Acoustic audio by way of goldwood aa351w 2 manner high overall performance indoor out of doors 500w speakers with powerful bass (1 pair, white)

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your version quantity.
  • outdoor mountable stressed audio system – conventional passive speaker design, really power power from your amplifier or receiver. Complete range sound insurance with 2-manner tweeter and woofer configuration
  • weatherproof and sturdy – white abs sealed cabinets with spring loaded raw twine connectors and mounting brackets are weatherproof towards rain, snow, sun, ice and greater. Huge sound from a compact speaker size of (h x w x d) 6″ x four. 25″ x 4″ each
  • excessive great – three” poly mica woofers with butyl rubber surrounds, . 5″ pei dome tweeters, frequency reaction of 100hz-20 khz with 89db at 8ohm
  • system necessities – any amp or receiver with raw speaker wire outputs, energy from your amp should be no much less than 20 and no more than 250 watts in line with channel, cl3 or uncooked speaker twine to connect your amp to the speakers
  • what is in the field – 2 acoustic audio with the aid of goldwood aa351w speakers, mounting brackets with hardware, guidance manual. Use for domestic theater surround sound, complete residence audio systems, business or retail installations, patios, decks, pool and spa settings
  • power supply type: corded electric powered
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product description

these are the correct speakers for any occasion or utility because they may be water resistant and can withstand all climate situations. They were designed with sturdiness in thoughts, so there’s no want to fear approximately rust or put on-and-tear. Use them on your deck or patio, with the aid of the pool, or on your garage. In addition they make fantastic additions to any surround sound domestic theater, will in shape onto any bookshelf, can be used with any pa gadget and are super to use in toilets and kitchens. Every speaker can take care of 250 watts of power (125w rms), and has a -way design and capability. Covered are mounting brackets, which lets in for problem-free set up in any location.


Black, White

8 reviews for Acoustic audio by way of goldwood aa351w 2 manner high overall performance indoor out of doors 500w speakers with powerful bass (1 pair, white)

  1. ArchitectThom

    I don’t really understand all the great reviews on here? Are you people all getting paid to review these? Cuz, these things suck. No bass whatsoever. I’m sorry, but they sound awful outdoors. Read more

  2. Gary Murray

    I purchased 4 of these units for a meeting/training room approx 1,400 square feet. 9 foot ceilings… Only 3/4 of the room is seating / sound area the other half is a half kitchen and serving area for refreshments. The training room is for trainings, presentations and an occasional video with music. I admit, when I first unboxed these speakers, they were much smaller than I had expected (and pictures of installed products on Acoustic Audio’s site illustrated). That said the size didn’t matter too much. I have these units hanging off of 2 Behringer A500 AMPs… (two units daisy chained together off of one amp per pair). The volume I get out of these using Shure microphones off of a Behringer 14 channel mixer is more than enough for a room of about 80, room being almost 1,400 square feet. Sound quality for speakers, dialogue, presentations and lectures is about an A-… quality for sound and music is about a B-… As you can see in the last picture, I took a pic of the speaker mounted close to our Epson projector for size comparison. So the size is rather tiny, but the fact that they work above average in a 1,400 square foot space is nice. If you are looking to cover a smaller area, you can’t really beat the price for the quality. The Good: * Price Point… decent quality for decent product * Installation… the push button connectors on the back rather than traditional screws is a nice and easy feature that requires no tools * Felt type stickers included in product… You place these between the mounting bracket and speaker itself… these are a MUST HAVE… I tried the first without and around 80DB with any kind of base the bracket screwed directly into the speaker without this ‘felt’ sticker washer between causes rattling. * 8 Ohm / 500 Watt speakers, MUCH better than 4 Ohm (which is typical in most other speaker brands at this price point), otherwise my Behringers wouldn’t support. The Bad: * Speaker size and acoustic limitations. This isn’t an issue for what we’re doing, but if I were installing these in a home theater, on a boat, in some type of party or social setting where music is played, I just don’t think you’ll get the volume and sound clarity you’d want and can get from other better quality but slightly more expensive models. * Plastic Bracket is Flimsy. Again, this isn’t much of an issue for me, I actually used zip ties to mount in the ceiling rafters instead of washer and screws, but I can see that if you needed these well mounted for security or because you install these on a boat that may jar or buck, just screwing into the brackets too tightly might crack the plastic and a good jolt could likely crack the plastic brackets as well. Summary: I’d buy these again and could see these cost efficient units in a home theater system no problem… I would go up several sizes and dish out a little more $$ if I’m outfitting for a karaoke style party room or a music ‘hall’ or a social meeting room whereby loud music is expected to be played. We have our first big meeting tonight and will have another training including video and audio / music, etc… in about 2 weeks that should really test its capability. I’ll post an update at that time if I can remember to do so. Read more

  3. lawrence

    these are surround speakers… bass is not what they are pushing.. as such their clarity and presence in my surround system far surpasses the yamaha matched speakers i had.. i have a 7.2 system.warning: always give your speakers 50 plus hours to open and expand the voice coils at low volume…. before trying to crank the volume…. Read more

  4. B. Morgan

    The power handling on these things are extremely exaggerated. Having said that they do sound pretty decent I’ve hooked them up to about 15 watts per Channel and they’re nice and clean and clear. If you tried to put a lot of power to them say 100 watts are more per Channel you’re going to fry these things. For cheap speakers they sound pretty good, not much bass but mids and highs are clean . If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want something that sounds all right then these will definitely do the job over a $150 pair of speakers Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I mounted these under the eaves of my front porch. Sound quality is actually pretty decent for the price. I drive them with a Yamaha 100amp per channel reciever. They are loud enough to make the Neighbor mad. They serve the purpose of some outdoor space background music. If you want high quality sound I would look at something different. The bracket that holds the speaker is plastic. I could see how they could break easily. (Super cheap plastic)! Overall happy with my purchase. Read more

  6. Kurtis

    Pretty good for $40; using them as front height speakers in a 5.1.2 set up in an apartment. they do the job and were simple to install and set up. Handle the power from 80wpc Yamaha receiver easily. Read more

  7. Confessor

    When I got these speakers I was surprised by how small they are, and skeptical that they could produce good sound. I hooked them up to my 250 watt stereo and man oh man was I surprised by the great sound. I bought these to go outside under the house eves so I could listen to the radio while working in the yard. These things are beasts, I have an acre and a half yard and they fill my space with music perfectly. I am really happy with these speakers they would be worth it at three times the price. Read more

  8. chris

    i bough these speakers to use with my dolby atmos system in my media room. when i set them up i found that the mount is really easy to set up and that the mount in very stable and works great for me and when i upgrade to a larger syetem i would purchase another pair of theses speaker in a heartbeat! Read more

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