Anker soundcore 2 transportable bluetooth speaker with 12w stereo sound, bluetooth 5, bassup, ipx7 water-resistant, 24-hour playtime, wireless stereo pairing, speaker for domestic, outdoors, travel

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  • incredible sound: 12w of pure audio power with more advantageous bass thunders from twin neodymium drivers. An advanced digital sign processor guarantees pounding bass and 0 distortion at any volume.
  • excessive bass: extraordinary bass up technology and a patented spiral bass port raise low-cease frequencies to make the beats hit even tougher.
  • out of doors-proof: ipx7 protection safeguards towards rain, dirt, snow, and spills. Get exceptional sound at domestic, in the yard, or everywhere else imaginable.
  • 24h non-stop tune: anker’s global-famend strength control generation and a five,200mah li-ion battery deliver a full day of sublime sound.
  • snatch, go, concentrate: classic design that has been subtle and lightened, with effects easy controls.
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from the producer

soundcore 2

custom designed dual drivers produce 12 w of big stereo sound. A virtual sign processor with dynamic range manipulate guarantees excessive volumes are distortion-free and occasional tiers produce rich bass.

the combination of different bassup era and a patented spiral bass port takes the low give up to new depths even as keeping awesome readability and intensity.

soundcore 2 gives the soundtrack for any adventure. Its ipx7 water-proof safety defends it against rain, snow, dust and greater.

soundcore 2

anker’s main energy control era and a 5,200mah li-ion battery combine to power up to 24 hours of non-forestall music.

pair two soundcore 2 audio system thru a unmarried device for double the extent or ambitious stereo sound.*

*most effective like minded with the up to date model of soundcore 2.

never leave out a beat way to soundcore 2’s ultra-strong bluetooth connection.

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Black, Blue, Red

3 reviews for Anker soundcore 2 transportable bluetooth speaker with 12w stereo sound, bluetooth 5, bassup, ipx7 water-resistant, 24-hour playtime, wireless stereo pairing, speaker for domestic, outdoors, travel

  1. Yushy

    When Anker’s SoundCore 2 went on sale, I immediately made the purchase so that I could compare an Anker Bluetooth speaker with those from other manufacturers. Anker is a well-known brand producing quality products. My expectations were high. Packaging The SoundCore 2 came in a white and light blue box with black and light blue text on the outside. Inside the box, wrapped in velvety plastic, was the speaker secured by cardboard on all but the top parts. With the speaker were the user guide, “Happy/Not Happy” card and an Anker-branded charging cable inside its own smaller box. Packaging was professional. Pairing and Controls Pairing the SoundCore 2 with an iPhone 7 Plus was a breeze. Shortly after turning the speaker on, “SoundCore 2” appeared on my phone. A couple of seconds after I tapped the name, paring was successful, confirmed by tone. The controls are located at the top of the speaker. They include the power, – (minus), play, + (plus) and Bluetooth buttons. The + and – buttons are used for adjusting volume. The play button is a multi-function button that can be used to pause/resume playback, accept/reject/end calls as well as putting the current call on hold while accepting another call. Additionally, the play button can also be used to switch a call between speaker and mobile device. On one of the sides are the auxiliary and micro USB charging ports. Performance When it comes to speakers, the most important factor for me is sound quality reproduction. Anker’s SoundCore 2 didn’t disappoint. Vocals by a basso vocalist were smooth. Middle frequencies produced by a flute and a clarinet were clear and pleasant. High frequencies from an acoustic guitar were crisp and very satisfying. The sound of a bass drum was somewhere in between a “punch” and a “boom.” Applying an equalizer app got the bass drum closer to a boom but not quite there. This is an area where the speaker could use an improvement when it comes to sound quality reproduction. The SoundCore 2 is loud. At maximum volume, it easily filled my 20-feet x 20-feet garage with sound. Bluetooth range was amazing. Without any obstruction in between the speaker and my phone, sound didn’t cutoff until both were about 100 feet apart, producing the best Bluetooth range of all speakers I’ve tested to date. Phone calls were clear. The speaker has the ability to put an existing call on hold while answering another incoming call. I have yet to see this feature on other Bluetooth speakers. There is one feature that is common with most speakers I’ve tested but not present with the SoundCore 2 and that is the ability to call the last number dialed on the phone the speaker is paired with. This would normally be a double press of the play button but this action is assigned to skip to the next track. I found this to be surprising coming from an Anker product. In addition to call the last number dialed, I was also surprised by the inability to go to the previous track. Unless I missed this in the user guide, this functionality is not present. As already mentioned, the speaker has the ability to enable voice control software such as Siri on iOS devices. This is the second speaker I have tested to include this nice feature. Pros • Durable and rugged construction • Good sound reproduction • Loud • Comprehensive user guide in 9 languages • Amazing Bluetooth range • Advanced phone call answering features • Ability to enable voice activated software (Siri with iOS) • Anker-branded charging cable Cons • Can’t go to previous track • Can’t call the last number dialed • No auxiliary cable Conclusion Despite the minor quirks mentioned in my review, the pros far outweigh the cons making the SoundCore 2 an excellent choice for a Bluetooth speaker in the $46 (price at the time of review) range. Similar speakers I’ve tested are the Meidong 2110 and the Meidong QQChocolate Medium. While these two speakers are more accurate in terms of sound quality reproduction, they are not as loud as the SoundCore 2. If volume is more important, you can’t go wrong with the SoundCore 2. However, if sound quality reproduction is more important, take a look at the Meidong speakers. I had to switch between all three speakers while writing this review to make sure that my conclusions are as accurate as possible. Read more

