aC18H5L9QIA479 Nyne raise portable water-proof bluetooth speakers with top class stereo sound – ip67, 20 hours play-time, one hundred toes variety, integrated strength financial institution and mic, authentic wireless stereo, loud wireless speaker

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  • 【advanced stereo sound & readability & awesome volume】-jazz up your party with the incredible signature sound of the nyne improve loud bluetooth speaker.
  • 【ip67 water-resistant and dust-tight】- nyne enhance is really water resistant (can withstand water up to at least one meter deep for 30 minutes), dustproof, splash evidence, shockproof and rainproof
  • 【bluetooth 4. 2- easy to pair, vehicle reconnect】- bluetooth connectivity with 100′ variety. Nyne surround sound speaker is straightforward to connect to all bluetooth enabled gadgets, such as tablets,
  • 【ultra-lengthy battery existence】- rechargeable battery with an excellent 20 hours of play-time, that can maintain you entertained for almost four hundred songs or 10 movies!
  • 【built-in mic & three. Five mm aux-in 】- palms-unfastened calling, windows 7 systems, tvs, and non-bluetooth gadgets may be connected the use of the aux-in jack. Package deal:1 brief consumer guide,1 warranty card
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nyneis all approximately way of life inspired audio. Greater mainly – we’re devoted to harnessing, optimizing and integrating the ultra-modern slicing edge technology into audio answers that decorate your life-style, whatever it is able to be. Whether you’re an athlete, a new mother, a businessperson, a techie youngster, a grandfather, or a surfer dude, nyne wants to play a part in making your life extra fun through a higher non-public sound revel in.

nyne increase

if you want to take a bluetooth speaker to a picnic or poolside, simply pick nyne raise. It will gives outdoor-evidence abilties and additionally supplies fantastic sound pleasant.

  • bluetooth 4. 2
  • palms-free calling
  • integrated energy bank
  • 20-hours of playtime
  • multi directional use
  • top class stereo sound
  • 100-toes bluetooth range
  • genuine wi-fi multi-unit pairing
  • attractive design with smooth traces and sound that provides a symphony to any way of life.

    take them at the path, camping, to the seashore, the mountains, or pool aspect.

    the high-quality part even though is that it has a mystery superpower — the speaker comes with a chargeable energy bank, precisely what you may use when you’re outside and need a bit boost for your gadgets.

    presenting water-resistant safety bluetooth speaker in opposition to rain, dust, snow, and surprise. Best for tenting, trekking, biking and other outdoor sports.

    the speaker has a completely mind-blowing battery time of 20 hours. In no way worry approximately a protracted adventure, assist you to experience every stunning second.

    2” full variety drivers and one passive radiator offer an stereophonic clean sound exceptional and loud quantity.

    bluetooth 4. 2 gives wi-fi connection as much as a hundred feet range from your smart gadgets. Play with non-bluetooth gadgets thru the 3. 5mm audio cable.

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    Home Theater, Portable Speaker

    7 reviews for aC18H5L9QIA479 Nyne raise portable water-proof bluetooth speakers with top class stereo sound – ip67, 20 hours play-time, one hundred toes variety, integrated strength financial institution and mic, authentic wireless stereo, loud wireless speaker

    1. Brian Shaffer

      This bluetooth speaker is well made, LOUD, has good sound quality, and has a long battery life (have not put a clock to it, but am quite happy with this aspect). Unfortunately, what I don’t like about this product is the bodaciously loud voice guide that provides unit status updates when powering on, linking to bluetooth, and powering down. For the setting in which I will be using this, the voice guide is unreasonably loud and is hugely annoying. I am not able to use it for my intended purpose because I have no way of lowering or muting the volume of the voice guide. It is too disruptive to the others around me. There is nothing in the instructions on changing the voice guide volume. I contacted the company and unfortunately, there is no way to quiet the voice guide. It is a solid product, but because of the voice guide issue, I cannot use it for its intended purpose and so can only give it two stars.Read more

