A2 lenrue transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker with integrated-mic,handsfree call,aux line,tf card,hd sound and bass for iphone ipad android phone and extra(rose gold)

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  • make sure this suits by way of getting into your version wide variety.
  • 【extraordinary battery existence】: 1000mah high ability, 10 hour/ 60-song playtime powered by way of a integrated excessive capability li-ion battery and lenrue’s enterprise-leading electricity control era.
  • 【various output mode】: the bluetooth speaker helps bluetooth connection, three. 5mm aux cable and high potential tf card. You may revel in song for a couple of connection approaches. Experience your music in full-bodied stereo found out through excessive-performance drivers.
  • 【transportable and extensive variety assist】: small size and lightweight, 2. 7*2. 7*1. 8 inch, 200g; 33 feet wireless variety aid. You could enjoy tune with this small wi-fi bluetooth speaker out of doors.
  • 【bluetooth 4. 1 technology】: compatible with all bluetooth-enabled gadgets. Instantly connect with your phone or tablet from as much as 33 feet away. Sound center reconnects robotically to the remaining tool used. Built-in mic for palms-unfastened calls.
  • 【what we provide】: lenrue a2 bluetooth speakers, cables, person manual, thank you card*1, 24h friendly customer service and electronic mail support, any query, please feel free to touch us.
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7 reviews for A2 lenrue transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker with integrated-mic,handsfree call,aux line,tf card,hd sound and bass for iphone ipad android phone and extra(rose gold)

  1. Dan G.

    For the cost (about 13), it is a good value. If your ears are sensitive to noise, you will be disappointed. Whenever music is playing from any Bluetooth source, there is a light ‘computer digital noise’ coming from the speaker. It is not noticeable during normal volumes, but when the music is very quiet, it becomes noticeable. When playing rock or pop, you may never notice it. If playing new age, easy listening, or classical, it may turn you off from this speaker. There seems to be quite a bit of built in bass boost, the speaker will vibrate the table that it is sitting on pretty well, however, not all that energy is translated into good mid-range bass. Otherwise, the sound is decent. All controls are on the underside, but that was not a problem for me. The light while it is operating is OK, but may be bothersome on a bedside table at night. Read more

  2. Azure

    I love this speaker. It is easy to use, the quality is not bad at all, not a single defect that I noticed. The sound quality could be a bit better though, if you are wanting it for loud music this wouldn’t be very good. I personally just needed a small speaker to listen to audiobooks when I am working around the house and its perfect. This review is several weeks after purchase, I use it every day and charge it only once a week. Read more

  3. joshandsarah

    Great little speaker! Pros: *I can hear a tiny bit of static electricity noise if I’m playing piano music *very* softly, but at a normal level, you dont hear it at all (and I’m very sensitive to it!). *It stays connected to my phone even when I’m all the way across the house (we have a long house) or when I run out to the garage. *It is loud enough in the van that the kids can easily listen to The Magic TreeHouse audiobooks. *I saw one reviewer that said with the audio books it skipped between sentences, but it worked flawlessly for us and the kids have listen to four books on it so far. *I can’t speak to the bass bc the music I listen to doesn’t have a lot, but it has really good overall sound. *battery is long lived Potential Cons (not for me but could be for others) *buttons on the bottom (I actually like not seeing the buttons….) *Light is bright…..if you want it for at night, it will be bright and would probably blind u when u flipped it over to look at buttons. (I don’t, so its fine for me…. I like the light on bc I can tell when it is on or off). Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    For such a small speaker this baby has a kick! It gets pretty loud, can fill a room no problem, and evem has some pretty decent bass lows to it. I like that it was charged and ready to use right out of the box. It’s pretty to look at, sleek and inconspicuous, and was easy to use. The instructions were clear and concise. I like that an icon on my iphone comes up, when in use, that indicates how much battery Iife the speaker has left. Pleased to have found such a quality speaker for such a great price. Read more

  5. Yolanda Crain

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Easy to use. Sounds perfect for my room. Movies, music, whatever I am listening to, the quality fits my personal need perfectly. Thank you! Read more

  6. Van Dean

    I ordered this to play music while at my construction job. I was using Pandora on my phone but thought I could get more volume from a device like this. I read some reviews that said it was not loud but ordered anyway thinking loudness is a matter of opinion. It was very easy to set up and when I had it play my favorite Pandora station I was disappointed at the volume. I almost sent it back. Then I set it up a second time and looked at my volume control on my phone. The phone treated it like a headphone and lowered the volume to half. Once raising the volume it I was very satisfied with the sound quality and volume level. Read more

  7. purchaser

    I was stuck and read all Q&A and most customer comments and found a lot of satisfaction, but also a lot of confusion particularly about the instructions. I agree with the negative comments about the instructions. The seller should hire someone who is an English speaker to make an appropriate translation. My purpose to get this wonderful unit was to use it as a music player, which I finally was able to do. I am very satisfied with it and would like to contribute with a draft of some English instructions for those who may have found this to be a problem. They need to be revised to be more appealing to those who purchase the unit as a speaker for their phones. 1. ON/OFF — Used to turn the unit On or Off. Once in operation mode, a Blue light appears at the bottom; if this key is pressed a second time, it turns the light off. If pressed and held, it turns the unit OFF. 2. FUNCTION — Press to change the operation from being a speaker, to operating on its own with the TF DS Card as a music player. Press again to turn it into a speaker 3. LIGHT — Comes on when the ON/OFF button is pressed for the first time. 4. PAUSE — Press to pause and sound stops; press again to get sound back. 5. CHARGE — With the Mini USB cable connected to a source, it charges the unit. Initial charge may take 3 or 4 hours. The Red light is on while charging, when it’s fully charged, the Red light disappears. There will be a “Plop” sound when the unit is discharged and needs to be recharged. 6. Volume “-” — Press and hold and it will reduce the volume. Press no hold, it goes back to the previous song. 7. Volume “+” — Press and hold and it will increase the volume. Press no hold, it jumps to the next song. 8. Microphone — For when used as an accessory to the phone. 9. RESET — Insert paper clip and tap lightly to bring the unit to its original manufacturer’s set up. 10. TF SD Card — A Mini card up to 32 GB can be inserted. It has to be inserted completely. Once inserted and after pressing the 2. FUNCTION key, the unit will start playing the songs contained in the card. The card will have to be loaded separately with the songs, by connecting it to a computer with the Mini USB cable provided. 11. USB port — Used to plug one end of the USB cable provided, to a power source for charging the unit. Read more

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