  2. J. Yi

    This is a slightly different review than most are probably expecting but I don’t have another brand or unit of this class to compare it to but the following is of my experience comparing the original SoundCore to the SoundCore 2. I recently purchased the SoundCore as I had seen it was one of the line-in/bt bestsellers. I was satisfied with the build quality, sound quality, and functionality. Then as I was about to write this review the devil’s that be at Amazon decide to put the SoundCore 2 in my recommended… I did some research to determine if it would be worth the extra few bucks to get the SC2. I was set on just keeping the SC as I didn’t want to have to deal with repackaging it to return but then I figured let’s see if anyone has gone from the 1st to the 2nd… Not much that really got me sold turned up aside from the expected reviews saying it’s not much louder, and it can be near water…the obvious. But the splash resistance and slightly more powerful speakers for only a couple more bucks really does make it a no-brainer! So I order the SC2. Received it yesterday and played around with the two throughout the day. Here’s my observations/opinions without stating the obvious two features the SC lacks or whatever is already on the manufacturers/Amazon product description… *The SC2 is physically ever so slightly larger in all directions due to the extra “armor cladding,” think chubby kid eating too much cake. *The buttons are more pronounced on the SC2. *The grille mesh on the SC1 is recessed a slight bit more into the speaker opening which I prefer as I feel it offers a bit more protection having the “lip” around it from denting the speaker grille should it land flat on the ground on say a tiny grain of sand. I’d eventually be annoyed seeing the tiny ding and end up having to replace it…. *The SC2 grille sits out more flush(but not completely) with the surrounding so I feel it is more prone to my aforementioned ding. *The BRIGHT LED on the SC1 is annoyingly placed smack on the front….and boy does it scream at you. *The LED’s on the SC2 are perfect!(think soft mood lighting) and placed on top next to the buttons. *The sound output of the SC2 at any given level is noticeably louder than the SC1. *The bass on the SC2 sounds better and “boomier” than the SC1. *Neither unit distorted at unacceptable levels at max volume playing the following songs I picked from my gym payload at random: Jump Man by Buckethead, Soon It Will Be Cold Enough by Emancipator, Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw, Like A Virgin by Madonna, and Tootsie Roll by 69 Boyz. *Don’t expect either unit to put out the deep, rumbling, nose tickling, chest caving, hair moving bass you’d come to expect from an actual super legit subwoofer found in that annoying neighborhood kids car driving down your street at 2:30am every morning. *The SC2 bass is noticeably, slightly more punchy. *Justin Bieber sounds absolutely horrible from both units. For some reason both speakers make his music sound like a little boy crying… *Thank God Anker decided to tone down the ginormous Anker logo across the front grille of the SC2. All in all the additional couple bucks is money well spent. Do yourself a favor and buy the SoundCore 2(not that there’s anything wrong with the SC1) as it’s the upgraded version for the cost of tomorrow mornings Starbucks. Read more

  3. Garrett C.

    Absolutely love Anker products. They seem to be made well and durable. So you may ask, “why the one star”… to wrap up this long story, the sound quality is great especially for the price. Sits well is durable, rubber fusion around, very distinctive buttons and easy layout. The issue is that it has an issue connecting. Not once or a few times, all the time. The issue is that when I turn it on it says and try to connect it says “please turn on or place device in range” I’ve done everything. Hit the Bluetooth button. Still nothing. The only time this device works is if you hit forget device on phone and re add it. I have done this multiple times. This is obviously a hardware issue. I must have received a dud but very upsetting towards my father because I gave it to him as a gift. It’s almost humiliating and embarrassing for what I gave him. Read more

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