Anker soundcore motion growth outside speaker with titanium drivers, bassup technology, ipx7 waterproof, 24h playtime, soundcore app, built-in cope with, transportable bluetooth speaker for outdoors, camping

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  • remarkable sound loved via 20 million+ humans
  • extreme outdoor sound: make a statement with movement growth out of doors speaker—press play and revel in massive stereo sound that’s distortion-free, even at high volumes.
  • 100% natural titanium: movement increase’s drivers have pure titanium diaphragms to reproduce high frequencies as much as 40khz for sound that has notably better readability.
  • ipx7 water-resistant and floats: don’t freak out if movement boom outdoor speaker goes for a dip! It’s fully water resistant and floats on water.
  • 24-hour playtime: motion boom outdoor speaker grants up to 24 hours of playtime from a single rate to maintain the song gambling on camping weekends, days on the seashore, boat trips, and greater.

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product description

movement boom outside speaker has drivers with one hundred% pure titanium diaphragms for music that sounds crystal clear, even at excessive volumes outside.

soundtrack your outdoor adventures, even if you’re out at the water. Motion increase is absolutely water-resistant and could even glide returned as much as the surface if it’s dropped in water.

soundcore’s proprietary bassup generation analyses the low frequencies in real-time and intensifies them for a big hit of bass.

use the soundcore app to switch between eq modes for tailored sound. Soundcore signature is perfect for normal listening, voice mode accentuates vocals, treble enhance highlights the high frequencies, and balanced offers balanced sound across lows, mids, and highs.

movement increase outside speaker has a ten,000mah battery to power as much as 24 hours of playtime. It additionally has fee-out to let you plug to your gadgets and charge whilst listening.

movement increase outside speaker utilizes the modern bluetooth technology for a skip-free and ultra-stable connection with your tool.

version variety: a3118

key functions


input: 5v/2a

audio output: 30w/2* 2. Five’ titanium drivers/

battery potential: 10000mah

price time: around four hrs at 5v/2a

bluetooth frequency range: 2400 – 2485mhz

sound frequency variety: 60hz ~ 20khz(-3db)

thd+n: 《1%

model quantity: a3118

what’s inside the box

movement growth out of doors speaker

usb-a to usb-c cable

short start guide

Product Dimensions

13.62, x, 5.83, x, 7.87, inches

Item Weight

4.41, pounds





Item model number



1, Lithium, Polymer, batteries, required., (included)

Customer Reviews

4.8, out, of, 5, stars, 788, ratings, 4.8, out, of, 5, stars

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#35, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #524, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

Date First Available

October, 23, 2020

5 reviews for Anker soundcore motion growth outside speaker with titanium drivers, bassup technology, ipx7 waterproof, 24h playtime, soundcore app, built-in cope with, transportable bluetooth speaker for outdoors, camping

  1. KM011

    I own a ridiculous amount of Bluetooth speakers and should quite honestly never buy another, but I had to pick this up due to being very impressed by the the Anker Motion+ when I bought that last year. And let me tell you, Anker did NOT let me down! This is hands down the best speaker under $100, when you factor in the pros and cons and compare it to everything else on the market. I directly compared it to it’s main competitors yesterday, being the Anker Motion+, W King D8, and Aiwa Exos 3. The Motion Boom was the loudest and had the most bass by a large margin! When you combine that with the fact that it has a 10,000mah battery and is completely waterproof and floats, makes it unbeatable at this price point. You would have to buy a JBL Boombox to better the Motion Boom as a backyard/boat/beach speaker, and the Boombox costs between 3-5x as much as the Motion Boom. Don’t be a fool like me and buy everything on the market! lol If you want portable, waterproof and loud, this is what you want! My only regret is that I didn’t buy 2 when they were on sale for $75! As soon as the Motion Boom goes on sale again I’m buying another asap! ***March 2021 Update*** Well, as I said in my original review I was in the market for another one of these since they can be paired in stereo, but I was waiting for the price to drop the price I originally paid, since I’m a cheapskate! LOL! The price dropped down to $76 again last week and my second Motion Boom arrived last friday, and all I can say is OMG!!!!!! If you think one of these sounds amazing, two in stereo is going to blow your mind! Turns any indoor space into a party and these things are probably going to end up having one of my neighbors call the cops on me this summer, but then again you only live once! For anyone who does buy two of these, make sure to download the Soundcore app and use the custom settings and not just one of the presets. This makes a HUGE difference imo! Check out Alan Ross channel on youtube and use his custom settings for the Motion Boom. Also listen to a stereo left right video on youtube while you’re at it and make sure you have your speakers in the correct orientation so you are getting the legit stereo effect. Oh, and all you guys are welcome for me being a bluetooth speaker addict and blowing all my hard earned cash so you don’t have to! LOL! Read more

