Acoustic audio psw-15 down firing powered subwoofer (black)

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  • ensure this fits by using getting into your version wide variety.
  • home theater powered subwoofer – wellknown rca inputs easily hook up with your own home theater receivers devoted subwoofer output. Shop strength with the introduced signal sensing vehicle on/off function
  • 600 watts peak strength – included excessive efficiency strength amplifier, 22 – 250 hz with 99db at 8ohm, vehicle on/off and 0 – one hundred eighty degree phase control switches, advantage and 40 – one hundred forty hz crossover manipulate knobs
  • 15 inch down firing woofer – lengthy throw woofer with excessive rigidity pva dealt with cone, backside slotted port, bass reflex cupboard layout with vibration soaking up toes, high fine mdf with delivered inner bracing and black ash end
  • system requirements – standard us 110v grounded wall plug, any home theater receiver with twin or unmarried rca devoted subwoofer passive output, home receiver or stereo with uncooked twine outputs. Use for domestic theater and surround sound structures
  • what is within the container – acoustic audio by using psw-15 powered subwoofer, 6 foot dual rca cable, rca “y” adapter, education guide – status sub with toes length is (h x w x d) 14. 6″ × 16. Five” × 18. 5″ – no longer lfe like minded
  • blanketed additives: 1 powered subwoofer speaker, 1 twin rca 6 foot cable, 1 rca “y” adapter, instruction manual
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from the manufacturer

acoustic audio by means of goldwood psw domestic theater powered subwoofers

acoustic audio by way of goldwood psw powered subs are designed together with your particular style in mind! Our glossy design and unmatched sound make it a important addition to any domestic theater. The fashionable black ash timber finish is diffused and complements most domestic audio systems, seamlessly. Immerse your self in the action of fast-paced films or sports, increase the effect of your favored tv suggests and add complete-bodied bass for your favourite tunes!

psw subs characteristic a built-in high efficiency amplifier which resultseasily drives the down firing subwoofer for a smooth, crisp bass sound. Our woofer makes use of a long excursion cone for deep, accurate reaction. Combining simply the right motive force materials, speaker geometry and enclosure construction techniques has a synergistic effect that produces cleaner, clearer low frequency sound.

the mdf bass-reflex enclosure is internally braced and damped to put off inner status waves and different overall performance-robbing resonances. This particular configuration uses a particularly tuned and directed port to more correctly produce maximum bass effect. The high and low inputs allow you to use any receiver or processor and the without difficulty available line and speaker stage inputs & speaker stage outputs permit easy connection to most structures.

psw subs outperform the opposition with long lasting, resonance-free dynamic balance driver materials that live stiff and flow speedy. You may experience deep, musical low frequencies and exciting consequences with acoustic audio by means of goldwood’s superior gadget mixing.

acoustic audio by way of goldwood home theater bookshelf audio system – aa351b x 2 and aa40cb.

  • in wall home entertainment
  • in ceiling home entertainment
  • domestic theater systems
  • surround sound structures
  • a couple of room systems
  • subwoofer functions

    effortlessly power the psw sub with its built in high performance amplifier for residence-shaking strength with excellent manage. The amplifier moreover capabilities adjustable impartial advantage/stage manipulate, segment manipulate switch, low level and speaker degree inputs/outputs, sign sensing vehicle on/off feature and variable low bypass frequency manage.

    psw subs characteristic a ported enclosure that is internally braced and coated with grey batting to make certain the subwoofer remains stable and steady even at radical volume degrees, for extra efficient use of power. They’re engineered for perfect volume, tuned for distortion free low frequencies and geared up to get rid of resonances.

    psw subs have a subtle long throw subwoofer placed on the bottom of the enclosure. Our sub makes use of an extended excursion, excessive pressure pva handled cone for the most accurate response. The enclosure includes a backside slotted bass port and smooth triangular feet to extra efficaciously produce maximum bass impact.

    the low profile enclosure with lovely black finish and present day style complements the decor of any home theater. As the finishing touch of the psw sub, the discrete black ash wood end creates an immersive sense to an already extraordinary subwoofer.

    product description

    acoustic audio’s audiophile series powered subs immerse you within the action of your speedy-paced movies and sports. Add impact on your favored films and full-bodied bass on your favourite tunes with a sub that is slightly a cubic foot. Its stylish layout and superior sound make it a smart addition to any home theater. Its elegant black ash finish is refined and complements maximum flat-panel displays. It capabilities a excessive-present day, 600-watt amp which effortlessly drives its down-firing 15″ woofer for dynamic low-frequency outcomes. The high and low inputs permit you to use any receiver or processor. The 15″ woofer utilizes a protracted tour cone for deep, correct response. The mdf bass-reflex enclosure features inner bracing, and a 22hz to 250hz frequency reaction can provide thumping bass from all your movement films and cd albums.


