aC18KWIHO65386 Lezii ipx8 water-resistant bluetooth speaker – small portable wi-fi audio system, 10w bass sound, 12h playtime, floating speaker for shower seaside pool celebration

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  • period metal-plated mesh protection speaker portable ideal, portable bluetooth speaker design is appropriate for birthday celebration, swimming pool, travel, hiking and biking, even gambling song in the water
  • just manage the authentic wireless stereo grasp, you can play audio concurrently on two gadgets, 3-d digital surround blended with dsp era and twin subwoofer stereo, best for excessive pleasant track in any residing surroundings
  • overall performance battery, presenting 6-8 hours of gambling time, integrated high-sensitivity excessive-fidelity microphone, providing splendid calls, can be accessed thru the speaker’s multi-feature button cling up, reject, replay
  • completely well matched with android, ios, home windows and other platforms, or use the accompanying aux the interface is hooked up to the non-bluetooth participant master tool, and the tf card can also be inserted to play track.
  • replace the brand new wireless headset right away! A hundred% satisfied customer service and 24-hour electronic mail assist. When you have any questions about this product or other troubles, please sense free to contact us to make your purchase clearly risk loose
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product description

why do you pick lezii

we have been committed to the speaker enterprise for decades and wish to convey the great listening enjoy to shoppers.

advanced sound great

the bt525 bluetooth speaker has extraordinary sound exceptional, whether or not you are at home or on a enterprise trip, it can improve your first-rate of existence with powerful stereo and crisp bass.

fm radio (only blue & orange)

you may conveniently lie on the bed or couch, enjoy the radio, relax after the busy work or any time. The bluetooth mode will make you more handy and more comfy with this speaker.(after booting, double-click the energy button to go into fm mode, triple-click on the electricity button to search for channels, and then long press “+” or “-” to trade channels.)

ipx7 water-resistant design

ipx7 water resistant generation gives impermeable safety, even can be submersed in 3 ft of water as much as half-hour, makes bluetooth shower speaker can floating at the water.

tws pairing stereo sound

you may pairing 2 speakers collectively to creat higher stereo sound. 2 audio system will play the identical tune on the equal time. You could get the second speaker with following us.

different functions

– integrated bluetooth 5. Zero wireless transmission, operating distance up to 33 toes.

– well matched with all bluetooth gadgets along with phones, tablet.

– guide tf card and 3. 5mm aux-in song playback.

found in 2017, lezii specialized inside the bluetooth earbuds and bluetooth speakers. 1 million consumers pick lezii every year in u. S..

lezii bt525 water resistant bluetooth speaker

  • bluetooth shower speaker with louder sound & longer lasting playtime
  • portable bluetooth speaker, not just for lavatory, smooth to hold to everywhere you want
  • ipx7 water-resistant
  • fm radio
  • 2 audio system tws pairing
  • 5w loud hd stereo sound
  • up to eight-12h playtime
  • portable steel hook blanketed
  • guide tf card
  • 33ft wide variety
  • “need a durable, effective, pleasant portable speaker so that you can revel in your song anywhere, without demanding about it? Accomplished with the cheap knockoffs? Don’t be fooled by way of imitators…get the actual aspect right here!”

    prepared to end the disappointment of muffled, low best music from your tool’s reasonably-priced speaker? Want powerful, crisp, bass rich tune anywhere? Just like the concept of having a durable, water-resistant speaker that won’t easily damage? It’s time to get this so that you can see what you’ve been missing. Nothing else (on-line or in a shop) compares.

    lezii bt525 pairs with any bluetooth device! Holds the longest price, super lightweight, must-have for energetic humans!

    why wait another second? You should revel in your song everywhere, that’s why we made this. The smirk to your face whilst you hear that is well worth a long way greater than the cash you’re paying; you already know this. Even in case you’ve attempted other products or answers, you want to do that!

    please forestall and examine this earlier than shopping for on-line or from a store…

    maximum dealers/shops don’t need you knowing that cheap speakers don’t last, even as the high priced ‘name emblem’ ones are no better in nice than ours. Plus, neither have a lifetime like ours (for appropriate motive).

