aC18W6ML736441 Aomais sport ii+ bluetooth speakers, transportable outdoor wi-fi speaker, 30h playtime, 20w hd stereo sound & richer bass,ipx7 water-resistant,journey bluetooth speaker,100ft bluetooth for birthday celebration,seashore,shower

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  • make sure this suits
  • by way of getting into your version number.
  • superior sound: high-performance full variety drivers introduced 20w crystal clear sound and dual passive radiators produce balanced bass. (recreation ii speaker upgraded model, greater louder sound, lengthy playtime and bluetooth range)
  • existence-proof: ipx7 water resistant safety bluetooth speaker in opposition to rain, dust, snow, and shock. Perfect for domestic, backyard, seashore, bathe or pool birthday celebration. Durable design awesome for travel, camping, boating, kayaking, out of doors adventure.
  • lengthy playtime: built-in excessive-overall performance li-ion battery up to 30 hours playtime at 50% volume(playtime varies consistent with volume stage and audio content), battery status will display at the speaker when press the electricity button.
  • extended bluetooton-bluetooth variety: wi-fi connection as much as a hundred toes. From your smartphones. Play with nh devices thru the 3. 5mm audio cable. Integrated noise canceling mic for fingers-free speakerphone.
  • tws pairing: authentic wi-fi stereo era makes it easy to attach 2 aomais sport ii+ speakers for 40 watts loud sound. Extremely good for home or out of doors celebration. ❤❤❤(notice: each aomais sport ii+ is bought in my opinion. Can not stereo pairing with aomais game ii
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  • is this unmarried speaker stereo? Or i want to connect ?
  • is that this unmarried speaker stereo? Or i want to connect two?

  • no cords or information of how to get this to paintings with my smartphone?
  • no cords or data of the way to get this to work with my telephone?

  • can this sit down at the beach? Will sand impact it if it gets inside the speaker?
  • can this take a seat at the beach? Will sand effect it if it gets within the speaker?

  • would this be properly for softball practice ? I want some thing loud enough for the women to pay attention.
  • would this be true for softball practice ? I want something loud sufficient for the women to hear.


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    3 reviews for aC18W6ML736441 Aomais sport ii+ bluetooth speakers, transportable outdoor wi-fi speaker, 30h playtime, 20w hd stereo sound & richer bass,ipx7 water-resistant,journey bluetooth speaker,100ft bluetooth for birthday celebration,seashore,shower

