aC19GCKXN9L722 Panasonic soundslayer gaming speakers for computer built-in bluetooth gaming laptop speaker with hello-res sound + 4k hdr passthrough (sc-htb01)

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  • dolby atmos-powered immersive sound: effective & sensible three-d sound enjoy features progressive dolby atmos era and dtx; character sounds flow all around you, handing over astonishingly practical detail and depth.
  • designed for gamers, by means of game enthusiasts: panasonic partnered with the final delusion xiv on-line sound group to layout a breakthrough three-dimensional audio experience that fills your surroundings, with sounds heard even overhead and in the back of you.
  • dedicated modes for the games you play: 3 modes—rpg (role-gambling gamer), fps (first character shooter) or voice mode (adventure video games with lots of debate) —optimize the sound for depth and realism throughout every gaming style.
  • immersive music and movies: dolby atmos is reinventing the way all sound is skilled; supplying you with a whole-frame connection to track, films and games, with dimensional talk, ambient music and environmental sound.
  • industry-main era: 2. 1 channel three-way speaker machine with 4k hdr passthrough for 0 loss in photograph first-class. Supports dtsx/dtsx digital, including spatial and temporal metadata to place audio objects in space and pass them round freely.
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from the manufacturer

stage up your gaming enjoy with dolby atmos(r)

soundslayer with the aid of panasonic brings video games, films and audio to existence with spatial, immersive, 3-d dolby atmos audio. Designed in collaboration with square enix(r) and in particular for game enthusiasts, soundslayer makes you sense like you’re interior the game.

smart, versatile era

built to connect with computer or television, or blu-ray participant/ recorder or gaming console/machine with hdmi. You can additionally pair in your clever device thru bluetooth(r). Faraway manipulate for ease and comfort.

top notch sound, whatever the style of play

3 gaming sound modes are expertly created through joint development with the very last delusion(r) xiv on line sound team, allowing users to fully experience the gameplay. Switching between the 3 modes relying on the game will create an experience filled with depth, anxiety and truth.

rpg mode

creates a sense of depth and reality that we could position-playing gamers sense like they’re inside the game’s virtual international.

fps mode

provides accurate audio vicinity so users hear subtle feels like footsteps in first-person and third-person shooter games.

voice mode

complements human voices, building an immersive experience ideal for adventure video games where clean talk presents clues and drives the story ahead.

cinema + song modes

not just for gaming, soundslayer is designed for hello-res audio reproduction for movies and song as properly, with dedicated cinema and music modes.

what kind of connection have to i use to get the excellent pleasant audio?

to max out the overall performance of the soundslayer gaming speaker, we’d suggest wiring through hdmi cable whilst related to your pc, and the usage of the optical audo input on your tv/home theater.

does soundslayer have an auto electricity-off feature? Am i able to exchange the default putting?

yes, it powers off robotically if there’s no sign for 20 minutes. You can disable it within the settings.

what are the scale of the soundbar?

17″w x 2 1/16″h x 5 1/eight”d

does soundslayer include a far flung control?

yes, the blanketed remote allows you to show on/off, alter quantity, control inputs, subwoofer, sound mode, dimmer, subwoofer and 3-d surround.

what ports/connections are available?

hdmi input and output (arc), optical virtual input (tv), usb (5v 500ma; for provider simplest) and bluetooth, with dc power deliver (connected within the lower back). Electricity, extent, and enter/bluetooth controls on the aspect.


FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Limited Edition, SoundSlayer

4 reviews for aC19GCKXN9L722 Panasonic soundslayer gaming speakers for computer built-in bluetooth gaming laptop speaker with hello-res sound + 4k hdr passthrough (sc-htb01)

  1. Outofit

    So this little sound bar has a great look and is very subtle. The audio is crisp and I would say the features are dope.But there are many faults that at this price point are just not acceptable to me.I’m gonna do cons only sense everything else is a proCons:The HDMI pass through causes flickering of the screen due to the auto shut off feature ( this can be turned off ) but its very annoyingThe audio actually doesnt always come out of the speaker, probably just some bug on my part but took a lot of resetting on my part to get it to work again. (minor sense its probably my fault)Biggest Con: No sub-woofer output! This is by far the biggest reason I have to pass on this soundbar. like this item is already over priced but with the lackluster bass which isn’t terrible just not enough really a easy fix would have been a sub out port, so you can add your own sub-woofer. Would have made this thing the jewel of PC soundbars.Anyway to bad for Panasonic they dropped the ball. I recommend this at a lower price maybe around 100$ less.Read more

  2. Sebastian Morales Terres

    Awesome product with awesome sound! Immersive experience that makes my whole desk shake. I have downloaded the Dolby atmos app on windows for full surround sound experience and its great. With that being said, choosing a certain play mode should be easier, how can you name a speaker gaming and not have a software application for it?Read more

