aC197DZR33G134 Sony srs-xb43 greater bass wireless transportable speaker ip67 water-proof bluetooth 24 hour battery and constructed in mic for telephone calls, black

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  • play it loud with more bass sound
  • built to last with an ip67 water resistant rustproof and dustproof layout
  • listen all day and night time with up to 24 hours of battery existence
  • raise your song with 2 speaker lights and multi-colored line lighting fixtures and turn the lights on or off via the fiestable app
  • get matters booming with party join and sync up to one hundred audio system
  • x-balanced speaker unit enhances sound high-quality and line lighting
  • the speakerphone function gives a convenient manner to speak palms-loose, whether or not it’s a convention name for paintings or a chat with pals
  • efficaciously price with usb kind-c and use the xb43 to price your cellphone or different small gadgets through the usb connection
  • manage the birthday party with the sony song center app and the fiestable app
  • wi-fi with bluetooth era and nfc
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from the producer

booming sound comes home

xb43 greater bass transportable bluetooth speaker

ip67 score

water resistant and rustproof

water evidence so that you’ve got no worries the use of it with the aid of the sea, the pool, or even washing it.

ip67 rating

dustproof for outdoor sports

take your speaker to the trail, forest, town, or wherever you like regardless of how dusty the surface.

lighting fixtures bring your music to lifestyles

4 speaker lighting fixtures & multi-coloration line light that flash in sync with the beat and can alternate coloration.

enjoy effective sound anywhere

revel in deep, punchy sound wherever you like together with your extra bass speaker.

get things booming with birthday party connect

join up to a hundred wireless speakers with bluetooth era and the tune and lights sync-up.

richer, deeper, greater worthwhile listening

developed by means of sony, the x-balanced speaker unit achieves high sound best and effective sound.

tweeter improves vocal clarity

2-manner speaker gadget combines a woofer with a committed tweeter for the higher range frequencies.

lasts all day long

up to 24-hour battery means the xb43 can birthday party even longer than you could.

listen it love it’s stay

carry your birthday party to life with a completely unique three-dimensional sound experience – growing competition vibes.

manage the party music center app

pick out your favourite playlists, cue the subsequent music, trade lighting fixtures styles and sound modes.

down load the fiestable app

manage the lighting fixtures and use motion manage gestures on your phone screen.

usb kind-c and usb charging ports

efficiently fee with usb type-c and fee your phone via usb connection.

domestic workplace speaker with mic for calls & tune

a handy manner to speak arms-loose, whether or not it’s a conference name for work or a chat with pals.

clean button control

change the extent or skip tracks with simply the buttons to your speaker.

stand it up or on its facet

horizontal or vertical – the xb43 sits securely so that you can usually locate space for it.

aspect passive radiators

the layout of the facet passive radiators has been optimized to breed clear bass sound.

flow song with bluetooth technology and nfc

bluetooth streaming with nfc connectivity makes it simple to flow your celebration playlist.

sony more bass portable wi-fi audio system





product description

deep resonant sound elevates your favorite track with the xb43 wi-fi speaker the newly designed x-balanced speaker unit gives the extra bass strength of the xb43 a crisper fuller sound and new tweeters for clearer vocals the ip67 waterproof rustproof and dustproof design manner you could pay attention everywhere indoors or out with as much as 24 hours of battery lifestyles.


XB33/43 Black, XB33/43 Blue, XB33/43 Taupe, XB33/Red



5 reviews for aC197DZR33G134 Sony srs-xb43 greater bass wireless transportable speaker ip67 water-proof bluetooth 24 hour battery and constructed in mic for telephone calls, black