    —to have high first-class song everywhere, not worry about it breaking…and keep away from the cheap imitators that don’t paintings and aren’t loud…a real win-win!

    play the music everywhere and whenever. No bluetooth, you have tf mode; no tf card, you’ve got fm radio; no battery, you have got aux-in mode.(double-click the multifunction button and listen the spark off tone to enter the fm mode. Lengthy press “+” or “-” to cut the station.)

    if you have a party together with your firend, you want bt525 to revel in the tune, bluetooth audio system palyed on the equal time, each your audio system and you’ll be the celebs!

    designed with magnificence-g double price pump audio electricity amplifier and dsp 3d chip; 5w driving force offers loud, clean, excessive-def stereo sound and greater bass

    bt525 may be used within the shower or for out of doors activities underneath harsh surroundings, has furnished absolutely waterproof of highest protection diploma, even cleaned it with walking water.

    bt525 audio system can pair together to create better 3-d stereo sound, you can pair two speakers to play track with one bluetooth tool at the equal time.

    you could bring it all of the time, while you are cycling, trekking, hiking, journeying, bathing, raining, the transportable hook will let you bring or vicinity it without problems.

    the screenshot of critiques

  • reviewer ranking #5
  • vive voice
  • pinnacle four reviewer
  • 36,655 beneficial votes
  • three,871 reviews
  • five famous person: a little speaker that does almost the whole thing

    you do not get to buy many stuff that do the whole thing you desired them to do and extra, that is one of these matters. I just desired a bluetooth speaker for the garage when i used to be running. What i got became a multi-practical tool that did extra than simply play track, it will play from a micro sd card, plays fm radio. It has a microphone constructed in so if you have it hooked in your telephone via bluetooth you can do arms loose speaking. So with pretty an awful lot not anything bad to mention, i must give it 5 stars.

  • sixty two human beings observed this beneficial
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    Black, Blue, Gray, Orange, Red

    6 reviews for aC18KWIHO65386 Lezii ipx8 water-resistant bluetooth speaker – small portable wi-fi audio system, 10w bass sound, 12h playtime, floating speaker for shower seaside pool celebration

    1. Sean

      These sound good. Not tinny hollow no distortion. The bass is not a booming bass and I have yet to come across any this size that booms but the lows are good. It gives a full body sound reproducing lows without distortion. The mids are clear but leans towards the lower tones. The highs are at a good level to where it’s not harsh at the higher volumes. It sounds good and gives the impression of a bigger speaker when paired TWS.Tiny bit of latency watching videos but not to bad. Battery life and charge time is about average for this class. Its nicely constructed average build quality nothing cheap or high end. Couldnt pick up any FM stations. Phone calls were ok but sometimes the person on the other end had trouble hearing me. Overall though as a speaker It’s good. Great price. Money well spent. 😉👍Update: Dropping it a star for raising the price. Good reviews are for helping people make a buying decision not for sellers to jack the price up. The are great at $12. Not any higher.Read more

