3″ mini cube bookshelf speakers – 100w small bookshelf audio system w/ three” paper cone motive force, 8 ohm – passive audio book shelf speaker pair for domestic theater stereo surround sound – pyle home pcb3bk (black)

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  • 100 watt strength: these mini e-book shelf stereo audio system have a strength dealing with of 200 watts height that will produce high sound resonance. It has an 8 ohm impedance and extraordinary for looking movies, paying attention to track and extra
  • video shielded: constructed w/ video protecting to ensure most advantageous experience while in use. The bookshelf stereo speakers will now not distort tv photos, particularly for crt monitors and avoid completely negative photograph tube w/ magnetic interruptions
  • 3″ paper cone motive force: that is a couple of clean-reduce dice bookcase audio system that boasts a three inch paper cone driving force. It will enhance home theater stereo experience with the aid of generating effective audio and perfect sound nice
  • for domestic applications: those mini cube computing device speaker system are offered in pairs and each has a dimension of 3. 6″ (h) x three. 6″ x (w) x 4. 6″ (d). It’s just the ideal size for home theater applications and can easily be located on cabinets
  • full range audio: regardless the size, these stereo speakers domestic audio bookshelf speakers have 80hz – 18 khz frequency reaction for unequalled audio pleasant and could suffice as a domestic surround system. Additionally they appearance stylish in traditional black
  • full range mini speaker device – frequency reaction: 90 hz- 18 khz
  • tremendous for domestic theather aplications – 8 ohms impedance
  • video guard – dimensions: three. 6” (h) x 3. 6” x (w) x four. 6” (d)
  • 3” paper cone driver
  • strength coping with: a hundred watts height
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from the producer

complete variety mini speaker gadget

pyle 3″ mini dice bookshelf speakers

these black complete range mini dice bookshelf speakers may also appearance lovable, however they percent a big punch. They are extraordinary for domestic theater systems or stereos, and they look sharp on tables or bookshelves. Those speakers are powered by 3′ paper cone drivers pushing 100 watts, delivering a frequency reaction of ninety hz to 18 khz. They’re additionally video shielded to save you harm to crt monitors. When you’re searching out energy in a small bundle, look to those bookshelf speakers from pyle seasoned.

product description

pylehome version : pcb3bk

three” mini dice bookshelf audio system

three” one hundred watt black mini dice bookshelf speaker in black (pair)

  • full variety mini speaker machine
  • awesome for domestic theather aplications
  • video shield
  • three” paper cone driving force
  • strength coping with: one hundred watts peak
  • frequency reaction: 90 hz- 18 khz
  • 8 ohms impedance
  • dimensions: three. 6” (h) x three. 6” x (w) x 4. 6” (d)
  • those black complete variety mini dice bookshelf speakers might also look adorable, however they p. C. A large punch. They’re superb for domestic theater systems or stereos, and they look sharp on tables or bookshelves. These speakers are powered through 3′ paper cone drivers pushing one hundred watts, turning in a frequency reaction of 90 hz to 18 khz. They’re also video shielded to save you harm to crt monitors. When you’re looking for energy in a small package deal, appearance to those bookshelf speakers from pyle pro.


    3 Inch, One Size

    6 reviews for 3″ mini cube bookshelf speakers – 100w small bookshelf audio system w/ three” paper cone motive force, 8 ohm – passive audio book shelf speaker pair for domestic theater stereo surround sound – pyle home pcb3bk (black)

    1. D. A. Soss

      I bought these speakers to use with an ICOM IC-7610 ham radio tranceiver. This tranceiver has dual identical independent receivers. I wanted to be able to each receiver through a separate speaker. These speakers look good with the tranceiver. I do not believe that the manufacture’s 200 W power rating. Nor do I think that these speakers will work very well down to 50 Hz. However, they sound better than the radio’s built in speaker. They easily handle the 2.5 watts that the radio puts out. The 7610, like most ham transceivers cut of the audio at around 150 Hz, so no problem there. The speakers are flat on the bottom, but stick-on feet will fix that Best of all, they cost less than one-tenth as much as a pair of the matching ICOM speakers. Read more

