Acoustic audio aa321b mountable indoor speakers four hundred watts black bookshelf pair

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  • mountable indoor stressed audio system – conventional passive speaker layout, virtually force strength from your amplifier or receiver
  • excessive quality – full range sound insurance with 2. 5″ polypropylene woofers, frequency response is 150hz-20 khz with 88db at 8ohm
  • long lasting and mountable – black abs sealed cabinets with spring loaded raw cord connectors and mounting brackets. Large sound from a compact speaker size of (h x w x d) three. Five” x three. Five” x four. 5″ every
  • device requirements – any amp or receiver with raw speaker wire outputs, power out of your amp ought to be no less than 20 and no extra than 2 hundred watts per channel, cl3 or uncooked speaker wire to connect your amp to the audio system
  • what’s within the container – 2 acoustic audio by goldwood aa321b speakers, mounting brackets with hardware, guidance guide. Use for home theater surround sound, complete house audio systems, business or retail installations, patios, decks, pool and spa settings

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aa321 bookshelf audio system have a booming yet compact 2. 5″ polypropylene full range woofer with butyl rubber surrounds for protection. The heavy duty abs production of their sealed shelves make those audio system no longer only long lasting, but a swish and fashionable addition any indoor system.

each speaker includes a durable, fully directional swivel wall mount attachment and four wall screws. Upload particular sound to your house surround sound gadget by way of mounting those discrete audio system around the listening area. Flip or tilt the speaker to direct the sound exactly wherein you want it.

these small, but state-of-the-art speakers offer quick release spring loaded twine terminals presenting a hassle-unfastened connection to an already set up surround sound machine. Tuck them into tight corners and excessive up places with out sacrificing correct and easy sound.

acoustic audio by using goldwood aa321 indoor mountable bookshelf speakers

at 200 watts height electricity in line with speaker, those multi-cause indoor speakers percent a punch. They were designed to be long lasting with heavy responsibility abs construction sealed cabinets so there is no want to fear about put on-and-tear. At three. 5″ high, they make exquisite additions to any surround sound home theater, will in shape onto any bookshelf and can be used with any stereo gadget. With full variety sound, 2-manner functionality and an unbeatable fee including those audio system to your system is a no brainer.

our simple, easy design, with a choice among black or white end, allows you to contain these audio system into any region. With brief release spring loaded wire terminals, connecting your new speakers to an existing machine is a breeze. Seamlessly tuck them into the smallest spaces of your listening place with out ever having to forfeit sound nice.

we made positive you are able to place your indoor speakers to your best place by using including a swivel attachment and four wall screws to mount to any wall. Sincerely screw the attachment into your preferred vicinity and slide the attachment into the custom insert at the back of the speaker. From right here you can swivel left, proper up or down to something diploma you choose, making certain focused sound first-class precisely where you want it.

  • surround sound systems
  • domestic theater structures
  • multiple room structures
  • industrial sound systems
  • bookshelf audio system
  • toilets
  • kitchens
  • product description

    those are the perfect speakers for any event or software. They had been designed with durability in thoughts, so there’s no need to fear about rust or put on-and-tear. They make terrific additions to any surround sound home theater, will healthy onto any bookshelf, may be used with any stereo system and are super to apply in toilets and kitchens. Each speaker can deal with two hundred watts of strength (100w rms), and has a full variety sound and functionality. Protected mounting brackets lets in trouble-unfastened installation in any place.

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    7 reviews for Acoustic audio aa321b mountable indoor speakers four hundred watts black bookshelf pair

    1. William Mosko

      I was looking for some surround speakers for the bedroom, but I didn’t want to spend a whole lot. I figured I would try these out since they’ve been getting decent reviews. I figured worse comes to worse, I would just use them outdoors if they weren’t good (since they state that they can be used there). However, after setting them up in my bedroom, they are perfect for my needs. I bought four of them, one in each corner. While bass is certainly lacking in such a small speaker, the audio they do put out is very clear, and can get very loud. Also, since I was experimenting with these speakers, I decided to see if I could paint them (to match the wall color). It took two coats, but I think they look better, and they are much less obvious. Definitely recommend these. Read more

