aC18QZ75XUQ704 Bluetooth speakers, doss soundbox seasoned transportable wireless bluetooth speaker with 20w stereo sound, energetic extra bass, ipx5 waterproof, wi-fi stereo pairing, multi-shades lighting, 20hrs playtime -gray

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  • stereo sound: two full-range drivers and twin passive radiators produce 20w stereo sound with improved bass, tight mids and crystal clear highs with out distortion at any quantity.
  • lively greater bass: make the bass greater and extent louder by means of singel press the button. Revel in the bass filling every nook of your room.
  • wireless stereo pairing: connect 2 soundbox pro speakers through a single device for 360° stereo sound and double the volume.
  • beat-driven mild show: the splendid light react and section in time with the beat, blanketed 6 colour and three illumination patterns.
  • ipx5 water resistant: permit the doss soundbox pro waterproof bluetooth speaker birthday celebration by using the poolside or seashore, or even in the rain. With ipx5 water-proof, the speaker can resist water splash, spray, and rain. However do not soak directly it in water.
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product description

doss soundbox seasoned

permit your tune shine, each in sound and in lighting with the doss soundbox seasoned bluetooth speaker. This transportable bluetooth speaker highlights a panel of beat-pushed lighting that flash together with your tune as it streams wirelessly from nearly any bluetooth tool. You could carry the birthday party with you anyplace you pass.

key features:

immersive stereo sound

two complete-range drivers and twin passive radiators produce 20w stereo sound with superior bass.

beat-driven light show

shade-converting lighting robotically synch to music and flash in rhythm.

energetic greater bass

make the bass extra and volume louder through singel press the button.

ipx5 water-resistant

ipx5 water-proof rating makes this water-resistant bluetooth speaker wonderful for a seaside or poolside party up to 20 hours with lighting and extra bass off at 50% extent

wireless stereo pairing

double pairing function fills any room with a richer sound and maximum output.

what’s in the container?

doss soundbox pro speaker

usb charging cable

three. 5mm audio cable

user manual


Black, Blue, Grey

4 reviews for aC18QZ75XUQ704 Bluetooth speakers, doss soundbox seasoned transportable wireless bluetooth speaker with 20w stereo sound, energetic extra bass, ipx5 waterproof, wi-fi stereo pairing, multi-shades lighting, 20hrs playtime -gray

  1. B. Peterson

    I was hesitant to purchase another bluetooth portable speaker because the Doss Soundbox Touch has worked so well. This speaker has not let me down. It weighs more than the Touch model, and the physical size is larger, but not by much. The textured sides give it a nice feel, while making sure not to drop it when moving it from room to room. The front facing grill feels plenty tough, however I don’t feel like really putting it to the test.In the box, you get; A USB to Micro USB charge cord, 3.5mm Male to Male headphone cable, and the Instruction Manual. Quite easy to follow, from opening the package, to getting started playing some tunes. Bluetooth was very simple and quick to pair, and the automatic pairing time, from off to on, is relatively quick. The startup tone is not overwhelming, nor is it overly loud. The light ring around the speaker grill is not too bright, and the ability to change the light mode, or just turn them off, is nice. I personally like the solid, but color fading mode.On to the sound! Volume output speaks plenty. For 20w, it can fill even a loud area with music pretty easily. At full volume, there is little distortion. The highs are crisp, and the mid range is right where I like it. Not much for low frequency output, but the drivers are not physically big enough to move much for air, therefore not much bass can be output. I did seem to get a bit more depth out of it, just by carefully choosing the placement of the speaker in any given room. Corners, and window ledges seem to be friendly to it. The “Bass Boost” button on the top, seems to me like more of a “low pass filter”. The higher frequency seems to be cut, to give the effect of more mid/low range. I don’t hear any more bass produced, so I just chose to leave the feature off. Comparing the Soundbox Pro to the Soundbox Touch, I’d have to say the mid volume output of both of them is very similar. The Pro however, was able to drown out the Touch when I cranked them both up.Now for the function I purchased the speakers to try! TWS (True Wireless Stereo), is a way that two of the speakers can be used at the same time, when linking the main speaker to a bluetooth enabled device. I used my iPhone 6. Paired to the first speaker I opened, turning the second speaker on, and holding the “Add” button on top of both. They linked to each other quick, and give you the indicator lights on top as to which is the left/right speaker. Both lights (if used) will sync, as will the volume and bass boost. I tested them as far as 25ft from each other, and they stayed in sync just fine. Having two of them, makes filling a room with music, that much easier.You’ve done very well again, Doss!Read more

  2. Derek Lowd

    Got to admit. I am an avid shopper by brand name. This time I wanted to replace my Bose Color Sound Link portable speaker that broke and This speaker acutally sounds a lot better than the Bose. It has the ability to create crispier and louder mid and high range sounds and the bass on it is ridiculously good. The LED bar around the edges is a nice touch and if you don’t care for it, you can turn it off. It quickly and easily pairs with your phone once it us turned on. The quality of the speaker is very good. This speaker does not feel cheap to the touch. You can tell quality parts were used to make it. The best feature of all is the fact that you can use it during phone calls. This speaker has a built in mic, so you do not have to have your phone near you, or in the same room to speak on the phone. All you need to have is the speaker near you.Read more

  3. Josh Avalos

    I vowed to be a loyal (somewhat) customer towards Doss when it came to my Bluetooth speakers. My first model finally gave out after 3 to 4 years of extensive use and my carelessness in keeping my speakers from hitting the floor or falling into water. I’ve had this for about two months now and right off the bat you can tell it has the same build quality as my first, heavy and durable. One thing I miss the most is the touch sensors up top but in exchange I get an entertaining lightshow. The touch buttons added more security from damage if I were to use the buttons while my hands were wet. I don’t use the bass feature much as I listen to rock mostly and it lowers the volume substantially from mids and highs. Personally though, if I want to modify bass I go through my equalizer on Poweramp (check it out in the app store) for superior crisp sound. That music app can make a cheap Bluetooth speaker blow Beats out of the water for years.Anyways, if you want durable, loud and cosmetically attractive you’ll want to get this. Trust me, you won’t regret it. You’ll get a good 4 years of use out of it if not more with proper care unlike me sometimes.Read more

  4. Brian Lee

    The DOSS Soundbox Pro is a great speaker for parties, chilling out, and overall everyday use.Let’s split this review into 3 parts.Build Quality:Build quality is great. I have bought the Soundbox Color and the build quality from that has drastically improved. The speaker is heavy which gives it a sense of quality. The material used on the outside and the leather like texture on the sides are a great touch. The buttons are clicky and easy to press. Like I have said below, build quality is amazing.Functionality:The speaker functions well. Like I have said above, the buttons are clicky and responsive. The instructions included explain the buttons and what they do. They are easily remembered and I got used to them after a day of use. The lights are great, I thought only one color of light was available but the different colors are really a nice touch. The flashing of the lights corrosponding to the music playing is sometimes inaccurate. When the volume is too loud, the lights do not flash often. I love the bass button on the speaker. The bass without the button activated is great, but if you want an extra boost, the functionality of the button is great.Sound:Now this is where the one star dissappears. The bass is great and it is nice and punchy. The highs are nice and clear and are easily heard. Now the mids……. The mids are somewhat decent but they have a static like sound to them. It gets annoying sometimes. Also, I have noticed the static noice in the background whenever any song play. It is most heard when the volume is low. Bummer.Overall, it is a great speaker for $50, the build quality and functionality is great. The sound is decent and it will be good enough for those looking for a budget speaker.Read more

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