Audioengine a2+ plus wi-fi speaker bluetooth computing device display audio system home music device aptx bluetooth, 60w powered bookshelf stereo audio system sixteen-bit dac (white)

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  • ensure this fits by means of entering your model range.
  • premium powered bluetooth audio system with incorporated dac: a2+ wireless audio system provide clean, full stereo sound and might effortlessly connect with all of your music in seconds. Incredible in your computer or smaller rooms. The integrated bluetooth bypasses your phone and pc audio card to deliver higher sound than you have ever heard through the audio jack – genuinely join wirelessly!
  • features: built-in analog energy amplifiers, twin analog audio inputs, usb audio input, aptx codec, hand-finished wooden cabinets, variable audio output, subwoofer connection, custom aramid fiber woofers and silk tweeters, energy-saving idle mode, cables included, works with mac or pc, no software to install, designed for computing device use, but will fill a room.
  • works with: turntables with built-in or external preamps, all tune players: phones, computing device computer systems, laptops, notebooks, tvs with an analog output, cd and dvd players, video game consoles and all merchandise with 1/8″ mini-jack or rca outputs
  • what’s covered: pair of audioengine a2+ wireless powered audio system, 2m speaker wire, electricity deliver & cord, usb cable, 1. 5m mini-jack audio cable, microfiber speaker baggage and cable luggage, setup guide, brochure
  • assurance: audioengine builds best speakers that they stand in the back of. All audioengine merchandise come with a 3-year transferable guarantee. Coverage: stellar us based totally customer service and three year product insurance is protected. Primarily based in austin, tx, audioengine has been converting the manner humans pay attention to tune because 2005. Our ardour is growing products that sound first rate, are clean to use, and make people want to listen to track each day.
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product description

the award-prevailing audioengine a2+ powered speaker is a perfect instance of the extension of this assignment. With tune streaming services and digital track players turning into the centre of the modern track machine, purchasers have needed to take delivery of a loss of the premium additives ensuing within the lack of sound quality. With a built-in digital-to-analog converter (dac), the audioengine 2+ allows you to send exquisite virtual audio direct from your pc or different listening device’s usb or aux port. We’ve also introduced a variable rca output to connect a subwoofer and you could even pass wi-fi with the optionally available audioengine b1 bluetooth adapter. The audioengine 2+ is a splendid advent to brilliant audio and the right upgrade on your computer, turntable, tv, or favourite streaming device


Bluetooth – Wireless, Wired


Black, Red, White

5 reviews for Audioengine a2+ plus wi-fi speaker bluetooth computing device display audio system home music device aptx bluetooth, 60w powered bookshelf stereo audio system sixteen-bit dac (white)

  1. Kevin H

    These little speakers look and sound great. They are a nice small size that makes them great for computer speakers. But from the beginning I have had scratchy intermittent sound from the left speaker. Tapping it sometimes made it work. After checking connections and cables I decided to open it up and see if I could find a connection to fix. The main board looked cheaply made. It had a dusty, sticky feeling and look. Many of the solder joints were poorly done. Many had a white, crystalline look. I re-soldered every major connection. There were two pins on the main IC amplifier chip that didn’t appear to have been soldered. These speakers have only been in a protected, dry, clean climate controlled environment. Now it seems to work, but you shouldn’t have resort to this. Read more