    2. N. B. Kennedy

      Setup for this speaker was straightforward. It was very easy to pair with devices – I paired it with a desktop computer and my iPhone, and each connection took only a minute. It has three different inputs (mini-USB, USB, and mini-jack), which means that this can be connected easily via wires.I would say the sound is excellent, both in the high and low ranges. That was a pleasant surprise, as you would think that with a small speaker like this, it wouldn’t do a good job reproducing the lower tones.As to construction, it is well made. It appears that Nyne intends for this speaker to be able to stand up well to use in different environments, both indoors and out, as evidenced by the heavy-duty rubberized protector over the input points.The only downside is that it does not come with a power cord for charging. Fortunately, I had one and could charge it. At this price point, you would think they could include a charging cord. On the sheet of directions, it just has a picture of a charging cord and an arrow pointing to a shopping cart, meaning that if you need a cord, you have to go buy one. We thought that was hilarious, but we wouldn’t have if we hadn’t already had a cord.Read more

    3. Beachreader

      I’ve never had a bluetooth speaker before, so I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a fancy one, only to find I never use it. I didn’t want to cheap out, either, and get tinny sound. My house is fairly small, and I thought this speaker gave great sound for a party. I don’t use it very often, but I really like its portability, ease of pairing/clear instructions, and overall sound. I’m no audiophile, so I’ll trust those who say this is no Bose (or something), but I think it’s just fine for my needs, and definitely the right price.Read more

    4. Cynthia G Lawing

      I have bought Bluetooth speaker after Bluetooth speaker! We don’t have a jack for our car stereo and my 16 yr old loves indie music that you can’t find on the radio. They all have been subpar until nyne! She can run me out of the car with that sucker! It’s amaxing! I actually feel like I’m surrounded by sound! She has one group that it’s bass makes the speaker vibrate but on every other song it’s great!Read more

    5. Reasonable Reviewer

      The NYNE Boost is the best blue tooth speaker set that I own!(Please see the attached pictures.)It was super easy to set-up. It plugs into a USB port or charger and takes about four hours to charge – fresh out of the box. Then, it delivers on longevity! I played mine for over 24 hours (twelve one day and twelve the next) before having to charge it again. (One tip on charging, not all USB devices deliver the same voltage and current. If the NYNE is getting the correct voltage/current, the charging light will show a steady red as shown in the picture. If the current is wrong, the light will flash white/red very brightly. That means that you need to find another USB current source for your NYNE. If you are like me, you have half a dozen USB/USB-C/Blackberry charging systems, and finding one that works well will not be an issue.)It was super easy to set up. You just push/hold the on/off button until it beeps and tells you that it is in pairing mode. Set the phone, device, etc. to pair, and that is it. There are no codes to exchange, etc.The range on this system was impressive too! I was able to move more than sixty feet away, and the sound quality never degraded.By the by, this is a fully stereo system! Most Bluetooth devices are mono, this one delivers in full stereo.I’m a composer and music producer. Having quality speakers to play and test music is vital for me.The NYNE delivers on all fronts.I highly recommend the NYNE Bluetooth speaker!Read more

    6. Mark C. Morris

      I’ve been messing with bulky speakers and wires with my PC for years. I finally decided to try one of these wireless Bluetooth models. Wow, what a difference! I am incredibly satisfied with the sound and durability. It was easy to connect to my PC, too. Great value for the price!Read more

    7. Scott Lloyd

      This is a nice looking Bluetooth speaker. It synced easily with my iPhone and I had it up and running without consulting the directions. The volume controls are on the end and use the conventional icons and conventions to sync, turn volume up and down and operate the on/off switch. My one complaint is that when it syncs a voice says “Devise Synced” or something like that. LIke some other speakers I think the voice is too loud and is not dependent on the volume you set the device at. So no matter how low you have the volume the robot voice is loud. Sometimes I might be syncing when my wife is asleep (to put on ambient sounds) and I want to be as quite as possible.It seems to be waterproof although I didn’t test it, I am sure it could survive if you left it outside and accidentally turned the sprinkler on it. The charging inputs are kept waterproof and dustproof by a rubber stopper-type closure. I also like the look of this. My last Bluetooth speaker was a bright orange and looked like it was crossed with a pumpkin. This is much better designed. It is also very lightweight.The sound is very good for a speaker of this price range. Although it is not as good in the base range as my primo speaker (which cost four hundred bucks) it is surprisingly close. You will not notice the difference when listening to audiobooks on tape for example. For the money this speaker rocks.Read more

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