aC199I67EOZ522 Water-resistant bluetooth speaker, zoeetree s1pro speaker bluetooth wireless with strong bass & 20w hd sound, bluetooth speakers with 36hours, 100ft wi-fi variety, transportable audio system for exterior, tour

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  • 【robust bass & 20w loud sound】the proprietary bass radiator and twin precision stereo delivers actual breathtaking sound. Genuine 360° stereo sound like join a living concert with splendid readability and 0 distortion. On my own bass port raise low-quit frequencies to make the beats hit even harder. S1pro bluetooth speakers will convey you unprecedented listening enjoy.
  • 【ipx7 water resistant and anti-harm】bathe speaker bluetooth water resistant gives robust safety, durable silicone port cover make the speaker have higher internal protection, allowing you to experience outstanding tune even as showering. Makes the perfect outdoor speaker for the boat, pool, seaside, hiking. The right sound fine makes the s1pro bluetooth speakers ideal for domestic outside journey.
  • 【one-of-a-kind theater revel in】you can gain genuine 360° stereo playing with our speakers. Effective sound tws pairing feature crystal clear balanced bass. Connect wireless speaker collectively to experience 40 watts one-of-a-kind theater revel in, perfect for family celebration.
  • 【36h worry-loose battery life】the use of the blanketed kind-c cable to price in four hours. While it is fully charged the battery will automatically prevent charging. The integrated high efficiency 4400mah lithium-ion battery may be used to 36 hours. Wireless portable bluetooth audio system ought to be a should have for your life.
  • 【advanced bluetooth five. 0】our advanced antenna design with bluetooth five. 0 gives fast connection and an extended wireless range (up to 100ft), the built-in microphone function will maintain a clean sound great. Connecting in seconds to gadgets, it is able to make sure the most perfect sound best transmission in a barrier-loose environment, assure no put off in playback.
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product description

tws feature

with zoeetree s1pro bluetooth audio system, you could pick the tws function that can get a extra effective wireless stereo gadget, so that you could have a home theater straight away.

tws interconnection operation:

1. Energy-on the two speakers.

2. Press the play pause button 2 instances rapidly of any speaker. Two audio system will move into pairing mode.

3. After efficiently paired, the speakers will beep as soon as.

four. Experience unique theater enjoy.

one button to prompt cellphone assistant

set off cellphone assistant operation:

1. Quick press the electricity button.

2. Cellphone assistant is woken up.

three. Communicate guidance to the speaker.

four. Training is introduced to the phone.

five. The smartphone gets the education and executes it.

s1pro speaker affords for a quicker connection and more wi-fi variety, area it in which you want, then your device can be as much as 100 toes away.

s1pro speaker is simply as durable as it’s miles sleek, create a glance it really is cutting-edge and latest, portable and sturdy, better for tour & trekking.

the modern-day usb-c charging port for instant charging. Three using modes to meet more alternatives, s1pro speaker turn out to be your each day accomplice.



8 reviews for aC199I67EOZ522 Water-resistant bluetooth speaker, zoeetree s1pro speaker bluetooth wireless with strong bass & 20w hd sound, bluetooth speakers with 36hours, 100ft wi-fi variety, transportable audio system for exterior, tour


    This is an amazing little speaker.First impressions on unboxing it were what it feels fairly heavy for its small size and the materials were of high quality. I had it paired with my phone within about 30 seconds from unboxing and without looking at the instruction manual. Unusually, the instruction manual is very comprehensive and is in English only.The sound quality is amazing for the diminutive size of the device – it packs a lot of bass for its size. It’s not audiophile quality (you can’t expect that for the price paid), but it is very good. It is a really good buy, and to get that sort of performance for the money paid, you can’t go wrong.Read more

  2. Darryl Cunningham

    Bought another brand first and was not happy, sent it back and purchased this one. Extremely pleased now! Great in many ways: Holds charge a long time, volume control is great! (Haven’t even turned it up as far as I could). Good base sound without forfeiting sound quality. I’m using this with my laptop, as my sound was severely lacking. I’m very happy now and would recommend this speaker, whole-heartedly!Read more