  2. Frederico

    PROS: Very versatile; high quality construction; multiple quality inputs w/ variable output for sub or additional devices; volume control via builtin preamp or external preamp/computer/source; threaded mount adapter for use with adjustable stands; excellent, for the size and cost, at high volumes. CONS: I was not blown away based on the glowing reviews and listings around the web as a top choice for the money I paid ($250; now $200 as of this writing; it figures); but they still have very positive aspects worth considering; all cables included, however, the satellite speaker wire was way too short for me and I replaced it. No big deal. — If you watch the prices and can get these for under $200, they seem a much better value for the output (to me). That said, I think MOST people will think these are the bee’s knees if not compared to anything else above $225. If you are adding them to any laptop or all in one (iMac, etc.), you will be BLOWN AWAY by the vast improvement. Biggest issue: These speakers are VERY dependent on direction if you sit close or intend to use them with a computer. Make sure they are situated so they point DIRECTLY at your ears — or are at least EQUALLY NOT pointed at your ears, else you will definitely observe imbalance and lack of midrange impact left to right. If you move about your desk/office space frequently, and want these for music, do yourself a favor and place them as far apart as you can manage; when you leave the “sweet spot”, the quality drops rapidly. I have six LCD displays on three vertical VESA mounts, and added articulating VESA boom arms and made a simple adapter from painted wood to use the thoughtfully included ¼” tripod/camera mount on the bottom of the speaker to VESA 100 mounting plate. Now I am able to rapidly adjust direction/pitch/angle of each speaker for upright computer tasks, or laid-back Netflix or fill-the-room-with-sound while I work. Most of you will not go through this, but consider an inexpensive pair of adjustable speaker stands or camera tripods/stand (tabletop are very cheap) to both elevate and adjust angle/pitch for your needs. You could also use very inexpensive threaded wall mounts intended for surround satellite speakers. The AudioEngine speaker stand accessory option *might* work for a lot of you, but all it does is adjust the pitch to try to get the sound up to your ears. If you’re tall or short, it will miss. They are otherwise quite warm sounding, good midrange and highs with no appreciable distortion at high volume when playing lossless audio. They do start to distort playing heavily or badly compressed audio (MP3, AAC, etc, under 160kb). Excellent for voice, such as podcasts or Skype, FaceTime, etc. These will get VERY LOUD; louder than any neighbors will appreciate. If you are looking for more bass for games or dance/trance/metal, either opt for the 4″ version, or add a good subwoofer. If you intend to watch a lot of movies, these are a good addition to a 3.1/5.1/7.1 output, paired with a good center soundbar or speaker. I am using the output to a second preamp to subwoofer and an extra set of 2×2 1″ tweeters for a richer “surround” experience for music and movies. If I am doing reference work, I rely only on the A2+, and am reasonably happy. I would probably like the 4″ version better, but did not want the larger enclosures or expense. I very much appreciate the multiple (3x) inputs and outputs (1x RCA), the primary reason (after sound quality reviews) for choosing this item. Many people are extremely upset by the volume knob being on the back; however, for my purposes, the input/output volume is always controlled by computer or preamp or AirPortExpress WiFi input, so I set it a notch shy of full and never have to touch it. I wish they had covers for the rear to hide ugly connections for an open-back, front-facing desk installation. Recommend 90º right angle banana plug adapters. Power adapter is an inline brick, which, again, for most people is not a big deal; this keeps the heat of a power transformer outside the speaker enclosure, which is fine by me. The power input plug even has a lock button to prevent accidental disconnection; a very nice touch reflective of the price you are paying. The length from the brick to the enclosure could stand to be 2-3 feet longer, but I’m an outlier with equipment placement. Preamp enclosure gets quite warm to hot on the back plate; should not be an issue for most people, but they will add to the heat of a small room. Read more

  3. AP

    A2+ are decent speakers, especially for their size. However, make sure you set your expectations as to what they are and are not. These speakers look really cool, especially in red. The sound quality is great for the highs and mids. Crisp and clear with good separation of instruments. Certain kinds of music, like acoustic guitar sounds fantastic. The lows however are definitely lacking, even after breaking these speakers in. They have this mid bass thing that works okay, but if you listen to music with heavy use of bass, you will be wanting more. I though about getting a sub, but that would defeat the purpose of having small speakers because I’m limited on space. Ultimately, I decided to return the A2+ and picked up a pair of Vanatoo T0. They are about the same size if you are using the A2+ with a stand, but sound much better with plenty of bass, as well as blue tooth, optical in and a remote. I’m much happier with them. Read more

  4. Nate Brandeburg

    Wat -_- My few years old Bose Companion 5 system recently passed on to the land of dead electric pixies, so I was faced with finding a replacement. Every review I read, every comparison article, and every forum discussion ended with these Audioengine A2+ speakers being the very best set of desktop speakers. My requirements were great sound quality for music at higher volumes (as I constantly have music playing while at my workbench), as well as clear audio across a large frequency range for gaming. This checked both those boxes, a few times. I can’t say how much I appreciate the beautiful sound quality produced by these speakers, especially since they sound better than my old Bose speaker system and for $150 less! Read more

  5. KcMsterpce

    Wow, I had no idea these would sound so good. I got these for a friend who owns a small bar. I told him he didn’t need Bose (like, EVER), and that smaller speakers would be fine to fill the room. When they first arrived, I didn’t expect them to be so small. However, once plugged in and once I started playing music through my AK120, it was a HUGE surprise. These have got some juice! The mids are what shine with these speakers, but even the higher register has a nice, rounded texture to my ears. The bass is not overwhelming, nor is it anemic. I was shocked to hear speakers this size push out so much air – and so well refined as well. Another added bonus was the packaging. Each speaker was encased in a nice fabric cloth, and it included 16-gauge wire. That kind of surprised me. I purchased many computer speakers, and they almost always have 18 – 20 guage wire. The extra little bit of attention to detail, and the minimal cost difference for going with a higher gauge kind of shows Audioengine’s desire to provide the feeling of quality presentation. I appreciated that. I was so impressed, that I have been considering purchasing the bigger model just to hear the difference. Read more

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