80w(100w peak) bluetooth speaker, w-king huge 105db sound transportable wi-fi tws audio system with bassup era, mixed color led lighting, tf card, usb playback, big for domestic, party, non-water-proof

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  • make certain this suits by coming into your model number.
  • effective high-definition stereo sound system: th cool w-king bluetooth speaker has a clean treble, wealthy and deep bass. Let your ears experience excessive-definition stereo sound fine every time, anywhere. Experience the 105db big sound from four-inch woofers and 1. 2-inch tweeter. The sound nice is impeccable whether or not indoors or exterior..
  • cool blended shade led lighting fixtures: w-king 80w bluetooth speaker can transfer unique mild rings according to the category of the song. The light ring has six exclusive colors, you may freely switch the mild ring with the scene. The transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker is rugged and sturdy, coupled with remarkable sound, can make sure a comfortable ecosystem at home or celebration and experience the dual effect of imaginative and prescient and hearing.
  • bluetooth five. Zero connection: advanced bluetooth 5. 0 generation can freely and without problems join your bluetooth speaker to your smart smartphone, along with other bluetooth-enabled gadgets compatible. Insert the 3. 5mm aux records cable provided via the speaker on your television and computer to play the audio of the device at any time. Use tf card and usb flash drives to play your tune and enjoy one-of-a-kind listening modes.
  • 12000mah battery and tws pairing: the powerful lengthy-lifestyles 12000mah battery technology lets in your speaker to play 24 hours time, without traumatic approximately disconnecting the power halfway and affecting your fun gambling time. Tws era lets in you to create a wireless -channel device by using pairing audio system thru bluetooth to provide a true stereo impact.
  • incredible customer support: the package deal consists of t9 speaker, type-c charging cable, three. 5mm aux audio cable and consumer guide. The handle of the speaker allows you to hold it without difficulty. Ideal as a holiday present for birthday,christmas, to your children or pals. Please use the 5v/2a strength adapter and the usb-c cable we provide to charge the speaker. The electricity adapter isn’t included.

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9.37, x, 8.19, x, 18.11, inches

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2, Lithium, ion, batteries, required.

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January, 23, 2021



4 reviews for 80w(100w peak) bluetooth speaker, w-king huge 105db sound transportable wi-fi tws audio system with bassup era, mixed color led lighting, tf card, usb playback, big for domestic, party, non-water-proof

  1. David

    I have ordered 2 of these. I knew going in that this was not the same and had no mic, no remote, water rating etc. It’s ported so it can’t be water rated. Ported enclosures give a different kind of base response like a studio pair of monitors. The Asian version is more of a Karaoke focus rather than a partybox. The US version has a larger battery too. The US version is more like a partybox, less Karaoke and cheaper I suspect as that cordless mic with LED looks expensive. It might have other spec differences as well like the battery. It’s very possible the US version sounds better too. Update: I tested one side by side with the D9. I removed the grills and measured both woofers. The D9 measures 3 4/12 inches. The T9 measures 3 7/12 inches so it’s only 1/4 inch larger measuring from the outside of the foam surround on each. See photos. They appear very similar. I think both sounded great but the larger enclosure and ported housing sounds slightly better on the T9. I’m pretty sure the tweeters are identical. The T9 goes a little louder but keep in mind the ratio of loudness in dbs to watts is only about 1/3rd. 20 additional T9 watts is only 6 or 7 dbs louder. I didn’t notice any distortion at max volume on either speaker. The packaging claims it has a bass boost called “live mode” which it does not specifically but it has something called indoor & outdoor modes per the instructions. The default mode has more bass and the pressing the button probably focuses more energy toward the highs and mids and gets brighter. The default mode is better. It says something about “Bass Up” technology but I think this refers to the ported enclosure (one reason it can’t be water proof) which will make bass somewhat less punchy (as with passive radiator on the D9) and tends to make it sound deeper. It didn’t seem too boomy IMO but was a bit deeper than my D9. Read more