  3. T. Marcus Allen

    I was anxious to receive this ZoeeTree S1Pro Speaker for a recent road trip and it sure did pack a punch. Great packaging as it was very well done along with easy unboxing. It took about 1 minute from unboxing to connecting to Bluetooth and playing music.Pros1. Very durable with rubber slip-proof footing- I had this on a slanted platform and it worked great. You have the option to hang the speaker with its built-in clip2. Loud! Lots of Bass!- Played lots of theatrical and movie scores3. Oversized buttons made it easy to toggle through speaker functions4. User-friendly, simple to use. Took about a minute from unboxing to playing music via Bluetooth from a mobile device.5. Packaging is well built and I have been using it as a storage case that holds up very well.6. Waterproof tested.Cons:1. If using the device to take a phone call you may have to speak louder and/or directly to the speaker. The other end often says that they have a hard time hearing as if the sound is muffled.Tips:- Clean it after each use. Because of it’s durable rubber exterior, it tends to attract dust, it’s easier to clean with a damp cloth than try to brush debris off.- For best audio, make sure the USB-C and Line-IN port is facing away from you. The mid-to high range audio will be projected towards you. The Bass can be heard very well 360degrees. You can put the speakers to your ears on both sides and you’ll find one side is clearer than the other.The ZoeeTree S1Pro Speaker makes a great replacement for speaker systems in older model vehicles. Bring one along for your road trip and enjoy the tunes!I write reviews as a hobby and try to provide the best assessment I can of any item I buy from Amazon. If you like my review, found it helpful, or just want to offer some encouragement feel free to like my write-up and follow my profile. Thank you. Be well.Read more

  4. Hope❤️

    All my husband wanted for Christmas was a Bluetooth speaker gets could set up to his gnawing system. He loves the sound effects and the louder the bette. While I planned to wait to Christmas to give it to him, I gave in. He absolutely loves this speaker, easy to hook up and use. The bass and other sounds come through very well, with out interference or muffled sound. It is super easy to move from one spot to another and is 100% portable. The speaker has met his expectations which far outweighed mine.The only complaint I have would be the volume, BUT we all know that us nit a fad attribute if the speaker but a preference of my husband. This is good looking, well defined Bluetooth speaker! A perfect gift too!Read more

  5. travohn brown

    Well, quite a surprise! I know you are only going to get so much sound out of a little speaker but this speaker has darn good sound for how diminutive it is. It is so portable and full of features. I love the TF Card I have 15 gigs of my favorite music. I have a TF/Micro SD card for Audio Books and Podcasts. It has an On/Off Switch which helps save battery life. It has a radio and the unit holds a charge for days, literally…The sound if you don’t turn it all the way up sounds good. It’s not a Bose speaker but it is loud enough and has sufficient sound quality especially for the price. It’s highly portable I take it with me everywhere. Hope this helps!Read more

  6. Jack St. Jack

    I was on the verge of giving up on a small satellite speaker for my laptop and so glad I gave this one a chance before I did. This baby delivers the BASS! Not only thump* but deep resonant bass as well. I can’t believe the sound from this. Loudness? Loud enough to get me kicked out of this apartment. Covers the audio spectrum beautifully. Keep in mind the size of this when listening to the bass as well as the way a particular song was produced and mixed down. My laptop isn’t bluetooth equipped so I run a cable from the headphone out to the aux input. Play “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd thru this and prepare to be shocked at the deep resonance.Read more

  7. MBA Squared

    I ordered this Bluetooth speaker for bath related relaxation. Music is a necessary component of this, and my husband was carrying bose speaker close to the bathtub that was not designed to be near water. It made me nervous. Not just because of him but we have young kids who come in and out and sometimes they want music at bathtime as well. I ordered this speaker for that reason and did not expect the sound quality to be that great but I was pleasantly surprised. Bluetooth on this device also works great, pairs easily with any device and less than a second, has good volume and bass control, and great battery life. It charges using a USB-c input.Read more

  8. ap619

    The reviews speak for themselves! For the amount of money that you’re paying, I was so surprised at the sound quality on these Bluetooth speakers. This will be perfect for travel and to use at the beach because of it’s waterproof properties. I really like the one touch mega bass button. I am highly considering getting another just to have them both paired with my phone with a exclusive surround sound 360 degree experience!Read more

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