0C1A6W6KY8Q719 Monster rockin’ curler portable bluetooth wi-fi speaker, 60 watts, up to 36 hours playtime, mic/guitar input, ipx4 water-proof

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  • ensure this fits
  • with the aid of coming into your version number.
  • 60 watts of electricity: the rockin’ roller mini has up to 60 watts of strength making the ideal portable speaker for indoor or out of doors occasions!
  • as much as 36 hours of playtime: by no means worry approximately battery existence! With as much as 36 hours of playtime the rockin’ curler mini will remaining thru any event or weekend journeys on a unmarried price!
  • microphone & guitar input: the rockin’ curler mini comes prepared with a 3. 5mm microphone/guitar enter. Plug the covered microphone into the speaker and be heard!
  • smooth to attach gadgets: easily and wirelessly sync any of your cell devices to the rockin’ curler mini through bluetooth and nfc! Extra features include: usb enter, fm radio, aux in, battery indicator, and more!
  • ipx4 climate resistant: the speaker is climate resistant, making it clean to take outdoor in any environment. Dirt, sand, light moisture – no hassle!
  • do it have an antenna?
  • do it have an antenna?

  • does it have a battery in it had been you don’t have to have it plugged up all the time
  • does it have a battery in it had been you do not should have it plugged up all of the time

  • are you able to plug a guitar into this speaker?
  • can you plug a guitar into this speaker?

  • may want to you hook up say an electrical guitar to this component? And in that case wherein is it? Is it thru 1 / 4 inch cable connection??
  • may want to you hook up say an electrical guitar to this aspect? And in that case wherein is it? Is it via a quarter inch cable connection??


    Black, Black/Slate, Mini

    8 reviews for 0C1A6W6KY8Q719 Monster rockin’ curler portable bluetooth wi-fi speaker, 60 watts, up to 36 hours playtime, mic/guitar input, ipx4 water-proof

    1. Terence Baker

      To start I own the ION Pathfinder 3, ION Block Rocker Plus, Bose Sound Touch 30 and the Aiwa EXOS9. The sound on this bluetooth speaker is amazing!! You can crank it all the way with the bass all the way up with zero destortion. You can’t do that with either of my ION boxes. The sound quality of those doesn’t even compare to the Monster 270. Thankfully I ordered two so I have another one on the way. Will do a test when I link them up. For 192.00 I feel it is worth every penny!! It sounds just as good as my Aiwa EXOS9 and my Bose Sound Touch 30 and it is portable to boot and waterproof!! Don’t hesitate pulling the trigger if your considering this speaker!!Read more

    2. Tristan

      I owned the Rockin Roller 3 previous to owning this bad boy… the Rockin Roller 270 is no joke. First, this thing is build like a truck. Very solid speaker. The Qi Wireless charging feature is very cool. One thing not listed in the description is the fact that the handle goes all the way back to act as a stand for a phone/iPad—perfect for a little movie! The bass button provides the speaker with real, deep bass that can be heard from far away. Pro Tip: turn the speaker volume all the way up and use your phone to adjust the actual volume. This make the speaker sound much better and pushes more sound through the subwoofer.I will say the only con is using the speaker to adjust volume. If you have your phone volume up all the way and use the knob on the speaker to adjust sound it really doesn’t sound good at all. Quick fix is listed above though!!Read more

    3. john l.

      Ok so lets get a little info out & about the newest monster rockin roller! It is equipped with a microphone an AC power cable, Aux cable and even came equipped with a pouch in the rear to store wires and miscellaneous things. There is a USB adaptor (in case your phone doesn’t do the wireless charge thing as well which is a huge plus for me!!). It’s super heavy duty, so thank god for the handle and wheels; almost reminds me of a traveling suitcase with the extended handle that is installed in the rear.I’m excited to bring this out at the next BBQ. It does come equipped with 2 mic inputs which should be very enticing once the alcohol kicks in lol. I did install the app which can control the lights (which I believe only has one color which is white) and the volume.Overall this thing looks fun. It comes with a 1 year warranty as well, but I did email the company to confirm if since I purchased it through amazon.Read more

    4. Jason R. Ball

      I have three other professional sound systems, and bought this for its Bluetooth capabilities, incredible battery life, light weight, and ultra portability. I have never been so impressed with a product’s price-to-quality ratio before! This thing uses some kind of Black Magic to get such clear punchy bass sound out of a lightweight package. I’ve used it indoors and outside, and somehow the sound delivery is crisp and clean even at high volume volumes. It’s a freak of nature when it comes to battery life! I don’t even need to worry about blasting it at high volume for hours. It lasts and lasts, whether you have a place to plug in, or not. The fact that it can be paired with other speakers wirelessly, is a bonus as well. The only thing I wish it could do better, is project its rich, full bass tones when using it as a PA system. Anyone’s voice through the included microphone will sound less full and rich than the music being played, but all things considered, it sounds better as a PA system than other Karaoke systems in this size range. As a music sound system, it’s the best value I’ve found yet!Read more

    5. Jeffery Böhm

      Omg!!! The Monster 270 is awesome!!! I love it . Owning 2 of them would be even better . The sound is clear and loud . You will love it!!!Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      I have only used this for a couple of days but I am very impressed. Very loud and bass is very good with no distortion. I will definitely buy a second unit so that I can pair them.Read more

    7. J. Harrison

      This speaker maybe slightly pricey but it’s worth every penny. It’s super loud.. mostly it’s used at softball so the other dugout won’t drown us out. It’s sturdy heavy duty and it can charge your phone at the same timeRead more

    8. John Martin

      Great unit. Durable. I would buy it again just to have a second unit. Better than I expected. Bass is decent. Bluetooth hook up was effortless. Perfect for the beach, pool party etc.Read more

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