    2. Laurel F.

      I can’t say enough good about this speaker. Here’s why we love it.PROS 1. Bluetooth AND aux/headphone jack. YES! Thank you! 2. It has great volume! Great! And the sound quality is really clear, well balanced, and full :). 4. If you need surround sound it can pair with the phone as well as another of these speakers. 3. Small but not awkwardly small, easy to handle. Clips with included caribiner to backpack. 4. Sturdy! Shock proof, water resistant etc. It feels really well made. 5. Easy. I plugged the charger/USB cable into the computer and turned it right on to use while it charges. 6. Best of all it’s less than $10 for all of this. We had a pair of $50 computer/aux speakers that this kicked to the curb. Literally. We just threw them away and only kept the AUX chord. Because this is better in every single way, and works GREAT for a computer speaker 🙂 7. It DOES have FM radio (see update/instrucitons below) which works okay, depending on your reception in your area. 8. It plays from a micro SD card 🙂 (see update/instructions below)Considerations: 1. The charger/USB cable is short. Just long enough to reach the floor from a wall plug. I like that personally but not everyone will. Also no wall plug/USB adapter included, you’ll have to plug it into a USB or share with your cell phone plug/adapter.Also, it came with a card in the box saying that if we submit a review (doesn’t say it has to be positive) within 30 days they’ll send us a second speaker. Then we can play Christmas music all over the house from the same player… for less than $10. This company is the best!Update after more use: It DOES have an FM radio. Here’s how it works. You turn the speaker on by pressing and holding the power button. It’ll probably say “bluetooth mode” when it turns on. Wait. Then double press the same button. It’ll say a different mode, probably “AUX mode” if you have a 2-line 3mm chord plugged in, like the one we have running to the computer. Wait. Double click the button again and it should say “FM mode.” You got it. Hold the volume up and down buttons to scan for stations. It works :). Sometimes it gets into scan mode and I’ll have to backtrack to the one I want. It works :). If when you double press the buttons it says “power off” your held the button too long. Try again once it’s back on but a bit faster. Good luck.Also. It DOES play a TF/microSD card. I just did it. I got a 32 Gb one because I wasn’t sure if it had a capacity range. Take a microSD card adapter (we got the ANKER one that’s about $10 here on amazon), pop in the micro SD card and put the music on it (we used windows media player). Eject the microSDc card adapter/reader and put it into your speaker. Double click the power button to change the mode until it says “Play from TF card mode.” Great. Hold and press the volume buttons to skip forward or backward. If you’re skipping songs instead and want to only skip playlists just put it one more folder deep, then you’ll only skip playlists, but it’ll play the songs in each list. This is really great. We are using it for my son who has trouble sleeping to play music for him at night. Using the SD card means that we don’t have to run down batteries on another device and it’s not easy to really mess with and derail. This is a great speaker. Hope y’all like it as well as I do. We really like both of our speakers :). I haven’t paired the two yet so you’ll have to check another review for that info. Good luck.Read more

    3. Douglas C. Meeks

      You don’t get to buy many things that do everything you wanted them to do and more, this is one of those things. I just wanted a Bluetooth speaker for the garage when I was working. What I got was a multi-functional device that did more than just play music , it will play from a micro SD card (so no need to have you phone there unless you want it), plays FM radio which with the weather around here is handy if the TV is not handy or power is out , it has a microphone built in so if you have it hooked to your phone via Bluetooth you can do hands free talking. If you watch the video you will see that connecting to Bluetooth was not much more than turning it on and turning your phone on to Bluetooth. If you look at the picture of the connections you will see that it has connections for USB, AUX IN plus the SD card slot. So with pretty much nothing negative to say I have to give it 5 Stars (NOTE: If you get 2 of them it will pair up as a set of stereo speakers, for $15 I am thinking about doing exactly that)Read more

    4. J.B.

      Good product, pairs easily, has tf card slot which I wanted for playing music without having my phone nearby especially when in the sauna room or shower or in the dark deep tunnel I have dug with a spoon to escape my captures. It’s small enough to crawl around with and if I drop it in the mud (my tunnel has a leak above where the guard tower bathroom is) I can pick it up easily.It has a blue blinking light which helps me locate it in the blackness of my underground labrynth.With a single touch I can pause the music when I am tunneling close to the fence line so K9 units dogs can’t hear me!Over all it’s worth it and for the low low price, tf card slot and water resistance it really cannot be beat. It’s not to small but not to big either. The bass is pretty good and the highs are crisp enough to make it all flow nice and evenly.Read more

    5. Kindle Customer

      Sound is great for a small speaker. I ordered this primarily for the FM radio feature. The instructions are pretty vague, only shows how to scan stations. After searching for instructions on how it works, I found that when you turn the speaker on, quickly press the power button twice, you will hear a single beep. you are now in FM radio mode, now quickly press the power button three times, it will then scan for available stations. After a minute or so, press either the + or – button to cycle through the saved stations.Read more

    6. MediaBoxEnt

      I got this speaker to take my long walks at the beach while con vacation! I like to got to the areas of the beach without other people and listen to great music along with the ocean waves! I hook it on my back up and I go! the sound is excellent, I was able to pair is very quickly to my cell phone and I love that it is waterproof ! in case I get caught in the rain!Read more

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