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    3 reviews for Acoustic audio psw-15 down firing powered subwoofer (black)

    1. Geoffrey A. Mcdaniel

      **** 3year update **** 3 years now….daily use….over 3000 hours now per my averaging. Still impressed, in a 20ft by 20ft by 24ft space, but then open to the rest of the house beyond that. In the time since my original review below, my Velodyne HGS-18 in the theater room has blown it’s amp, sadly….but this little 10” acoustic audio continues to play well in our living room… 3000+ hours in now. Zero regrets! **** original, one year review **** I never have come back and written a review a year after I purchased a product. Today, while playing some music while cleaning the house, what I was hearing from this, now one year old subwoofer, compelled me to post a review of this product. A year ago, probably much like you, I was in the market for a small / moderate subwoofer to cover the low end for my living room TV setup. We got a new 4K TV, all of which are flat, and this one with the speakers on the back. Its hard to hear things, I think some kind of soundbar or stereo setup is required to be able to hear anything properly. I went the stereo route, as I already had some Klipsch “satellite” monitors mounted high in the 4 corners of the room. The room is terrible as far as size / shape. 20 ft x 20 ft with 24 ft ceilings, but its also open to EVERYTHING. Its virtually impossible to get awesome sound in such an environment, so I was looking for something good, but didn’t want to break the bank on performance that would be lost in such a terrible environment for sound. I picked this little sub up to hide away in our living room setup. Its tucked away, and nobody can really see it. 10” downward firing driver, down firing slot port, and the amp is rated at 200 watts continuous and 400 watts peak. Well get to the amp ratings later. I have to say….this thing is great! Has been from day 1, and we are at day 360+ of constant…DAILY… use! Truly, it sees use for hours, every single day, as this is the room where my family spends the most time. I got it for TV sound, as the small Klipsch satellite speakers mounted 12 feet up couldn’t possibly even cover any kind of bass. This sub has exceeded my expectations. It’s truly awesome for movies as well as standard TV. A nice big impact all around. And when you consider the price, wow! The price / performance ratio is outrageous. There is full bass, throughout the room. It’s not hollow sounding, it’s nice and full and deep! It sounds spectacular! Today, while playing music, I was overwhelmed with how great it mixed and filled the room, and sounded nice even in all the other adjacent rooms, it really made the music sound spectacular. Not only good for TV and movies, but music too! Now, some naysayers may say that such a low end system means I don’t know what a good subwoofer should sound like. I don’t believe that to be the case. I have a room my family uses as a dedicated theater. It’s the perfect rectangular shape, with 10 foot ceilings, and no windows. Acoustically treated, and calibrated. It has some modern components, including a full 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos and DTS-X processor and speaker setup. One of the subwoofers in that room is the Velodyne HGS-18 series II subwoofer. It has a servo controlled 18” driver. 1250 watts continuous / 3000 watts peak. Its massive, could double as an end table, 120 pounds….and THX certified to boot. It plays down to 5 Hz, and is simply devastating. Despite its age, to date, Its still regarded as one of the very best subwoofers made for the consumer market. I’ve included a picture of the two together – the under side of the Acoustic Audio 10”, and the front of the Velodyne 18”, to show how much smaller the acoustic audio is, it will tuck away in any room very nicely. In the dedicated theater room, I don’t care how big it is….the room is more functional than beautiful. I don’t want that in the living room however! The Acoustic Audio 10” is perfectly small, and can tuck away nicely. In no way am I here to compare the abilities of the Acoustic Audio to the Velodyne. Its no competition, its also not the intended competition I suspect. The Acoustic Audio isn’t meant to be able to recreate the sonic output of an earthquake….the Velodyne is. However, the Velodyne was also 30 TIMES the cost of this Acoustic Audio 10”! If you aren’t expecting gut curling bass that can shake the walls, but rather a nice powerful low end that can play deep audibly, dynamic and musical at the same time, works equally well at video and music programing – I think it’s difficult to find a better consumer subwoofer at this price point for the performance that it delivers. This small package does a fantastic job filling such an odd and large space with very pleasing and at times surprisingly powerful performance. There are people that are critical of the amplifier in the Acoustic Audio 10”. Rated at 200 continuous / 400 peak, they say in actuality, the amp is way smaller. I honestly can’t say, I have no way of measuring….I have to go on how it performs, what it sounds like. And on that front, if this thing only has a 50 watt amplifier, whatever it really measures at…its working….its filling a very big room with generous and powerful bass….and remember how much $$$ we are talking here. 1 year in….and without a doubt, all thumbs up – BUY IT! Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      I purchased this product in July, 2017 and at first it seemed fine. Reasonably good sound quality in my media room. However, after 8 months it began making a very loud noise; not just a hum. I checked the audio cables, amp, etc and it is definitely in the speaker. OK, no problem, it has a lifetime warranty…right. Well I first contact Amazon to see how to handle it; they gave me an 800 number. However, it was to the distributor. Contacted Amazon again and they gave me an email for Acoustic Audio aka Goldwood Sound. They replied it was the seller’s responsibility ie Amazon. Back to Amazon who said…to contact the seller again. I was really disappointed in Amazon for not interceding in my behalf and have left me out to dry. To date I have heard nothing more from the mfg…I don’t really expect too. Yes, you can rest assured I won’t buy any products from Goldwood Sound and I will now have to reconsider Amazon prime and their “customer service” or lack thereof. Read more