  3. E Rothman

    A sound-bar that was co-designed by the Final Fantasy XIV sound team is basically something so specifically created for me, I had to try this out.It is fairly small, has decent bass response, and the cinema setting is good for watching movies.I have it setup in a large room to replace a cheap sound bar for the livingroom TV, and it is probably more well suited as it’s advertised: a sound system for a PC gamer. The 3D surround effect does not sound like a real 5.1 system, but it does sound “wider”.The different game modes do pack a decent punch, I’ve tried the FPS setting on Fortnite and Mortal Kombat 11, and it’s a noticable improvement over my cheap Taotronics soundbar (which was excellent value for the price).TV and film dialogue is super clear as advertised, even without the dialogue enhanced setting.Overall, this is a good compact sound system with decent bass response, and some smart settings for gamers, or for anyone looking to upgrade their TV sound without investing in a full surround system or wanting to run cables everywhere.Price point is a little high for what you get, and I’d probably rate this 5 stars if it was under $200.Read more

  4. Kevin

    I’ve had this speaker for about a week and a half now, so I feel confident that I have enough experience with it to leave a thoughtful review. Actual number ratings are on the bottom in the TL;DR section.As someone who’s played FFXIV for many years, I have a habit of wanting things that are XIV branded, so these Sound Slayers are no exception. Although the price was really quite high, I justified this purchase by wanting to replace my $20 pebbles for a higher quality, more complex sound system.Right out of the Amazon box, the packaging looks great. XIV branded, clean-looking white box with the XIV logo on the top. Beautiful. But this isn’t about the box.The speaker itself was packaged well inside, and upon pulling it out, I noticed a few things: There’s a downwards blasting speaker, which I assume is the sub, but it seems like it would be quite muffled unless you could get some clearance under it. The footpads that the speaker stands on are pretty wide-set (13.5″ or so inches apart), so using a soundbar mount that supports the soundbar in the middle would defintely cover the sub a bit, and probably cause some sort of weird vibration noises when the bass kicks up. Make sure you have enough room on your desk for this, because it will likely be sitting there (unless you decide to put it on a shelf somewhere or something).Also, there are two methods of hooking this up: Optical and HDMI in / out with ARC. Of course, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that these speakers have Dolby Atmos, which I used to justify its price as well, so optical was not a consideration, as Atmos doesn’t run through optical. Therefore, I had to figure out how to free up an HDMI port on my video card. I ended up using a splitter on my card’s HDMI output, but now the speaker shows up not as SOUNDSLAYER on the device list, but my monitor’s name. Kind of trippy, but this is my fault for not having enough HDMI ports (3 monitors, DisplayPorts out the wazoo). Note: I tried enabling iGpu to be able to just plug my speakers into the motherboard’s built-in HDMI output, but that opened a whole can of worms that had to do with Shared GPU settings and other things that made me just end up reverting. You can try this route, but I did not go all the way with it.After finally hooking it up and getting it going, I turned it on and loaded up a few different things — Spotify, Youtube, FFXIV, Overwatch, etc–things to test the 3D surround sound with Atmos as well as just things to test sound depth and quality, as well as Panasonic’s built in sound modes (Standard, Music, Cinema, Game). The sound quality is better than my Pebbles, especially in terms of depth, but that was expected. I can turn it up to max volume and it’s able to produce clear depth and full sound quality without clipping. The sub doesn’t really do a superb job with the bass, even if I turn it up to maximum, but it is what it is. Audiophiles those who prefer hi-fi will likely want to go with either a set of nice headphones or a better soundbar that can really process every level of sound.The Atmos tests were okay, not great. During my tests with and without 3D sound on, I probably get about 120 degrees of recognition in each direction, even through spherical tests. It’s noticeably better than stereo, but I don’t think it would fight well against other Atmos speakers. That being said, I think this is one of the few Atmos speakers that can fit on a desktop, albeit a little tightly. Doesn’t “throw” sound as well as it should for having Atmos and costing what it does. Therefore…I can’t say that I’d recommend this as a TV’s soundbar replacement, but it can definitely supplement / elevate your PC’s sound if you’ve got a basic setup.Ratings:Sound Quality: 4.1/5 – Handles most sounds with ease. Depth is there, but bass ability lacking, even at max sub.Value for Money: 2.3/5 – It’s really expensive for what it is. There are options comparable to this for less, and more expensive options that provide better value.Sheerness: 4.0/5 – Assuming sheerness means portability / in-the-wayness. Bigger than standard PC speakers, smaller than TV soundbars. Fits on desktop, but had to make it work.FFXIV-ness: 3.8/5 – I don’t look at my speaker much, but when I do, there’s a FFXIV design on it. Novelty will likely wear off and I’ll probably question whether this was worth it.Overall: 3.3/5. A hard middle-ground. A bit too expensive to justify for PC speakers, not good enough to replace TV sound systems. Justified purchase due to XIV branding / needing to upgrade from Pebbles, but still on the fence about returning.Read more

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