    2. Charlie B

      I took a chance with these speakers, seeing some good and some bad reviews. Not sure how they stack up against other speakers out there – heck, you’d expect more from JBL and Bose, but look at the price of those! I’m using one each, for a pair of shortwave and HAM radios. They’re absolutely better than “dedicated” speakers by the electronics manufacturers. A low end ICOM speaker is in the range of $100 and not nearly as nice. Good size, fits in with my own radios well. Good sound output – they’re loud, very efficient. I’m driving them with a max of 2watts RMS and they are enough to blast you out of the room. These are rated for 200watts PEAK (which could be any sort of wattage really…. depends on how you define “peak”…). A little less than a pound each. Nice grill, nice wire connections in the back. There’s a spring loaded… something in back too, I’m guessing for wire loop retention (hey, could be for hanging them… I’m clueless). I wish they had some feet, but… stick on feet are cheap and available. I’d have given these a five, except for some issues, as follows: They came all sealed up nice, but there was some sort of dried goo on the bottom of the one speaker. Looked like a dried adhesive from assembly. Not a big deal to me, its on the bottom. If you hung them in the corner… might be a big deal. No feet, or other anti-skid items for the bottom, so they can slide all over your bookshelf. The chrome “Pyle” medallions were sort of scraped up. I gave mine a quite Q-tip and black paint treatment, and the medallions are now all black with no scrapes in the chrome finish. Some negatives, but…. there are also some positives. First is the sound quality, which has remarkable low end, easily reproducing 120cycle hum (which folks mistakenly call 60cycle hum), which occurs in certain bands under certain conditions on the shortwave radio. The speakers themselves don’t hum, its just hum in the audio I’m sending to them, and I only mention it to show how nice the low end is. Program listening is outstanding, full, rich, good seperation in the mids and vocal ranges, and crisp highs. They bring a new audio presence to my radios, which are middle of the road shorwaves as those go. Based on sound quality alone, I raised the score from mediocre at 3 to a plus at 4 overall. What you have in these speakers are low low cost units, made well enough to function better than most, but mass produced and certainly to be ignored by audiophiles. They’re value is in sound they create for the low price, and in that regard, I’m pleased enough to pass along a rating of 4, which explaination thereof. Read more

    3. Randy K

      These little powerhouses reminded me of the old Radio Shack mini bookshelf speakers (that were 50 bucks each) in performance. The only difference is they were in a metal enclosure while these are plastic. To those who gave them bad reviews, I don’t know how you were disappointed as these are awesome little speakers. I use them with an HY-V10 20 watt power amplifier (from Amazon) and they provide clean room filling sound. I have this setup connected to my flat screen TV, use the audio input for my mp3 player, and use the bluetooth with my Chromebook. Great little speaker with a great price! I would highly recommend these. Read more

    4. Dave

      The speakers are a good value, and will fill a room with clean audio. They are great speakers, and don’t take up a lot of room. Yes you can actually fit on your desk if so desired. I returned the 3 inch cubes. And went for the 4 inch cubes. The 3 inch I got either was a defect out of the batch I received, or perhaps they all have this manufacture defect. The smaller 3 inch cubes have a circle mesh front face. The outside of the mesh had bumps all over the front corners of the speakers. This wont effect the speakers performance, although this is definitely quite an eye soar. This is why I swapped out for the 4 inch cubes. For the small price difference, you will have 200 watts handling rather then 100 watts with the smaller 3 inch cubes.Plus the 4 inch cubes fill the entire face of the front of the speaker with mess. This will guarantee you wont have the cosmetic issue , that i had with the 3 inch cubes. The 3 inch perhaps is getting the bubbling from a heating process when being manufactured. Regardless, this in my opinoin is a defect.Go 4inch cubes, and you will be happy.The only negative with the 4 inch , is if you shake one speaker . Sounds like a loose piece of plastic is jumping around inside the speaker. Other then that they are good. Read more

    5. Tom A.

      I’ve now installed these mini cube speakers in our travel trailer so we’ll have an audio source adjacent to the TV when playing DVDs on the Jensen in-wall RV stereo receiver (instead of having to listen to the main ceiling speakers that are not in the trailer’s sleeping area). I’d be exaggerating badly to claim that these speakers sound anywhere near as good as the 5 1/4″ Pioneer two-way mobile speakers that I installed previously in the ceiling to replace a failed set of factory RV speakers, but they (a) fit perfectly in the small space available, (b) actually look OK after being “Velcro’d” in place, (c) have nice spring-loaded speaker connections on the back, and (d) were a low-cost solution to our needs. I don’t know how long they’ll last, but at this point I’m quite satisfied with how they’ve allowed me to finally resolve an annoying design issue with our travel trailer. Read more

    6. RoseB

      These speakers sound great. I thought we would need a second set, but no. They are very small and fit anywhere. We hung them behind the TV and they are not noticeable. We recommend these speakers to anyone who love loud sound when watching TV. However, they are not wireless, they need to be connect via a compatible woofer, old style. Read more

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