    2. Tina

      This is the second set of speakers. First set did not work well, so i requested a replacement. Second set also does not work, and now I see that I am not allowed to return them. Don’t waste your money on these speakers. Hey seller, I’d appreciate it if I could return these for a refund…. thank you Read more

    3. Cramertivity

      I bought these for about $23 last month – I see that the price has gone up $5. I recently purchased a new AV Receiver that had Dolby ATMOS circuitry. I bought these bargain speakers to see if they would do the trick for the two new channels. I’m happy to report that these little guys work very well for the added presence of ATMOS-encoded video. I have some excellent speakers for my mains, subwoofer, center channel and surround – so these Acoustic Audio speakers don’t have to do any heavy lifting. I should mention that my home theatre room is only about 14’x30′. I took off one star because my pudgy fingers had trouble wiring the speakers up because of the tight squeeze around the wire clamps – the final design must have been tested by someone with tiny hands. I think these would also work well as surround side and rear speakers in a smaller room. I would buy them again even with the price increase. Read more

    4. Anon Buyer

      As most others have said, these are great speakers for the money. I have these installed about 5 feet from our listening position on each side with crossover to mains (no sub in a condo) set at 200Hz and they’re perfect for L and R surrounds. They also should be great for L and R rear surrounds or ceiling mounted for Atmos. I doubt they have enough power to effectively bounce sound off the ceiling for up-firing Atmos, but if you have really a low ceiling and want to give it a go, I tested them and they will stand up vertically with the provided square wall mounts (even when propped at a slight angle for the bounce). Just make sure to tighten the screw on the back of the mounts. Pretty low-risk experiment if you’re so inclined. I don’t think they’d be great for a large room, and I have to really question anyone using them as mains, but for condo surrounds, they’re perfect. Read more

    5. Watcher

      If any of you have been in doubt about Dolby Atmos, DOUBT NO MORE!!! It is AMAZING!!! And No, you don’t need to purchase “Official Dolby Atmos-Enabled Speakers,” although it wouldn’t hurt if it’s in your budget. I wanted to make sure I could experience this Dolby Atmos sound that all the cool kids were talking about so I researched it for a while and found out that although the ceiling setup is the ideal recommended speaker configuration to truly experience Dolby Atmos, it is not necessary. You can use their 5.1.2 height or “presence” speaker setup by placing speakers atop of your left and right surround speakers and face them toward the ceiling. They should be set up in your receiver as “Small” because you don’t want the bass frequencies to muck up the reflected sound of the Atmos-pheric audio as only higher frequencies are able to do this effectively. So I reasoned that I didn’t really need any high fidelity speakers to serve as the Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers like an Andrew Jones officiated set that would cost more than I was willing to spend. I actually settled on these Acoustic Audio Surround Speakers and they are more than adequate for the job. Now mind you, there is nothing absolutely stunning about them, they just adequately do the job for which I purchased them for. And it’s for this reason, I don’t think a rating over 4 would be fitting. I don’t believe they have the chops to hang with my Onkyo surround back speakers even though these have a higher wattage. Of course, wattage has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the speakers and these truly prove it. As I have thoroughly stated, I think they serve well only in situations like this where they are merely supporting the other capable surround speakers already existent in your setup, not as primary components that will be used center stage. Read more

    6. Abraham Sanfiorenzo

      You can’t get better speakers for the price. You will be amazed at the sound these little guys produce. When I turned them on my wife and I where like WOW how can these little low cost speakers sound so loud and clear. They are pretty amazing. When you hear them you will think you paid a lot more for them. Read more

    7. Sean G.

      I bought these to serve as back surround speakers for my 7.1 system, and they are well-suited for that role. I had 5.1 speakers and a 7.1 A/V receiver for years, and decided to finally expand to the full set of speakers.. They are small and unobtrusive and were easy to integrate into my existing system. They have decent sound for their role, since they typically play incidental sounds or fill out the music. As my title says, they are good, average surround speakers. I added a star because at less than $30, they would be good for someone looking to expand their system on a budget. Read more

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