  1. Dan Riggs

    First off, I ordered the XB43 solely for an upcoming trip. I was initially going to grab the JBL Charge series due to portability but came across the XB33, which led me to this beast. Took a chance and pre-ordered it instead of going with JBL (always found the sound of their equipment to not be what I was looking for). Have to say, this thing is every bit what I wanted–solid crisp bass and the EQ mixture control helps accentuate any style of music you might be in to (I mainly do rock and EDM, my wife enjoys hip hop and country).Prior to receiving this, I also took a chance and ordered my wife the XB33. Our previous bluetooth speaker was the SRS X5, so clearly both speakers are a marked improvement over what we had. With that said, I have to say that when I take the XB33 out on its own, I don’t notice too much difference between the two. The XB33 has every bit the volume and bass you’d want, it’s shockingly loud for its size, lightweight, portable and it floats on water–huge bonus.With that said, when I do put the speakers together and play music connected via Party Connect, I do notice a difference in sound. Both speakers have a clean sound, but it’s clear that the XB43 has more power and a greater depth overall. Of course, the XB43 is literally twice the size and weight–it’s still very portable compared to a wired speaker system, but not as portable as the XB33.The lights on these speakers are excellent, and it’s a feature I didn’t think I’d care for. In case you didn’t like the strobe lighting from the middle portion of the speaker, Sony has a handful of options in their app to have only the LED bars on the side light up, or you can just turn them off altogether. Additionally, the Live Sound feature is one of the coolest addition I’ve heard–songs you’ve heard hundreds of time sound completely new in a great way, where the background sound is emphasized appropriately.You seriously can’t go wrong with this or the XB33. If you get the XB33, you’ll probably never hear a difference in anything you’re missing. If you go with the XB43, you’re getting an incredible speaker that’s able to travel and withstand the elements. Expect to get every bit of the bass and sound you want to hear, but don’t expect the bass to blow you away like you’re listening to a subwoofer built to never go anywhere–that’s not the point of this speaker system.Read more

  2. Lu

    Update #2: I’m reading reviews saying it’s quiet… download the app and max out the EQ for low, mids & highs. It doubles the sound output. It doesn’t even distort the sound. It’s loud enough for me with regular settings though.1 month update: I’ve had time to really enjoy this speaker. I want to talk about the battery life now. I wake up every morning at 4am to get ready for work. That’s when I unplug this speaker and turn it on. I play it softly in the morning. Until 4:50 when I set off for work. When I get to work my phone instantly returns to the xb43 the second I turn the key off. That’s where it starts playing 10 hours straight. Anywhere from 60% – 90% volume. I leave work and it’s at 70% battery still. After 10 straight hours! I don’t know how long it lasts on 100% volume with the lights on. It’s too loud. Our PM’s and President probably would ban all music if we were to blast it all day long.Now let me get back to the bass. The trick with the bass is to download the music center app and adjust the mids & highs to negative six to ten (-6 to -10) and adjust the lows to plus one or two (+1 or +2) that way the bass isn’t muddied and all you have to do is turn the speaker up louder to get massive op bass. Or put bass on 10 and the other on -10 to just slap xD(Old review): I’m not sure where to start with this thing. First of all the sound is on point. It sounds better than my cars speakers. The highs and mids are replicated beautifully.Now let me warn you about the bass. I don’t see anything extra about it. The bass is there. It creates the tones. It can replicate the bass from Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools.” Most portable speakers can’t even attempt to reproduce that low level of hertz bass line. It slaps but it’s a 7ish pound speaker so don’t expect to feel it in open spaces.If you listen in a confined space like the bathroom, the bass rocks. If your listening outdoors you can hear it. People will be impressed that this level of sound is coming from this sleek flashing bar. It’s very beautiful. It’s impressive. All my coworkers put away their speakers (Bose, JBL etc…) and downloaded the fiesta app and add songs to the queue. They like the sound of my speaker better than their equivalently priced bt speakers. I’m proud of my Sony.Read more

  3. Mason Patin

    The speaker is exactly what you expect, the only problem is the volume. I mean the thing is pretty huge, yet it’s not powerful at ALL. If you plan on Not taking this outside or for parties then this speakers for you. The bass would be fuzzy at certain levels too. I returned it since it was not $250 worth in my eyes. Get a jbl or bose instead, trust me.Read more

  4. David Tran

    This speaker is bigger and much heavier than the 41, but not really a big deal. Bluetooth is amazing and easily plays music from two devices without manually switching. Live mode has improved a lot and overall you can hear the voice mjch cleaner than the 41. Charging speeds are a lot quicker, so overall very pleased with this speaker.Read more


    Used it for almost 7 hrs now continously XB33Pros1. Battery too good ran for 6 hrs only 30% drop including lights on mode2. U can charge from any USB C3. This will act as power bank for charging Mobile phone4. Live mode is also good5. Shockproof6. Dustproof7. Waterproof8. NFC work smoothly9. Bluetooth works as creamy butter10. Heavy and will mark its presence in a 2 bhk Apartment very easily.This are verified pointsConsNo Radio connectionNot TestedVoice assistant till now, will update review laterRead more

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