Acoustic audio psw400-10 home theater powered 10″ lfe subwoofer black the front firing sub

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  • domestic theater lfe powered subwoofer – devoted lfe or wellknown rca inputs effortlessly hook up with your home theater receivers subwoofer output. Shop strength with the delivered sign sensing vehicle on/off characteristic
  • 400 watts top electricity – incorporated excessive efficiency electricity amplifier, 25 – 250 hz with 97db at 8ohm, car on/off and 0 – one hundred eighty degree phase manipulate switches, advantage and forty – a hundred and forty hz crossover control knobs
  • 10 inch front firing woofer – lengthy throw woofer with excessive rigidity pva dealt with cone, backside slotted port, bass reflex cupboard with vibration soaking up toes, high excellent mdf with inner bracing, black ash finish and detachable acoustically transparent grill
  • system requirements – fashionable us 110v grounded wall plug, any domestic theater receiver with rca dedicated or lfe subwoofer outputs, home receiver or stereo with uncooked wire outputs. Use for home theater and surround sound systems
  • what is within the box – acoustic audio through psw400-10 powered subwoofer, 9 foot twin rca/lfe cable, rca “y” adapter, guidance guide – status sub with feet size is (h x w x d) 15″ × 12. 25″ × 11. 25″
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product description

acoustic audio uniqueness collection powered subs immerse you in the action of your fast-paced films and sports activities. Add impact on your favored movies and full-bodied bass to your favored tunes. Its stylish design and superior sound make it a smart addition to any home theater. Its elegant wooden finish is refined and enhances maximum flat-panel shows. It features a high-cutting-edge, 400-watt amp which effects drives its the front-firing 10″ woofer for dynamic low-frequency results. The lfe, rca and excessive and coffee inputs can help you use any receiver or processor. The 10″ woofer utilizes an extended tour cone for deep, accurate response. The mdf bass-reflex enclosure functions inner bracing, and a 25hz to 250hz frequency response provides thumping bass from all of your movement movies and cd albums.


6", 8", 10", 12"


Subwoofer, Subwoofer + Speakers


250 Watts, 300 Watts, 400 Watts, 500 Watts

6 reviews for Acoustic audio psw400-10 home theater powered 10″ lfe subwoofer black the front firing sub

  1. Kilroy Jones

    Advertised a like new speaker in original packaging working perfectly. Received a worn out piece of junk that someone cut the wires and crushed the RCA splitter. Also found cabinet damage on one side. Connected the speaker and tested it with my Yamaha speaker test system. Speaker is dead. Amp turns on, but speaker is completely non-responsive. Someone probably screwed this speaker up, returned it and then the seller tried to pawn damaged goods off on someone else. Read more

  2. M-Rod

    I really wish it didn’t have the issues it has because it’s sounds pretty good and hits hard and it’s a good value for the amount of bass it produces. So for the issues it has: 1. LFE is useless I paid extra for this model because of the LFE option but it is useless I get a crackling noise that’s pretty annoying and very noticeable at low volumes. 2. The bass is really weak even with the gain all the way up. I had to connect it using the regular audio connectors (red and white). With this method the bass sounds much more powerful and is pretty decent but the crackling noise is still there at the lower volumes. I’ve adjusted the gain and the crossover but no luck getting rid of the crackling. Not sure what to do here maybe spend money on a more expensive wire to connect it to my amp see if this solves the issue. Or just return it? I will continue to test it and contact the manufacturer and see if this can be resolved. DONT BUY THE LFE MODEL. I wanted the LFE option because my amp has more controllability of the sub via this option but it’s a no go with this sub Read more

  3. Steve

    I bought two for a dual subwoofer setup from my receiver. Long story: The “Auto-On” feature turns the subwoofer on after it receives signal from your receiver through the RCA cable. But with this subwoofer/amp, if it doesn’t have a CONTINUOUS signal, it turns off almost immediately. What does this mean to you? If you are watching a movie and there is a dialogue where people talk quietly for a bit, before the monster pops out, the plane bombs them, or something crashes… the subwoofer is off the whole time, not anticipating anything, and then is delayed for whatever explosion happens. This means you hear some weird half-explosion. Then it sub turns off again AND REPEAT. All of those little footsteps where the sub could help some low frequencies aren’t picked up. I tested this by leaving the sub full-on and the sub worked properly, but I can’t be manually turning on and off two subwoofers… especially when that’s a feature of the sub. As far as quality, it’s nothing to write home about. I turned on Spotify to play music with deep bass and it was lacking. I would avoid altogether. Read more

  4. Ali LeRoi

    Out of the box I connected this to a set of Peachtree M25 speakers setup with a U-Turn turntable. I thought the easiest way to go would be to use the LFE rca/out from the speakers to the sub. It powered up, but the sound left me disappointed. Mid range(y) – made me feel like the sub was underpowered and just not delivering on the frequency range I was hoping for. Before packing it up and sending it back, I decided to try the speaker out high level connections on the speakers and sub. VAST improvement. I don’t know if I should’ve read the directions and it would’ve told me to do that, but yea. It sounds good now. Really rounds out the sound of the Peachtrees. Read more

  5. Eric Tanner

    Overall nice subwoofer. Has great bass, love the multi connection options. Cabinet looks really nice. Range is good and can make the floor vibrate. If your looking to rock the windows, this is not the sub for you, but when you like your bass in moderation this unit is perfect. Great price. Not all that ecstatic about the box it arrived in. It delivered to my porch in a box clearly advertising what was in the box in big bold letters. It was even double boxed for protection but still, a plain brown box wouldve been a better choice. Recommend being home on delivery date. Read more

  6. JakeZ

    I bought this from Amazon warehouse at a lower price and saw absolutely no issues with the appearance. I’ve been building a budget 5.1 solution for a small apartment living room. Highly recommend the micca rb42x series (also refurbished). I was looking at subwoofer solutions under $150. After reading many positive reviews on the theater solutions subwoofers, I started looking through the 10 through 15 inch options. I wouldn’t doubt if acoustic audio and theater solutions are the same parent company just throwing different logos on the box. Digging through both companies options for Amazon warehouse deals, I settled on the 10 inch front firing from acoustic audio because it just happened to work out that way. I appreciate the input options and ability to daisy chain signal if you wanted to expand down the line. The sub will power on and off with the receiver if you actually set the power switch to the center option of “auto”, not sure why people are having problems understanding that. I would personally get a new set of RCAS, or at least the splitter if you’re needing to use it, because that item seems pretty cheap and can cause humming problems if it’s not aligned perfectly. The male end that goes into the receiver is relatively loose, but if you use speaker wire or LFE hookups, this isn’t an issue. This item fills the low and mid-low range if all you have is small bookshelves in the front. If you’ve got towers with 6.5″ or larger woofers, you might want to step up to a 12 or 15″ to fill the low end a bit better. I might end up getting a matching 15″ to daisy chain to round out the low end, setting this 10″ at a higher crossover freq to help blend the mid-bass and set the 15″ for the sub-45hz freq. This setup adds more flexibility and range for less than a single higher end sub. If you’ve got the space, I’ll always recommend multiple budget subs vs one more expensive sub. Overall, not mad at this purchase at all. Read more

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