    1. Bill D.

      Like a lot of other music lovers, I prefer to listen to unaltered, clean and accurate music. Because of this obsessive desire for “correct sounding” music, I fully expected to be extremely disappointed by the sound of this waterproof, portable Bluetooth speaker. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. Seriously.As music lovers, when we want a truly portable music player to share our music with a room or patio full of friends, we are usually forced to buy a tiny portable speaker system which distorts the bass, mid-bass, and/or treble using un-natural boosts or heavy-handed equalization (EQ). The music from those speakers sounds “fake” or “artificial” to me. This tiny little speaker seems different than those.The AOMAIS Sport II+ is one of very few portable music players which I didn’t want to toss into a dumpster after 2 minutes of listening. Straight out of the box, there was no noticeable alteration of the music. Most tiny Bluetooth speakers sound like you are listening to a really bad remix of your favorite music. From the sound produced, I’d say the folks at AOMAIS focused on maintaining the integrity of the music. I’m glad they did. While the bass output of this tiny speaker isn’t going to rattle anything in your home, it seems balanced in proper proportion to the rest of the music. So, it sounds natural instead of artificially boosted or remixed.Advantages of the AOMAIS Sport II+:1. This speaker produces legitimately decent sound quality. The supposed “20-watt” amplifier puts out plenty of power to drive the miniscule speakers to reasonably high volume levels – tested at 90+db. The dual passive radiators extend the bass response without the port noise associated with small vented speakers. In general, I prefer the sound produced by passive radiators to ports, but you can find poorly designed speakers which use either one. This one works fine.2. This speaker seems to have an unusually clean signal path devoid of obvious distortion, even at high volume levels. If you max out the volume control, you will likely hear a little crud, but nowhere near as bad as most portable speakers I’ve heard.3. It charges using a “normal” micro USB cell phone charger. (But see my note in the drawbacks section.)4. Waterproof. This speaker is IPX7 certified. If this gets left out in the rain accidentally or dropped in the pool briefly, it shouldn’t be affected, provided the port cover is closed fully. See the photos if you’re curious.5. The Bluetooth paired with everything I tried. That’s more than I can say about a lot of players. (But see my note in the drawbacks section below.)6. The sound quality over Bluetooth is as good as your source device can transmit. With my iPhone Xs MAX, the sound was pretty good. With my lossless FLAC player (with a Burr-Brown DAC in it,) the music sounded noticeably better. (as it should)7. This speaker is truly compact and highly portable at 8 inches long. (See the photos.)8. The battery lasts twice as long as it takes to charge it. At about 60% volume while working in the garage, I got a solid 6 hours of playback and it had a lot of charge remaining. It recharged fully in about 2 hours.9. It has a 3.5mm AUX input for playing music from a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth.10. It works as a speakerphone when paired with your cell phone. It has a built-in mic.11. The speaker seems to be very durable. I accidentally dropped it on our hardwood floor with no damage at all.12. An incredibly reasonable price for the quality.13. There is one unique feature, which I didn’t get to test. With the latest Bluetooth players, you can supposedly connect two of these speakers to a single music player and create a wide stereo image between the two devices.14. There is an optional “sling cover” which adds a handle and appears to make this unit even more rugged. Looking at the design, it may also enhance the water resistance a little.Drawbacks of the AOMAIS Sport II+:1. It includes a charging cable but doesn’t include a charger. They assume that everyone already has a phone charger they can use. Unfortunately, our phone chargers are usually being used to charge our phones during the same times we would want to charge these speakers. I’d love to see them offer properly rated chargers for both AC and automobile use in the box.2. The current required for charging which is listed in the manual is different from the required current listed in the product description here. Sadly, both of the listed ratings are wrong. I measured the actual maximum current draw during charging with the battery mostly drained. (see my photos) It peaked at around 2.4 AMPS, (music playing while charging up a nearly depleted battery) which is 2-4 times higher. The voltage drop was also pretty large. I suggest using an adapter which can output 2.5-3 AMPS continuously. My favorite is from Mackertop rated at 5.25V 3 AMPS. The Mackertop charges the speaker more quickly because it handles the voltage drop better. Plus, it has low EMF noise in case you want to listen to music while charging. ( The Bluetooth range dwindles as the battery discharges. However, the range issue only appears when the battery is mostly drained.4. The Bluetooth receiver is also susceptible to interference from other transmitters located near the speaker. If the interference is bad, the music cuts in and out. Luckily, repositioning the speaker to a different part of the room usually fixes this issue. I’d like to see them attach a more substantial internal antenna to the Bluetooth transmitter.5. There is a big ugly sticker on the back of the unit which can be difficult to remove. Yes, I’m being too picky now.Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by the usefulness and sound quality of this Bluetooth speaker. I prefer the sound of this speaker over the two ancient Bose portable speakers I have sitting in a closet. Both of those Bose systems cost hundreds of dollars, but in all honesty, this $40 speaker sounds better to me. Obviously, this will never replace the drastically more expensive “real” listening equipment I have set up in various rooms of my house. But this speaker has already become my “go to” speaker for listening on the patio and in the garage. I may purchase another one just so I don’t have to carry this one back and forth between those locations.Bottom line:I recommend this speaker to others like me who have been looking for a tiny, yet rugged waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It is also great for those who dislike hearing artificially tweaked versions of their favorite music. If I could, I would remove a half star for not including a charger and the lack of a better Bluetooth antenna, but otherwise, I feel this is a 5-star portable Bluetooth speaker at a 2-star price.Read more