  2. Bby

    As what those who got both, this unit and the Motion+, comparing the two, Motion+ wins because of the tweeters. Sound is ok but why did they not include the aux port. This would’ve been a good audio amp for outdoor movies, to connect a projector. Also, since this is designed for outdoors an Micro SD card slot should’ve been included you can have music without draining your phones battery. Yes ithas a charger but it wont make the 24 hrs batt life if you charge something on it. If those were added I would readily still buy this product even at a higher price say at $99 or a little more higher. I hope they will come out with an upgraded version with aux port and Micro SD slot. Read more

  3. Benjamin Johnson

    I love deep, punchy bass but I also value portability and reasonable pricing. This product delivers on all accounts; seemingly impossibly so. The drivers are tiny but deliver bass that is equal in depth and quantity to the more expensive JBL Xtreme speaker. The Motion Boom gets adequately loud for a small outdoor gathering. I haven’t tested the battery life yet but even if I get a few hours less than the advertised 24 hours, I’m still winning. Perfect for the beach, backyard or your cool teenager that enjoys modern music. Read more

  4. Just Me

    Quick story. I purchased two Harmon Kardon Go + Play Speakers for my wife. One for my wife’s home yoga studio where she teaches and one for her home massage therapy room where she performs licensed massage therapy on her clients. I got them both on sale for 180 each which IMO was a steal. (HK msrp of 400 is insanely inflated, but I would pay up to 220 for these guys) My wife also performs licensed massage therapy at a spa with another owner and teaches yoga once a week at an outside gym. I did not want the HK go+play speakers to travel so I started researching budget speakers on YT. I first tried the Bugani M90 which comes in around $50. It wasn’t a terrible speaker, had presence and was sparkly, but the lows/bass imo were completely lacking compared to the reviews. It went back. I then went back and forth on the motion boom and the motion plus. I’m no audiophile, but again, IMO the boom just has that warmth and presence from the bass that the motion plus lacks. It just warms up the room. And with the eq mode app from Soundcore, you can fine tune it to get really really close to the motion plus clarity but still gain the low end bass. Alot are excited that Anker crammed five speakers in the plus, but I would almost be willing to bet in a blind test and listen, if the listener had no visuals and never saw these speakers and heard them playing side by side they would probably go with the boom cause it’s a room filler, has low end and just sounds all around fantastic. Looks – honestly the boom is a little ugly and cheap looking with the plasticy body and fugly handle…..But, don’t judge a book by its cover. This ugly guy sings. So, the boom is going to go back and forth between my wife’s away location at the spa and location at the gym because it pumps enough where she can use it at the gym when teaching. Ambient music used during yoga seems to use a lot of low end frequencies for meditation. Also, Im not losing HK go play money on a speaker if someone takes it. Is the boom as good as her HK go play? Nope. Is it good enough that it can still get the job done at half what I paid for the go play and still bring a smile to my face. Absolutely. For less than a large bill, look no further. The boom is a mini bumper that sounds amazing. Awesome job, Soundcore. Update. Loved this thing so much I purchased another to go back and forth from garage to pool. Update again:. Purchased another. Taking the garage/pool one (2nd) and the third one on the stand up paddle boards and linking them up when on the lake with my wife. Read more

  5. angel encarnacion

    Lo usé en donde trabajo y para un lugar donde hay muchos ruidos, uso obligatorio de protectores auditivos y otras personas usando sus bocinas Bluetooth, el speaker brega super bien en sonido. Lo que es falso es que dure 24 horas de baterías. Ya después de 6 horas estaba más de la mitad el indicador de batería. Y ya con 10 horas de trabajo cumplidas, el indicador de batería estaba en rojo. Read more

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