy (impress is more appropriate considering the physics going on…) your expectations are not realistic. The audio enthusiast in me wishes they had set the low level cut off to avoid the… overpresence at loudest output levels in reduced mode and allow me to put it all on a pair of subwoofers to maintain image. This suggestion is something that could easily be ruminated over several pages of prose but suffice to say I am being REALLY nit-picky by even mentioning it. Long story short. If you are dead set on using these with the integrated USB DAC I would suggest you look into other solutions given the playback problem I have described above or prepare to feed them audio some other way. The DAC itself is solid enough for desktop casual use but its cutting off of every track or sound is just unacceptable. Instinct had me wanting to take three stars off for it but the rest of the HD3’s performance is so good it pains me to not give the review a solid five stars. That performance is why I have kept them. It’s why the have HD3 earned those 4 stars that lead off the review. It is why I will consider these first the next time I am shopping for something in the sub 90 square inch foot print (yes, 90) category or shortest is “bestest” bin. Considering the Audioengine HD3’s price to play and how infuriating I find the DAC’s behavior consider everything written as a glowing endorsement that these speakers become your next set. Equipment used to assess list: Audioengine DS1 desktop stands Ryzen 2700x based computer Alienware 17r4/7820HK/GTX 1080 laptop Schiit Yggrdasil digital to analog converter Denon DAC300USB digital to analog converter Pioneer XDP-100 portable music player Galaxy S9+ phone Shure SE846, SE535, and SRH1840 “headphones” SVS SB-16 Ultra subwoofer. Read more

  2. J. Y.

    You will NOT find better sounding speakers in this size at any any price. The A2+ (which I used to own), is an inch smaller and basically sounds as good. But the HD3 has Bluetooth, a front mounted mounted volume control, a better DAC, and HAS A GRILL. No other powered speaker in this size (and I have tried many of them) will sound nearly as good. If money is no object, run and buy these speakers. If you want to save some money and don’t care about volume control, Bluetooth, or a grill, the a2+ may be a better choice. If you want even better sound, you will need to buy NOTICEABLY larger speakers. At that point, you should get a sub and pair it to the HD3. Read more

  3. F. Reagan

    The speaker sound….AMAZING. They are well built, look great and I’d love them if only the bluetooth would work. They are only about a foot from the computer and yet every 30 minutes or so I have to turn them off and then on again to get them to reboot. That is not fun…I’m waiting for them right now,. Wanted to listen to some music. I-tunes is playing but the speakers are not! Guess I’ll have to fuss with plugging them into the computer. Another day today I’d just like the bluetooth to keep working. Well all done writing this review and the speakers are still blinking. Waiting again. 2019 dec. Still they don’t work. The bluetooth is very spotty. On off I can’t enjoy them and I am ready to toss them out a window! Read more

  4. 張博勛

    Audioengine does a good job on packaging their products, speakers/cables inside the box are protected by microfiber bags, and an extra outer box just for HD3 is appreciated, especially for people who need these to be shipped worldwide like me. I like how walnut looks, but it does NOT look the same in what Audioengine shows on their website, it’s more faint, otherwise the build quality is decent. Setting up HD3 is as easy as for other active speakers, a pair of Kanto S2 speaker stands would be good to go, but keep in mind that external power adapter may be an issue for cable organization. Front placed Knob comes handy for different games and music applications volume adjustment, it’s truly a function in need to desktop setup. On most of the time, i do listen to like 25%-50% volume, no need to turn it loud, HD3 does have good sound details at low volume. With USB connection, HD3 sounds more balanced & much cleaner compares to my previous speakers, Bose Companion 2 III. The bass isn’t that much but good enough for near-field listening, ambient sound in games feels more alive, immersive, you can tell where the sounds come from. People having audio input delay via USB is never a problem to me, maybe Audioengine fixed that already for their later ones. The build-in earphone amplifier is pretty close to an iPhone SE 2016 when listening to my Sony WH1000XM3, not even a difference in details , but lacking of bass i can tell. And i found it weird that at extremely low volume, only right side of the earphone had sound by HD3, actually i was expecting more on this part. One of the factor that i chose HD3 is because it’s Bluetooth supported, as for my bed is in front of the desk, i can just lay on it watching comic/ browsing internet while listening to HD3 by tablets or phones wirelessly, that’s pretty enjoyable. The antenna is a must for Bluetooth connection or you will have some audio latency when watching videos. HD3 does have hiss issue when not playing audio. Higher volume makes it more noticeable, i can hear it at MAX volume within around 30cm when focused. But let’s to be honest, the noise comes from computer, outside of the window and electric fan are all louder than what HD3 does, so you will probably be fine if you don’t sit right ahead of HD3 and leave it standby at max volume, at least in my case. Overall the Audioengine HD3 are small size, all in one function speakers to fit on my tinny desk, just put the power cable on and it will do all the work for you with amazing sound quality. So why not give it a try? Read more

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