    3. David Hunt

      I bought this to complement some Klipsch R-14M bookshelfs on my computer. In the first 10 minutes of turning it on I was already shopping for a different sub and thinking about boxing it back up. I had the volume at max and barely anything was coming out. But I decided to deal with it later and just let it play for a while. After a couple hours of music playback, the volume increased greatly as the subwoofer loosened up. I ended up turning the volume knob down to 75%. The low pass crossover knob doesn’t really have any effect below about 100Hz on the indicator. But going too high will make the sub overly boomy. If you plan on being about 6-8 feet from the subwoofer, then it’s an adequate subwoofer. Once you get about 10-15 feet away, a lot of the bass rolls off. Since this is under my computer desk, it makes it about 5 feet from me and it’s plenty of bass for my taste. While I have never heard of Acoustic Audio, I have heard of the parent company Goldwood. I have been a Part Express customer for 20 years and they have carried Goldwood drivers that whole time. So I do have some confidence in Goldwood. I was surprised to see that the amplifier plate looks EXACTLY the same as the plate amplifier on the Dayton Audio (Parts Express brand) 10″ SUB-1000. They rate their version at 100 watts RMS, where as this one is rated at 200W RMS. The Dayton number is probably more realistic. I own the Dayton 12″ subwoofer and have been satisfied with that, so that makes me more confident in this brand, since they appear to be made by the same company. The competition for this subwoofer would probably be the Polk PSW-10 that is sold for a very good price here on Amazon (older generation though). It’s a 10″ ported design, just as this Acoustic Audio subwoofer. I ended up going with this product because the Polk is only rated for 50 watts, this model is supposedly 200 watts, but 100 watts is probably more accurate (just my guess though). Also, the reason I was shopping at all for this is because my small children have been putting all kinds of stuff inside the front facing port of the previous subwoofer I had on my computer. This model has both the subwoofer AND the port facing down to the ground. So no more random toys and items going inside the subwoofer!!!!! I did end up going with the Square Trade warranty. I was only like 6 dollars and added several years of hassle free coverage. Overall, after some break in, I am satisfied with this product. There aren’t a lot of choices at the ~$100 price point. The Polk is a popular one, as is the Dayton Audio. I would consider this to be a different looking Dayton Audio that you can get delivered same day. If you are needing it for a small space and just looking for some “boom” for your small speakers, then it’s a good product. BTW, the feet are about 2″ tall cones that are hard plastic. With the sub firing down, you might want to get some rubber or felt bumper feet/pads to stick on the bottom if you plan on putting this on hardwood or tile. So it doesn’t rattle or move around. Read more

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