6. 5″ out of doors weatherproof patio speaker pair (black) psp-b1 – with the aid of avx audio

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  • the avx audio psp-b1 functions a 6 half of” injected polypropylene cone with butyl rubber surround capabilities lengthy existence and extended deeper bass.
  • 1″ pei dome tweeter is designed for outdoor use and publicity to the factors even as resisting corrosion.
  • comfortable 5-manner binding posts accept bare speaker twine, spade connections, or banana plugs. Accommodates speaker wire up to 12ga.
  • includes mounting brackets for easy and brief set up. Touch av explicit for any questions concerning installation or tech guide.
  • power handling (rms): ninety watts, one hundred eighty watts max (pmpo). Frequency response: forty five hz – 20 khz – rated impedance: 8 ohms

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12, x, 7.5, x, 8, inches

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14.05, pounds


AVX, Audio



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4.6, out, of, 5, stars, 136, ratings, 4.6, out, of, 5, stars

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#36, 902, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #111, in, Outdoor, Speakers

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July, 1, 2011

8 reviews for 6. 5″ out of doors weatherproof patio speaker pair (black) psp-b1 – with the aid of avx audio

  1. C. Heitz

    I see a few reviews complaining about the rated power handling of these speakers. Coming from over 30 years audio experience I can tell you power handling is mostly useless. If you drive these (or any speaker) with CLEAN power they’ll handle far more than rated. I am running this pair with a Sherwood RX4105 stereo receiver. Thats 105 watts per channel. Not only do these sound amazing but have decent low end and incredible volume. I’ve been punishing these for almost a year at extreme volumes and they are still flawless. Buy with confidence if your driving them with a quality amplifier. Read more

  2. Marvin W.

    This is a good value as far as outdoor speakers go. Aside from slightly accented highs and a rolled off bass response, you can’t beat the performance in this outdoor speaker class. Currently, for evaluation purposes, I have these hooked up to a Sherwood stereo system indoors and here are my observations when stacked against the performance of a set of regular, large 3-way speakers. First, the loudness is not as great for the same amount of amplifier power pumped into them (this is a left and right channel comparison with AVX on left channel and the 3-way on the right), so the efficiency must not be as good as it is on my 3-ways, which is to be expected of smaller crossovers and only two speakers that move about half the air. The AVX isn’t overwhelmed by the bigger 3-way, it makes it’s presence known in the music mix, so it holds it own well. So, I would consider this good performance. Next, the bass is not as pronounced as some reviews on here would indicate. It’s smooth and receded into the music mix a bit when compared to the mids and highs, but does perform better than expected for a 6 inch mid-range speaker. Six inch is not a woofer in my opinion, I’ve never seen a 6 inch speaker do well in the low frequency range, especially when crossed over to include the majority of the mid-range, too, such as this pair is. Six inch speakers should never be referred to as a woofer, once you get up to 8 inch, then you can start talking about a “woofer”. It is more accurate to call 6″ a full range speaker. Anyway, I digress… the bass will stand out at certain times with certain music, depending on on the resonance of the 6″ speaker. I even reversed the phasing of one of the speakers hoping there was a phasing problem with the speaker pair, but the bass response got worse instead of better, which is normal. So the terminal polarity is correct from speaker to speaker. They might get more responsive with use, this is common with speakers that are too tight at first, but as they are exercised, their frequency response loosens a bit and they become better sounding as the cones begin to move more air. The tweeters actually do work and seem to “spit” the highs rather than smoothly transitioning into them, when you put your ear up to just the tweeter at a low volume, you can hear this “spitting” sound. Overall, they perform more smoothly than most outdoor speakers in this class. The cabinets are a little bigger than most, which helps their overall sound, too. The wedge shape, though has a tendency to color the music with a little bit of a “plastic” hollow sound, but not too badly. If using outdoors, it might be more pronounced since low frequencies tend to get lost on speakers outdoors. Indoors, the hollow sound seems acceptable. I was considering decorative rock speakers, I’ve heard them at theme parks and am impressed with their overall sound and bass response for outdoors use when paired with a power amplifier, but the price for such outdoor speakers is slightly above this cowboy’s budget. The AVX speaker set is a good compromise. The fact you get two speakers for one low price and that the performance is decent is no small task in the prolific outdoor speaker market. Though this review sounds critical, they actually are doing very well for the type of construction and price point they have. If they are truly weatherproof, then they will be worth every penny. Overall, I’m glad I found these and look forward to using them on the deck this summer. UPDATE: After two full years outdoors on my deck, now going into the third year, they still are working fine, I’ve been leaving them on their mounts outside in the weather and they still play and sound good. I plan on spending more deck time with these in 2021 than I did this past summer. Just seems like we haven’t had a chance to really enjoy the summer in 2020. So, hopefully, there will be more family get-togethers on the deck this year with these speakers at the center of the entertainment. Phonograph records will be more involved this year with my new setup.I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform in year three. Read more

  3. R P.

    The listing has these speakers advertised as power handling (RMS): 90 watts, 180 Watts Max. The actual power handling is 2x40w (RMS), 2x80w peak power. I gave them three stars because they actually sound pretty good for the price just don’t turn them up too high. **UPDATE Dec 24, 2018** After one month of use these speakers are pretty much dead. These have been mounted in a covered deck so they are not exposed to the weather and after a month of about 2-3 hours of use a day they have pretty much died. When powered on the speakers barely put out any sound now, even when turned up to a higher volume. I can no longer recommend these speakers even at a budget price. Spend a little more and get a better quality set of speakers. Read more

  4. Dennis Butler

    I have a stereo received and added these to hang from the rafters. They work great. My garage gets a lot of shop use. Sanding, spray painting, etc. It’s only heated when I’m in there working and fire up my propane heater, so temperature goes from freezing to 65 and back pretty regularly. I needed something that could endure that. Sounds is good. These aren’t high fidelity speakers, but they are [plenty good enough for a garage. Plenty of bass. Frequency response overall is really good. Plenty of volume. I can hear it over the sound of my sanders and such no problem. Read more

  5. Dustin L. Barrons

    Solid, great sounding speakers! They’ve outlasted one Missouri winter thus far and still sound great. For those wondering, the threaded inserts on the back of the speaker take a 6mm x 12mm screw. I combined my speakers with a OmniMount 15C Speaker Mount and attached the supplied plate (with the mount) directly to the speaker with 2 stainless steel 6mm x 12mm machine screws (per speaker). Solid, reliable setup. Read more

  6. Ernie

    One of the two speakers cuts off. If I tap it, it begins to work again. I’ve triple checked the 14g wire and it is solid. I also moved the speaker to the other wire where there was never a problem and this issue followed the speaker. I’m sending these back for a new pair because I love the sound when they are both playing correctly. And the price is right. I hope this isn’t a “you get what you pay for” ending. Read more

  7. End User

    These these sound terrific, the bass has punch, the high ends are crisp. They are supposed to be weather resistant, I have them mounted high under the eaves on the deck. These 2 way bass reflex speakers rated at 40 watts, I would not use them on your high wattage, high current amp, they are not made for that. IMHO these are excellent speakers for the price, long term durability outdoors remains to be proven. NOTE: These are NOT Bluetooth – They are NOT self powered/portable. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    So I was a bit skeptical about these speakers only because I didn’t recognize the brand. I can’t speak into the durability because I’ve only owned them for a month but I can say that the sound quality far exceeds the Yamaha speakers that these replaced. It was very noticeable. The most notable differences are the cleaner highs and deeper mid bass. Also, the Yamaha speakers were only 2 years old so I can’t say they were worn out. Read more

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