    2. The Goat

      I will preface this with the fact I was contacted that in exchange for a review of this AOMAIS Sport II+ Speaker I would receive it for no charge.With that out of the way, I have several references that let me provide an honest/detailed review. I own a TDK A33, TDK Micro-Trek, and a BlueRigger ZX100. The TDK’s essentially have become my go to speakers when not at home. With that I use Sonos Play 1 when I want music throughout my home and when watching movies– I have a set of B&W’s that I will own for life as they rock. All have their purpose, positives, and shortcomings.The AOMAIS Sport II+ is what I will compare with my TDK A33. I will say right off of the bat it is a bit smaller, charges with a USB cable, stays connected to my phone and battery life is really really good. That is where the TDK falters….battery life is fair and always has been, but….the biggest drawbacks are Bluetooth drops randomly and the power adapter….it is annoyingly big. On the flip side my Micro-Trek also uses a micro USB to charge. It’s battery life is simply short and sound is not bad but no real body to any of the music I listen to. So overall it is much more portable and reasonable to bring along as I can charge it with a micro USB cable.Enough about what else I have—- the AOMAIS Sport II+ is overall a great speaker. From the first time I used it for the size it sounds really really good. The more I have used it, the better it has sounded as the drivers are breaking in.Pairing. I have an iPhone X…no issues and it connects every time I power it on. The jingle that it plays let’s you know it is on or off— not annoying and not loud…so good to go there. Even the first time it was super easy to pair and I even paired it with a second device without issue.Controls. Yes they are all black and tactile…but beyond turning it on/off and using my phone the rest of the time to control everything….no real issues there.And sound…that is the most important part of the equation and it does deliver well. My A33 has more bass but the unit is also larger and has larger drivers, so not a completely fair comparison. Overall clarity is very good to my surprise and although it lacks a bit of punch on the lower frequencies, I didn’t expect it in the first place. Compared to my other portables….way better by miles. I do listen to a variety of music that can range from 80’s to dance and other world artists that I have come across that I like. Toss in some strange artists that have songs that are unique in their own right and I have plenty of reference material to work with.So overall it is a solid performer. Construction is solid and it does feel like it will last for a long time….as they say “time will tell”. I can say that when I travel I always leave my A33 at home and take my Micro-Trek because of the power adapter being large and the unit being a bit large. I always consolidate into two carry on pieces if possible and I now will always bring this one along as it is my new go to portable speaker. I will also use it more outside for the same reasons— sounds good, plays plenty loud, really good battery life, and good Bluetooth range…. make that excellent range. I have been a good 100′ away and realized my phone was in my pocket and still connected— definitely impressive.How could it be a 5-star unit….that is a tough one as the unit is really good. I would say I’d like to get a little more bass out of it. So 4.5 stars is a more accurate rating than 4-stars.So would I recommend it? Yes. If you’re looking for a really good sounding speaker that has really good battery life and is priced really well….it is worth the buy.Read more

    3. L

      I received the AOMAIS Sport II about a week ago and have since used it with my iPad and iPhone to stream movies’ audio, listen to Podcasts, and music. The design is very sturdy. Heavy duty rubber surrounds the top, bottom, and sides giving this speaker a very solid feel. The buttons give a positive response so you know when you’ve clicked them and they give audible confirmation for each use. I did not test out the waterproofing because, well, why would you if you didn’t need it. I did however use it on the edge of my hot tub and I’m sure it got splashed at least one time with no effects.Connecting to the speaker via bluetooth was extremely simple and required no thinking. Just push the Bluetooth button and find the speaker in your Bluetooth list on your phone or streaming device. One click and you’re connected.The sound quality is very high. I was surprised that so much was coming out of a small unit like this. I played Phil Keaggy Acoustic Sketches as well as Alice in Chains’ Rooster and A/B’d it with my JBL Flip which is similarly sized (though the JBL is more expensive). The JBL had slightly more volume at max than the AOMAIS did but that’s where the differences ended. The quality was superb and enjoyable at all levels of volume. It absolutely held its own with the JBL and I enjoyed my music without any concerns or glitches.It also comes with a 1/8″ input as an option if you want to save battery life from your phone/tablet. All in all I’d say that this is a VERY good deal for the cost. If you’re looking for a quality speaker that can fill a living room for around $50, you’re already there. This is a great choice.Read more

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