  2. Ann B

    This NEW Speaker from W-KING doesn’t disappoint.. It’s their Newest Bluetooth 5.0, and it’s a HUGE 80W ( 100 W peak ), 105 db sound portable TWS with Bass up Technology…. Inside there are 2, 1 1/2” Tweeters 2, Subwoofers Passive radiators 12,000 mAh rechargeable Battery 24 Hour Playtime 33Ft Range Bass-Up Technology… allows you to connect 2 of these massive speakers together for TWS ( true wireless stereo ) sound. 105 DB Mixed Color LED Lights … 6 lights, alternate flash and radiates to the beat and rhythm of the music. Can be set to 1 color, or turned off completely, but adds to the festivities…, 2 Modes… Indoor… Strong Bass, Deeper Sound, controlled by hitting FF Outdoor…, Higher Pitched, Lower Bass, meant to reach a broader wider outdoor area. Again, controlled by FF button. A 3.5 cable is included so you can hook up your TV or Laptop to the Speaker. Use the TF & USB Flash Drive to play your own music too ..! You’re gonna love this Speaker, the versatility, the BIG SOUND, the BIG BASS… I’ve been a W-KING fan for a long time, and was very excited when they came out with this newest speaker. It’s quite something… As soon as it arrived, I charged it and haven’t stopped using it. Plus, it’s got a Great Design … it’s very different from their other Speakers.. Much Improved, IMO…, The Handle is Convenient, it’s also Removable..,for a nicer presentation while it’s being used…. Check This Out.. If you’re a Fan of W-King, I think you’ll love this new Addition to their already impressive line-Up of Bluetooth Speakers… If you’re a newcomer to the Brand ….. I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU give this Brand a Try…, You’ll become a fan…😉 Read more

  3. A Reviewer

    The T9 “bass party speaker” is the newest speaker from an established, respected company that consistently gets great reviews on their other speakers like the D8 and D9. This T9 speaker is pretty similar to those speakers, only better — around 50% louder and bigger. The other smaller speakers like D8 and D9 do have a few advantages over the T9 — they’re waterproof / water resistant, and they can be used to charge phones and other USB devices. But I’m fine with that. I’d rather have louder, better sound. As another reviewer said, making the speaker waterproof impacts the sound. I *really* like this speaker. I’ve tried a lot of portable speakers. This one is my favorite by far. It’s one of only two speakers I liked enough to keep. It’s louder and has more bass than the smaller waterproof speakers I tried in the 30-50 watt range. This speaker will adequately fill up a large 25 foot square room with loud party music (I noticed my ears were ringing after just 10 minutes of max volume). The music is still at enjoyable volumes in the connecting rooms on every side — loud enough that some of you might turn down the music or move to a further room to talk. PROS: The price is lower than most every other party speaker of comparable size and quality. The sound is quite good — the best of all I’ve tried. Sound is clearer, with more bass and a sound EQ profile closer to a real stereo system. This speaker has two EQ modes that should satisfy people who like more bass and those who prefer more treble. Most other directional speakers tend to have the sound change noticeably as you move around the room. Especially the loudness and the EQ / sound profile. This is the first one that doesn’t. Many other speakers have had noticeable intermittent rises and falls in volume during some songs. I suspect the speakers being so close to each other leads to undesirable accidental noise cancellation, where opposite or out of sync sound waves cancel each other out. This one doesn’t. Usually I distrust and avoid products on Amazon that have only a few reviews. Too many of them are scams. Rest assured, this speaker has few reviews right now because it’s so new. W-King has honestly really impressed me as being a great company, for the reasons below. I *love* that W-King speakers (like the D8 and D9, and hopefully this new T9) have updatable firmware. This allows speaker features to be changed, fixed, and improved. Features like sound quality and equalization profile. I don’t know any other speaker manufacturer that does that. Their support is great. They quickly replied to my tech support questions by email. When they saw I had left a review of one of their other speakers that wasn’t all 5 stars, they immediately took the time to reach out to me and made recommendations that helped. They really went the extra mile and seemed to care about their customers being satisfied. What other company does that? W-King headquarters are outside the US — like practically every other speaker company. But you’d never know it. Unlike other speaker companies, their English in their user manual and support emails is impeccable, so no worries there. Their manuals, support emails and web sites are clear and easier to understand than most. USAGE TIPS: If you should ever need to contact W-along support, be sure to use their email address for Amazon customers. That email address contains “Amazon.” It’s in the user manual. Skip their web site and the email address listed there. They’re not intended for US or Amazon customer support. I’d guess the best setup for this type of speaker to spread the volume evenly would probably be one speaker in the middle of the room, or two identical speakers paired together and spread apart. Personally I like putting this speaker on its side. This makes it more stable and less likely to fall or be knocked over. (Though it appears to have fairly solid protection from falls.) Personally, I wish the sound didn’t cut out with a loud beep when you reach the max volume. I wish there was an indicator to show the volume level. I wish the flashing lights (which are pretty) were off by default. But these are not disadvantages of the T9, because *every* portable speaker I know also does these things I can definitely recommend you try out this speaker. There’s really no risk. If this speaker doesn’t “wow” you like it did me, Amazon will let you return it as usual at no cost to you. Read more

  4. Curtis Booker

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This speaker is a beast, and sounds amazing. I already had the W-King D-9. 4 of them to be exact. I just ordered my second one of these. I hate I live in apartments, but you wasting time if you haven’t ordered yet. Point blank!!! Thank you W-King for your craftsmanship. Read more

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